Firstly buying beauty products made from natural plant based ingredients really do work and are far better for you and your skin than those full of chemicals and man made ingredients. They are absorbed into your skin rather than sitting on top thus really helping the layers to rebuild rather than just putting a temporary ‘skin’ or layer onto your skin.


Secondly no one really knows the full extent of the damage that may be caused by our skin and bodies being subjected to these chemicals. Some have been found to cause skin rashes and allergies while others are far worse and have been found to be carcinogenic in large doses.

Aside from the damage that using these products could be causing us we also have to be aware that everything we put on our bodies will end up in the environment. Every time we bathe or shower we wash off oils and creams that we have put on our bodies using other products that will also be washed into the water system.



Another reason we should think about using products that are natural not only on our bodies but also for cleaning and washing in the home is that these companies making natural products are more ethical and so these will NOT be tested on animals or use animal products that require killing or hurting animals. I for one, do not want to think that anything I use has meant that an animal has had to suffer just so that can clean my house, wash my clothes or apply products to my body.


The great news is that people are becoming far more aware and are questioning the need to test on animals or add chemicals to products. There are now so many fabulous companies making natural beauty products and products for cleaning and washing clothes, many are small UK based companies and I am happy to support these companies and buy British.



Finally companies making the natural products are usually more aware of using eco packing and recycled packing as well as green energy in their production. Having just returned from a holiday in Indonesia I was saddened to see how much plastic pollution and rubbish that was in the sea and on land.


We cannot blame the people as so often in the more remote places there is not running clean water so they have to drink from the plastic bottles. There is no official rubbish collection so the villagers are forced to bury their rubbish or burn it. They were burning plastic and the toxins that are

proP1030421duced from that were just going into the atmosphere around. As we are fortunate in this country as to have clean water and efficient rubbish and recycling the least we can do is to make the effort to use it and try and keep our use of non recyclables to the minimum.

In Indonesia we visited Sumatra and were lucky enough to go on a jungle walk and see an orangutan and her young baby. These poor animals are in danger of as their forests are being destroyed and replaced by oil palm plantations. Although oil palm is a natural product the large companies are using so much that huge areas of rainforest are being destroyed to plant ever more of these trees. Many beauty products use palm oil and if it only came from existing palm oil plantations then it would not be such an issue but every day more of these forests are being destroyed and they will NEVER grow back.



It is too easy to say that “my small contribution will not make a difference” or “ just because I am using natural products will help”. Every little bit helps and David Attenborough’s “Blue Planet” has had a big influence and more and more people are re-thinking their lifestyle and making small changes, these all add up to a big change.

I have long been a big fan of Weleda’s products as they are not only effective and lovely to use but they also smell wonderful as well. Weleda buy from farmers who are pad fair prics and grow their ingredients organically or naturally in the wild. Weleda do also grow a lot of their own ingredients without the use of any chemicals in their own biodynamic gardens which I have had the pleasure of visiting on a few occasions.


Weleda manufacture the products in factories but are aware of the resources they use so they re-using condensed water, which is fed back into the water cycle. They are also constantly working to reduce their energy consumption and also using renewable energy in the most efficient ways they can.
Packaging is another area that Weleda are constantly striving to improve. They work on creating packaging that will protect the product yet is also light so that transport using less energy and also eco friendly and using recyclable and recycled ingredients or those from sustainable resources.


Another plus is that Weleda products are easily found to purchase as they are sold in Holland & Barratt, on line from Weleda and some products from amazon and in a number of shops selling natural products as well as from their advisers who live in various parts of the country .The products are a fair price and compare very favourably with other natural beauty products sold in this country.


I do have a number of other companies whose natural beauty products I like but I know I can rely on quality from Weleda and I love their ethical attitude to everything in their company from paying above fair prices to their suppliers, how they grow in their own gardens, their use of energy, their attitude to packaging and finally their lovely products do work really work.

Another wonderful company I like is MuLondon https://www.mulondon.com/ , which is a very small London based company and the moisturisers are just fabulous and all natural, ethically produced and packaged in glass jars. The rose, rosehip and rosemary moisturiser is my favourite I think although I am torn as I love them all.

Gerlinde Naturals https://www.gerlindenaturals.com/ is another small company which is creating great natural products which I love. Gerlinde makes all her products fresh to order and they are all 100% Vegan cruety free, free from glycols, alcohol,synthetic colours and fragrances, silicone, petrochemicls and animal ingredients. Her lovely Super Nourishing Face Balm has just won an award in the Natural beauty Awards.She has won a number of other awards including the Janey Lee Grace Free from award for her cleanser.


