I love trying new and different bath and beauty products. I especially like products that are organic or eco-friendly, and not full of parabens or SLSs. My favourite products include anything from Lush, Weleda and small companies like Bodhi, MuLondon and Beyond Organics. I like to buy from companies based in the UK, and who use local resources, or Fair Trade companies. If you have any suggestions about products I should try and post reviews on, please do let me know!



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  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for following my blog. I’ve read a few of your posts and I can tell it will be a frequent stop for me as I LOVE reading reviews for bath & beauty products (especially all natural!)

    πŸ™‚ Ellen

      • Thats okay all you have to do is copy & paste my post into a new post on your page and write your answers next to the questions. Then you can choose a couple of blogs that you read and like to nominate. Then just go to their pages & let them know you have nominated them. It sounds like a lot but i swear its easy!

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  4. I noticed we were both nominated for the Versatile blogger award by the same blogger and then saw one of your comments on a different blog earlier – nice to see you on WordPress! πŸ™‚

    • Hi there thanks for the nomination but I have already done this once and can’t think of any more to say at the moment. it was only a couple of weeks ago so do you mind if I leave it this time – I have not worked out how to get the badge on the website yet!! Sue

  5. I really enjoyed my visit to your very informative beauty blog. The products that I use for soothing dry lips, hands & feet are Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula (not expensive) and Curel Intensive Healing lotion ($12 & worth every penny). Also, good ol’ Jergens (cocoa or shea butter) body lotion. I’ll check here first before buying any new products! I’m glad you enjoyed my posts, “Ah, Sugar” & “Crackin the Blues.”

      • Sure πŸ™‚ This might sound more complex and perhaps confusing than it is – but once you do it once or twice it’ll be fine πŸ™‚

        1) Save the image you want i.e. the image of the award to your computer.
        2) Sign in to WP and you should first be taken to your ‘dashboard’.
        3) Go to ‘Media’ and then ‘Add New’ and upload the pic to your WP library.
        4) One the pic is uploaded click on it. It should take you to the individual place where your pic is stored in your library and show all the information about the pic such as the name, file type, size and show the image of your pic. Copy the ‘File URL’ which is the place where your pic is stored, paste in in Wordpad/Notepad just in case. (You can use that link to share anywhere online and people should be able to view it individually without having to go to the blog.)

        5) Look down the left hand side menu again – look for the option that says ‘Appearance’
        6) When you scroll over it, a mini-menu should come up, click ‘Widgets’ (or just click Appearances and then on Widgets).
        7) Ok, on the Widgets page that comes up there’s two columns. The left one shows a long list of all the available widgets/apps you can put on your blog. The right side shows all the ones you are currently using.
        8) Go down the left list and find the option that says ‘Image’
        9) This one is a bit tough for me but double click and hold the one that says ‘image’ and drag it up to the right list – have to add it to the widgets you already have.

        10) Once you’ve done that click on the the little upside down triangle on the right side of the ‘image’ box, that should open it to reveal a form to fill in.
        11) Paste your image ‘File URL’ into the box that says ‘Image URL’.
        12) The rest of the form is upto your preference; you can but don’t have to fill in the boxes e.g. you can add a Widge Title such as ‘Readership Award’ which will show above the image but personally I find the title unecessary most of the time since award pics have their title written on them. The options I tend to complete are the Image Alignment (I set it to ‘Center’), the size which I tend to set at 200 for width and 200 or 300 for height. Then the Link URL which is the link for the post someone will be sent to if they click the image.

        So my form would look like this for example:

        Widget Title:

        Image URL:

        Alternate text:
        (blank, or add keywords/tags)

        Image title:
        (blank, can’t be bothered…)

        (blank, but can add anything)

        Image Alignment:

        Width: 200 Height: 200

        Link URL:

        13) Press ‘Save’, a little ‘wheel’ image comes up and turns until the widget info is saved then disappears when it’s done.

        Voila, you can edit the details as many times as you want and re-save. I find it best to have my dashboard open in one page and the blog homepage open in another tab so I can compare what the saved changes look like.

        Also you can change the order of your widges simple by dragging and dropping the boxes into the order that you want on the right list on the Widgets page.

        Ack – hope that helps! I know it’s a lot but it really is intuitive after a bit!

  6. thank you for following my blog! happy that you like it πŸ™‚ what an interesting blog you have ! for sure will be back here πŸ™‚ have a sunny and happy week πŸ™‚

  7. I’m so honored that you read and “like” some of my posts. I don’t use commercial beauty products myself (I make my own out of herbs and oils and such), but it’s fun to read your reviews. They give me lots of ideas. πŸ™‚

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