Aveda Chamomile Shampoo


Aveda Chamomile Shampoo

I have recently spent a couple of night down in Oxford with my sister and one morning I washed my hair with the shampoo she left in the bathroom I was using. I had taken a sachet of shampoo down with me but I managed to leave it in the bedroom and by the time I remembered I was in the bath already wet so took up her offer of using the one she had left in there.

This shampoo is from Aveda who pride themselves in creating toiletries using plant and flower essences and the benefit of plant instead of animal products and chemical ones.

This shampoo is apparently now only available in a litre size which makes it a fairly major decision to buy as on the Aveda website it costs £25.00 and free postage on order over £30 so although it might not work out too bad per 100ml it does represent a huge expensive in one hit. If you buy it on Amazon it is even more expensive at £39.61 plus £3.99 postage so I certainly wouldn’t buy it from there. I don’t really understand why they only do 1 litre bottle as lot of people like to use different shampoos from time to time and a litre would last me about a year I think!

German chamomile

The shampoo is designed for blonde hair so I think it was probably my niece’s as my sister has dark hair. My niece was away in the Caribbean so I had her room and her shampoo! It claims to lighten and brighten light and blonde hair naturally because of the chamomile. In the olden day women would make a mix with chamomile for their hair to lighten it and there is often something in these old recipes.

The shampoo is a very gentle one and once again chamomile is always given as a gentle herb for aiding sleep or when feeling not so great. It is a pure calming and natural cleansing herb and is grown organically too along with the calendula which is both soothing and nourishing for hair which is also in this shampoo.

The shampoo not only cleans your hair gently but also cleans the scalp gently without irritating it like some chemically based ones do.


I found this lathered up with a really light frothy lather and smelled of almond to me. I cannot find a list of ingredients for this shampoo on line and couldn’t read the back of the bottle in the bathroom without my glasses. I cannot find what the ingredient that creates the lather is and also if there are any preservatives in the shampoo but I would think not as they would have to acknowledge that. All the ingredients they have on the website are pant based but they are general and not specific for one product.
There were two bottle of this shampoo but no conditioner so this was a good test for the shampoo to see if my hair coped with no conditioner. I toweled my hair dry then gave a squirt of my leave in conditioner and then blow dried my hair as normal.
My hair felt lovely and soft and dried nicely into my style and stayed put as normal. My hair is rather too much in need of a cut as I am due to have it done next week so I was very pleased with the way it felt and looked after washing it with this shampoo.

Smelled of almonds

I loved the smell of this though why it smelled of almonds I am not sure. It really felt lovely as I washed it with its light frothy lather and my hair smelled nice too.
I would say this is a lovely shampoo from an ethical company but I wish they sold it in smaller bottles as to spend £25 on a bottle of shampoo is something that I have yet to do in my life and can’t see a time when I would either unless I win the lottery.

This is a great shampoo but one I will only be using when I visit my sister I think. I do like Aveda products and admire their ethics and the fact they use plant based ingredient so presumably they are animal friendly and vegan friendly too.


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