The Beauty Kitchen products https://www.beautykitchen.co.uk/ can also be found in Holland & Barratt and have a great range of products which are 100% natural . Personally I love their bath salts and body scrubs which smell gorgeous but their Abyssinian Oil Facial Moisture works a treat on my dry skin. They have a range of products made with seahorse plankton and they have teamed up with The Seahorse Trust to help save millions of endangered Seahorses . They are donating money on our behalf to help save these creatures and include a free 4 month Seahorse Adoption pack inside the #SaveStan Skincare Treasures products which is quite novel.

It is also possible to buy products that are all natural in make up from Holland and Barratt which is nice to know as make up products are harder to find that beauty and skin care ones I have found. One brand is “Beautiful Me”, another “ Pacifica and also Sukin to name just a few.


I love my natural beauty products and go out of my way to buy natural products .


I also like Dr Botanicals, Aveda, Dr Organic and Sheabynature products  I am always on the look out for new companies and products to try but the ones have mentioned are ones I return to time and time again.


Crabtree & Evelyn West Indian Lime Hair & Body Wash



This comes in a travel set of Crabtree & Evelyn West Indian Lime products and one of them was this hair and body wash. This makes it a perfect travel product as it is multi purpose.


Crabtree & Evelyn is a high end store selling bath and body products, fragrances, gifts and also some food stuffs and has a quintessentially English look about it despite the fact it began in New England in the USA. It is recognized as one of the best known and most-respected lines of beauty and grooming products in the world. The company now has more than 350 stores in countries all around the world particularly in the UK and USA.


~~~~~ ALL WRAPPED UP ~~~~~

Mine came in a gift set in a lovely strong lime green and olive green finely striped herring bone patterned box that makes it look lime green. Inside the four products are set into cut out shapes in the yellow/lime cardboard inside.

The product itself comes in a matt brown plastic tube that sits on the shiny brown plastic flip top lid. Mine holds 50 ml of product. The product and company name is set in a circle on the front of the tube and its a sort of gold/lime colour.

The 300 ml standard size comes in a quite different bottle which is a square shape and clear.




“Treat your skin and enliven your senses with our rich-lathering and gently cleansing West Indian Lime Hair & Body Wash, featuring naturally deodorising botanical extracts and an invigorating scent that will leave you feeling energised, and ready to take on the day.”


This is actually a product aimed at males rather than females but I never let that kind of thing worry me. If I like a product I am happy to use it. My husband is the same and happily uses my more girly products if they are in the shower or beside the bath as they do the job. Some he does tell me he is less keen on and as I tell him – he doesn’t have to use it as there are always plenty of choices in both places!

This is quite a strongly scented lime scent which I do like as I find lime a refreshing and uplifting smell. It has the smell of a quality product and Crabtree & Evelyn’s prices qualify this as a high end brand.

I like the fact that this as natural based product so the scent is natural rather than harsh and cleaning product like. This is fragranced with fresh limes and vetiver blended with nutmeg, ginger, coriander, and juniper. These natural ingredients are naturally deodorising as well as being invigorating and energising so a great one to use in the morning shower and in the warmer weather too.

71Hu-NCM-qL._SL1500_This has no parabens, colours phthalates, mineral oils, or propylene glycol so a more natural product so better for the skin and the environment as well. It also contains glycerine for added moisture for the skin.

I like the way this lathers up and it really does smell great and fresh. The scent lasts well on my skin and also on my husband’s as well. You can layer this with other products from the West Indian Lime range. You can also get a shaving cream, an after shaving balm, a soap and a cologne in this scent.

I am a bit fussy about what I wash my hair with but my husband is less so he was happy to use this when we went away recently. It lathered nicely in his fine hair and it smelled great and didn’t seem to cause any irritation at all.

The travel gift set has four of these – the cologne, the hair and body wash, the after shave balm and the shaving cream all in smaller sizes.

~~~~~~ BUYING THIS ~~~~~~

You can buy this from Crabtree & Evelyn on line as well as from John Lewis, M&S and some other high end stores. The 50 ml size I have costs £6 while the full sized bottle which holds 300 ml costs £16.

This is rather more than you might pay for a high street brand but similar prices to higher end brands . I wouldn’t buy this for every day but t makes a great gift as it does look and feel a good quality product.


~~~~~ RECOMMENDED ? ~~~~~~

Yes this is a lovely smelling high quality product that is perfect to take travelling as it washed body and hair. It is also only 50 mls so you can take it through airport securityin your carry on if you are only taking hand luggage.

Cleaner beauty Campaign



I know many of us are becoming more aware of what is in our body and beauty products and are choosing to buy products with natural ingredients. It seems an easy choice to make really but is it? So many of the companies which claim to make natural products are in fact not as natural as they seem.


Some may use mainly natural ingredients while others proudly list the natural ingredient such as argan oil on the front of the product and then when you look more closely argan is actually way down the list after a number of far from natural ingredients.


Harvesting Argan for Weleda

While Europe has banned any animal testing on beauty products there are still some companies whch allow some ingredients to be tested on animals and others which allow products to be tested on animals “Where that country insists on this”.


While some companies may use natural ingredients they may not source these ethically or pay fair prices to the suppliers. Other companies seem to over package their products going along the lines that the more expensive the packaging looks the more we can charge for it. Packaging needs to be as eco friendly as possible and fit for purpose. There is no need for boxes around tubes and heavy ornate packing which is three times the size it needs to be to hold the contents. This is wasteful of resources and also costs more to create and ship.


A selection of the wonderful natural oils from Weleda

Weleda is a company that I am a huge fan of because they are such a wonderful ethical company that makes products that are 100% natural and that work. Many people know Weleda for the natural baby products and beauty body and face creams but they were originally a natural pharmaceutical company and indeed when Rudolph Steiner started the company in Austria in 1921 that was his focus. Weleda’s products are created using the principles of principles of anthroposophic medicine. This is a holistic approach based on products made using ingredients grown in balance and harmony with nature.


A selection of Weleda’s body lotions

Everything about Weleda is ethical, upfront and honest from their sourcing of ingredients to the manufacture of the products, the way they look after their staff, how they use and create energy for use in their factories, the packing and transportation of their products and finally the products themselves are just wonderful.


A selection of creamy body washes from Weleda

I have a number of other companies that I use to buy beauty products that are ethical and 100% natural but these are mainly smaller UK based companies. I will mention a few here that I love MuLondon, Pink& Green and also Bodhi & Birch, Nourish, Opulentia Organics, Dr Botanicals, Gerlinde Naturals, Neal’s Yard, The Beauty Kitchen and Dr Organics are all companies that make great natural products. If you follow my beauty blog I have written about products from all these brands in the past.


A selection of Weleda products I am currently using

If you are serious about being more aware of what is in your skin care and bath products then do read the labels. If you are careful with what you eat in order to stay healthy then b aware that your skin is your largest organ and it does absorb what is put on it. This is also the case with your hair too so check the ingredients of that shampoo that claims to have argan oil and see what is in it!


#Cleaner beauty Campaign aims to raise awareness of the ingredients of our beauty products and just take a few of the more chemical sounding ones and look up what issues you might be storing up. Some cause skin rashes and eczema while others have even been linked to cancer. So many of our beauty products include petroleum based oils and these are really not good for you to put on the skin.



More of my Weleda products in current use

Another major issue is microbeads. So many exfoliating products and even toothpastes contain these and they don’t break down ever. They go into the water then the ocean to be consumed by all those animals that live in the sea and then we catch some and eat them in turn ingesting plastic micro beads. Check your exfoliator uses something natural like ground almonds, bamboo, charcoal or other natural,mineral based product like pumice rather than these micro beads.


If you would like to know more then I urge you to take a look at this video : https://www.weleda.co.uk/cleanerbeauty.

There is also an interesting interview in YOU magazine which you can read here: https://www.you.co.uk/clean-beauty

So off you go and check out what you are using in your beauty regime and then promise yourself that your next purchase will be a natural #cleanerbeauty product . It will not only be better for you and your skin but will also be better for the environment and future generations.

I hope I have given you food for thought or “Skin Food” as one of Weleda’s best sellng products is aptly named.


Clarins Booster Detox



I don’t normally buy Clarins products but I had some Boots points saved up and thought I would try something different. My sister in law raves about Clarins product and her bathroom is full of the stuff rather like mine is full of Lush and Weleda ones.

~~~~~~~ ABOUT CLARINS ~~~~~~

I am sure anyone who has been into a Boots or Debenhams, House of Fraser or similar shop and visited the cosmetic section will have seen the Clarins section, it is one of the main High street up market brands.

Jacques Courtin started Clarins in 1954 in Paris. He was masseur and created treatment oils he used in his salon and sold them to his clients. He soon had a loyal following or high nd customers and the company went from there.

By 1980, Clarins was the top-selling luxury skincare brand in France and then by 1981 it found its way to the USA and by 1990 it was the top selling brand in Europe! Clarins is now sold in 150 countries around the world. Although the founder is now dead the company is now run by his sons so is still run by the same family.

Clarins claim to be trailblazers in the creation of plant based beauty products and some of their products are 100% pure plant oils. They refer to their combination of plant ingredients as : “Aroma-phyto body care—a term invented by Clarins to convey the combination of aromatherapy and phytotherapy (fragrance + the power of plants).”

Clarins values their socially responsible initiatives, and says their ethics are helping society toward a more desirable future by cooperation and knowledge-sharing.

Clarins was the first French company to stop testing on animals in 1987 . However this is not entirely honest and their products do NOT carry the leaping bunny symbol. When asked directly Clarins state :
“ ‘As a global company, we are committed to providing our products and services to our consumers where they live and to do so, we must comply with all legal requirements where we do business. Some countries unfortunately still require animal testing in order to validate the safety of cosmetic ingredients in products.”

My personal view is DO NOT SELL in those countries if you really stand against animal testing and that way if all companies followed that places like China might be forced to change.



There are three of these newish booster products in the Clarins range; Energy, Repair and this Detox one.

They sell for around £30 which I feel is a lot of money for 15 ml of product however fancy thhe name and a smart looking package.

The Energy one comes in an orange container, the Repair in a blue one and the Detox ina green one and they are all the same apar from the colours.

The contents do vary too of course and the Energy one is designed to tone and energise the skin while minimizing signs of fatigue and reviving radiance and has lots of ginseng as the active ingredient.clarins_booster_energy_15ml

The Repair one they claim reduces feelings of discomfort, strengthens skin and minimises redness and the active ingredient is Mimosa tenuiflora. I will go into the Detox one in more detail in the review.

clarins_booster_repair_15mlAll three are oil products and you need just a small amount added to number of different product options for the benefits to be seen.

They all come in the same basic packaging. The container has a base and lid of a shiny gold ish metallic while the central section is the colour of which ever detox booster you have and it is a solid colour so the contents cannot be seen. You dispense the oil with a kind of dropper at the end of the open end under the lid. It is almost like dispensing aromatherapy essential oils and in truth you get about the same amount in the container too .


Clarins claim that this product does three things:
It revives radiance of a dull complexion
It detoxifies the skin
It plumps up the skin making lines less visible.

The main active ingredient in this one is green coffee So coffee beans not roasted and the cafeine extracted.


This is a light oil in looks and has a pleasant floral/light herb sort of aroma. This particular one is ideal for anyone who is living in a polluted environment such as a large city, maybe they might smoke or live with a smoker, they may travel in confined public transport frequently or anywhere that the environment has more than the usual pollutants.

Your skin does naturally cope with the toxins and pollutants in the environment but as we get older our skin finds this harder and also this natural built-in system of the skin struggles with excess pollution and especially things like cigarette smoke. (Thank heavens for the smoking ban in public places as I hated coming back from a night somewhere stinking of cigarette smoke – I could feel my skin aging) .When too much is thrown at the skin it struggles and this is when toxins begin to build up.

If you doubt this look at the skin of someone who is a smoker and you will easily see what damage has been done by the pollutants in the cigarette smoke.

This does not mean this product is only for smokers as we all have pollution all around us. It also helps when you are feeling tired or have been ill and your body is struggling to recover. I find my skin needs extra help when I am visiting my children who live in Londn and also when travelling by plane as the atmosphere is so dry and closed up for so many hours.


The way I use this is to add it to on of my other face products. Clarins suggest it works best with their products but I use natural face products and add this to one of those at least twice a day. I don’t use this every day but when I feel my face skin has been through a tough time.

You can add just three drops of this to a mask if you like and then lie back and let I do its work before rinsing it off along with all the toxins hopefully! I tend to add mine to either my serum or my moisturiser as I feel those are the products that stay longest and are absorbed by my skin.

I wash and tone my face before using my serum then moisturiser and afte that I may or may not apply a primer and foundation/BB cream or whatever. By adding the drops of Detox oil to my serum it gets to soak into my skin and hopefully the moisturiser will help it work and trap in all the goodness.

It is important to realise that this product will not work miracles if you continue to remain in a polluted environment, you must eat sensibly and drink lots of water to help flush out the toxins. Drinking water makes a huge difference to your skin and is the cheapest way to keep your skin fresh and radiant looking.

This is not a face lift but I have noticed that when my skin is looking tired after a long flight or after a few days in London if I use this twice daily for a week or so and drink lots of water that it seems to recover more quickly. I don’t look ten years younger but it doesn’t claim to do that. My skin just looks fresher and more radiant as though I have had a day or so of rest and pampering.

This product as I mentioned is a kind of oil in consistency but the top ingredient we are paying £30 for is water followed by glycerine which can be natural or made from propylene alcohol but this is not made clear here. Glycerine helps maintain moisture and actually attracts and seals in moisture into the skin and is found in many skin products.

Butylene Glycol is a petroleum based ingredient which is a preservative, thinning aget ad conditioner but it is a man made ingredient and is also used in anti freeze and construction materials so personally it is one ingredient I would prefer nt to see but it is found in many skin products these days.

Oat Kernel Extract which is great ingredients know to be calming on the skin and is used in mmnay products for sensitive skin such as Aveeno products.

Coffea Robusta Seed Extract which is the coffee extract with lots of caffeine to stimulate and wake the skin up. It is full of anti oxidants to fight toxins and is a natural detoxifier ad it can reduce the effects of free radicals in our body up to 10 times than regular green tea.

Green coffee also boosts the blood circulation and helps slow down the appearance of signs of ageing . Finally green coffee beans are also rich in fatty acids and esters which nourish and moisturise the skin and help it sag less so slow the ageing process.

Phenoxyethanol which is another preservative agent and does nothing good to the skin.

Passiflora Incarnata Flower Extract which helps to unclog the pores of the skin. It is also used to relieve skin inflammation.

Cotton Seed Extract contains proteins, minerals and essential oils that help to protect the skin and keep it moist.

Sodium Hyaluronate, this is the plumping agent as it helps the skin absorb more water like a sponge .

Potassium Sorbate, this is a preservative an alternative to parabens but can cause skin

and eye irritation so be aware.



Sadly no, but no cream or potion is really going to do that I fear and as I am not prepared to inject stuff into my skin or go under the knife this I have to do the best I can with the crems and potion , drinking lots of water and getting fresh country air.

Is it worth the £30 price tag? Well personally I won’t be buying it again. It was okay but I think that using a good face oil, drinking lots of water and using natural masks and face creams and not eting stacks of junk food does the same job.

I don’t think it is a bad product but just over priced and has a couple of ingredients I would prefer were not there. I also am trying to avoid buying from companies with questionable animal testing ethics. I am more annoyed by those who claim to be against animal testing and then hide behind the disclaimer that some countries do test products – easy solution – don’t sell to those countries.

It didn’t cause me any irritation at all and I do sometimes get rashes from some skin care products so that is a plus.

My skin did look a bit fresher after a couple of weeks or so following a period when I looked awful, tired and drained of colour but that may just have been me getting better and using my other kin products.

~~~~~~~ RECOMMENDED? ~~~~~~

I am not sure about this. My sister in law thinks this is wonderful as she does every Clarins product. I think this is overpriced for what you get but it isn’t a bad product. I am not happy about the animal testing pretence so from an ethical point of view this is a product I will not be re buying. There are so many great skin care products made by small British companies I would prefer to buy from rather than big name companies like this.



This is one of three Whish body butter mini tubes I have received in one of my beauty boxes during the last year or so. I have stopped all my subscriptions as I have so many products to use and feel I should reduce my stash before treating myself to yet more.

~*~*~*~* ABOUT WHISH ~*~*~*~*~

I knew absolutely nothing about Whish before I got these little tubes and had never seen them anywhere in shops or on line. They are an America company with good ethics it seems

Jesse Werner had very sensitive skin that came out in a rash from all products he tried so he set about trying to find one that would not cause this problem. One day he came across a rich European cream free of harsh chemicals that worked for him. His wife used it one day and loved how it felt but was less keen on the smell. Jesse then set about trying to find one for her.

He began to research this issue and found that most bath and beauty products sold were full of chemicals. He decided to make his own and from this beginning Whish as born.

th (2)

~*~*~*~*~ ETHICS AND MORALS ~*~*~*~*~

They do not test on animal and they use all natural ingredients with no added sulphates, parabens, DEA, TEA, petrochemcals or phthalates and all the testing is done on willing human volunteers. Their packing and ingredients are earth friendly, many ingredients organic and they are leaping bunny certified.

~*~*~*~*~ ABOUT THIS BODY BUTTER ~*~*~*~*~

This body butter comes in a cylindrical container in the full sized version which holds 150 ml. My tube is a small upside down one which means the lid is at the end the contents are squeezed out from. My tube held 22 ml and is the same pretty lilac o lavender colour as the full size container.

This body butter is part of the Three Whishes collection of body butters which include these varieties:

As well as the lavender butter that I have sampled, this butter is available in the following scents/fragrances:
Pomegranate, Lemongrass, Almond, Coconut and Blueberry. They also have limited edition fragrances which include Acai and grapefruit, Blue Agave and Perfectly Plain but there may be others a different times.

~*~*~*~*~ WHAT WHISH SAY ~*~*~*~*~*~

“ For amazingly moisturized skin, we’ve created a truly indulgent body cream with a unique triple antioxidant based formula. This fully loaded lotion both softens and soothes the skin while also helping to replenish and firm. Such sweet softness.”

download (1)

~*~*~*~*~ WHAT IS IN THIS BODY BUTTER ? ~*~*~*~*~*~

All the Three Whishes body butters contain Organic Aloe, Organic Raspberry Butter, and Organic Shea Butter. They are great for repairing and rejuvenating antioxidant ingredients.

The ingredients that moisturise in this are :
Organic Aloe: which is a gentle and soothing, natural antiseptic with anti-bacterial properties, anti-inflammatory, and moisturising properties.

Organic Shea Butter which is a wonderful natural moisturiser with a high content of non-saponifiable fats which are by far the best natural skin moisturisers. It is also high in anti-oxidants.

Organic Raspberry Butter which is high in anti-oxidants which attack free radicals and is also a good moisturiser.

As well as these lovely natural moisturising ingredients this also has Organic Rice Bran Oil which is very high in tocotrienols; a super anti-oxidant that they believe is 30 times more powerful than vitamin E. Some studies have been said to show help for skin cancer and improve sun screen efficiency.

Finally this also has a great firming ingredient Organic Seaweed Extract: which is full of firming peptides and anti-oxidants.

download (2)

*~*~*~ WHERE TO BUY AND HOW MUCH ? ~*~*~*

As I said mine came in beauty boxes so I had to do a little hunting around. From Amazon the full sized product can be bought for £13.70 which seems good value until you add the £6.12 delivery price. Birch box have got some Whish products but not this one but the lemongrass and pomegranate ones are £8.35 plus postage while th almond on s £1670 also plus postage. The Whish site is American so prices are in US$ and the body butters are all $18 but postage will be high coming from the States.

~*~*~*~*~*~ MY VIEWS ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I did love the smell of this it was sweetly lavender rather than herby lavender but not in any sickly or ‘old lady’ way at all. It is a pleasant calming fragrance and one I loved to apply after my evening bath and it soaked into my skin easily and left it smelling great.

I found the body butter no where as thick as a Body Shop butter, more like a rich lotion in texture. Because it is all natural it kind of melts into your skin and really soaks in leaving my skin feeling well nourished and yet not feeling sticky, greasy or slippery at all.

I have very sensitive skin so have to be careful what I apply and this has not caused me any itchiness at all nor did I develop any rashes as sometimes happens.

I found this was very effective even on my dry skin areas such as my knees and elbows as well as making my skin on my legs look less dry and parched.

I like this body butter but would I pay £13.70 plus £6.12 for it? The answer is no as I can get other nice natural body lotions that are equally good for less. I might be tempted with the Birchbox price though!

Nourish – two great samples




I recently  received two great little sample pots from Nourish. One was KALE ENZYMATIC EXFOLIATOR and the other their KALE 3D CLEANSE. They were both beautiful products.




NOURISH SAY ”   Colour changing facial wash to lift impurities and reveal healthy, radiant skin.

Hyaluronic acid, probiotics and oxygenating extracts work in synergy to energise and refresh the skin as this facial wash lifts make up and grime.

Kale and Griffonia detoxifies and protect against pollution, helping to minimise signs of ageing.”


You have to apply just a little of this to your damp skin then massage it gently with some extra water. You will see it becomes a strange green colour so you look a little bit like the Incredible Hulk!


Rinse it off and then dry, tone and moiturise with your usual products.


Things I liked :


*Not tested on animals
*Vegan friendly
*Smells of essential oils fortunately not of kale
* Very gentle on my skin
*Gently and thoroughly cleanses my skin
* Skin feel clean not dried out and parched
* interesting changes colour from the creamy colour to a pale green when wet
*You don’t need a huge amount to cleanse your whole face

However it is quite expensive compared to some less natural products.

In summary :

This is a gentle yet effective natural cleanser from Nourish who are an ethical British company.

I had a couple of small samples of this and really liked the way my skin looked and felt after using this. You can smell the frankincense and the whole product is pleasant scented . The changing colour was a bit of a novelty and intrigued me initially.



What Nourish say : ”

Remarkable results after just a few days

– Oxygenates the skin for a smoother, healthier appearance

– Exfoliates gently and enzymatically with kale and pomegranate

This truly multi-tasking treatment is a cleanser, exfoliator and mask – all in one product. Kale Enzymatic Exfoliator features phyto-active pomegranate enzymes to gently exfoliate and reveal a smoother, healthier complexion while organic vitamin-rich kale extract helps to increase suppleness. Healing probiotics oxygenate whilst griffonia extract provides a protective shield against daily environmental aggressors.

Rich in antioxidant betacarotene and vitamins C & K, kale extract helps protect skin from damaging free radicals caused by stress and pollution.

Use in one of three ways, cleanser, mask or facial, to provide you with the optimum cleansing for your skin.”




I have used this as both an exfoliator and a mask which I then rinse off and gently use as an exfoliant so dual purpose really.

Things I loved :

*Not tested on animals PETA registered and leaping bunny
*Vegan safe
*Ethical British company
*Smells of essential oils myrrh frankincense and and very pleasant
*Gentle and effective
*Natural scrubby bits so eco friendly – rice bran so also gentle
*Leaves my face skin feeling smooth, not parched and feeling clean and fresh
Easy to use, rinses off easily with no need to rub and scrub
*You don’t need a huge amount to do the job
It is quite expensive but a little amount does the job and I loved how it made my skin feel and look.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum


Some time ago I was persuaded to host a Body Shop party and as a result I ended up buying quite a few products having been convinced by the Body Shop advisor that they were worth buying. This as one of those products and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and benefits of this product.

~#~#~#~#~ BODY SHOP AT HOME ~#~#~#~#~

Prior to attending the party where I was persuaded to host my own party I had no idea there was a party plan side of the Body Shop. If you host a party you get extra presents provided your party buys more than £100 plus and if others book a party from your party then you get even more.
They say that they will always beat shop prices but I am not so sure as I bought some things on line at 50% off and used a money off code and they were much cheaper so I would say that it pays to shop around and check in store and on line prior to going to any party.

~#~#~#~#~ ABOUT BODY SHOP ETHICS ~#~#~#~#~

Body Shop of course was one of the first companies to fight animal testing and create products using Fair trade ingredients etc when it was started by Anita Brodick . The Body Shop was previously owned by L’Oréal . It is now owned by Natura. While all beauty products sold in the EU are under the same ban and cannot be tested on animals and neither can any of their ingredients.

Body Shop now have removed all their shops and products from China and are working with the Chinese regulatory authorities to find other ways of testing that do not involve animals so things are improving slowly there which I am happy to learn. However they still do not have the official leaping bunny symbol on their products so obviously not PETA approved.

Body Shop are working on minimising their packing and state that their “pack-to-content ratio will never exceed 0.2 grams of packaging per gram of product” . They use paper and card that is from an FSC – certified source.

They do seem to be working towards reducing their impact on the planet by using low energy lighting in stores reducing heating and using more efficient technology. They aim to reduce their energy use by 50%.

If you look on their site they have a big article about their commitment to the planet which is quite interesting.

~#~#~#~#~ WHAT BODY SHOP SAY ~#~#~#~#~

“This lightweight, pre-moisturiser treatment boosts the skin giving enhanced all-day moisture and protection. Formulated with protective vitamin E and moisturising wheatgerm oil. Leaves skin feeling instantly smooth. Follow with our selection of Vitamin E day and night moisturisers, as part of your personalised skincare programme.”

~#~#~#~#~ MY VIEWS AND EXPERIENCE ~#~#~#~#~

This serum comes in a neat plastic cylindrical container with an air pump dispenser which has a clear plastic lid covering it. The air pump is great as it keeps the contents uncontaminated and dispenses just the right amount per pump. It also dispensed every last bit too as I have just finished mine and it is really properly empty.

The serum was a light pinkish colour and more like a light lotion than some serums I have used. I applied this to my face skin after cleansing and toning. It is a very light feeling product that was easy to apply and gently smooth upwards onto the skin on my face. I found I didn’t have long to wait for this to soak into my skin and then I could apply my moisturiser.

The serum main claim is that it has a boost of vitamin E which helps the skin maintain its moisture and is what ageing skin needs extra help with in order to maintain its elasticity. This serum is suitable for all skin types and ages as it is never too soon to start looking after your skin, I wish I had started earlier as now I have left it until I already have lines and wrinkles and can only hope to slow any further damage.


UV rays not only can cause skin cancer but also contribute to the skin ageing and does damage the skin’s natural reserves of vitamin E so using a product with extra Vitamin E should help your skin replenish its natural reserves and this also acts as an anti oxidant protecting the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

I am of the age when my skin is described as mature but I do also have a greasy T zone with enlarged pores. I have not found that this serum has made my skin greasy at all on my T zone zone area but seems to adapt to both types of my skin and keeps it all equally moisturised but not greasy. My make up stays put when I use this and doesn’t slide off during the day either.

This has Community Trade honey from Ethiopia but this aroma doesn’t come through at all and this serum doesn’t have much of an aroma at all. It smells slightly like a freshly washed baby, sort of baby powder and quite pleasant.

It does however have some dubious ingredients such as Butylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Panthenol, Dimethicone, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Neopentyl Glycol Diheptanoate, Disodium EDTA, Benzyl Benzoate, Isododecane, and others including fragrances. I do prefer products that are natural and environmentally friendly as well as not tested on animals but having bought this I was not going to let it go to waste.

I do have sensitive skin which s prone to itchy rashes and eczema hence looking for more natural products having said that when I used this I didn’t have any skin issues at all. I can’t say I noticed any major improvement in my face skin but I always use good quality skin care products and I think the best I can hope for is that I stop things getting any worse and that my skin keeps eczema and rash free as well as looking healthy and feeling soft, smooth and springy.

This serum cost me around £12 when I bought it but I notice on line that it is now a different formula called Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil and for £16 you get 28 ml but this one comes with an eye dropper dispenser.

hybrisimages_1051997_3_moisture_serum_vit_e_30ml_silv_app_inbosps352      hybrisimages_1051997_vitamin_e_intense_moisture_serum_30ml_invmeps016


The new Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil, Cool BB Cream, SPF 15 Moisture Lotion, Lip Care SPF 15, Body Lotion, Hand and Nail Treatment
Illuminating Moisture Cream, Eye Cream, Night Cream, Neck Gel, Cream Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, Hydrating Face Mist, Face Wash, Aqua boost Sorbet as well as a number of others as well.

#~#~#~#~#~ RECOMMENDED ? ~#~#~#~#~

I quite liked this serum but obviously buying it again is not an option. I have not tried the new product so can’t say what I think of that. I have a number of other serums to use before I need to look for another but the price is a fair one for a quality effective product so I might buy the new version in future.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution


I had small bottle of this micellar water in a beauty box some time ago. I usually use an oil based cleanser but am happy to try other products when they come in beauty boxes or from samples.

~~~~~~~~~ WHAT IS MICELLAR WATER ? ~~~~~~~

As you might suspect this is mainly water. But apparently they add some magic molecules to water to make it attract dirt and grease from your skin. These special magic molecules are a mixture of oils and some natural acids hat ar supposed to cleanse and tone our skin more naturally.

~~~~~~~ WHAT BIODEMA SAY ~~~~~~

“Sensibio H2O is the 1st and only dermatological micellar water perfectly compatible with the skin: its fatty acid esters, the constituent elements of micelles, are similar to the phospholipids of the skin cell membranes
and naturally help rebuild the skin’s hydrolipidic film.”

I don’t really understand the science and it may well be a big con but these with more scientific knowledge than I have may understand.



~~~~~~WHAT DOES IT DO ? ~~~~~~~

This is not water for drinking but to cleanse your face. This particular one is created for sensitive skin . It claims to even remove waterproof make up which is pretty amazing as I struggle to remove waterproof eye liners and mascara as I don’t want to scrub at my eyes.

They say it is not only good for using on sensitive skin but it also soothes and clears up irritated skin.

They also say it leaves you feeling refreshed and clean and you don’t need to rinse it off after cleansing with this.

~~~~~~~~ BUYING THIS ~~~~~~~

This comes in four different sizes, five if you count my mini sample size which had around 30 ml in it . The sizes they sell are : Bottles with screw off lids and hole in the top to dispense in 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml. They then have one with a pump dispenser that holds 500 ml. The 100 l costs around £5.10, the 250 ml around £10.80

~~~~~~~~ MY EXPERIENCE AND VIEWS ~~~~~~~

Firstly my small bottle lasted me about a week so you don’t need a huge amount to cleanse your face. I took mine to the States last year and used it while away but didn’t get around to finishing my review till now. I write notes to hep me remember things !

It looks like water and smells pretty much of nothing too but does feel a bit different , as though it is softer and slightly oily but if you didn’t know and just looked at it you would think it was water.

I used this with cotton pads soaked it in this water. I then started with my eyes and gently wiped them then using an upward movement until I could see no make up around them Then I cleansed the rest of my face with fresh pads. Sometimes I did wash my face with my face soap/cleanser stuff first and finished off with this depending on how much make up I had on or sun cream and ow dirty I felt. We did spend time in deserts and they were windy and very dry and I found my face did feel dirty after a day out. Sometimes I showered first then used this stuff on my face after my shower o deep clean my face.

This was great for travelling as it meant I only had to take one bottle as opposed to a cleanser and toner as this did both .

There is no added fragrance to this so it really has no smell at all which is a good thing fr anyone avoiding artificial fragrances.

It is also alcohol free so great for sensitive skins. It is also free of those horrible parabens or no phenoxyethanol and is hypoallergenic too.

It is quite gentle and certainly I had no adverse reaction when using my sample bottle. The fat that is has no alcohol helps stop the skin from drying too much and is one less ingredient that can cause skin irritation. It does feel nice and cool on my skin which was nice as we were in laces where the temperature was quite high and my face had been out in the sun all day.

Sensibio H2O guarantees that their formula is not only gentle on the skin but also is safe for use around the eyes which is good considering it is supposed to remove even water proof mascara. It is PH balanced so matches the skin PH and is soap free hnce no stinging in the eyes.

I found it quite effective at removing make up. I kept on wiping with cotton pads until my face was no longer giving off any colour at all. Would I use this instead of my oil based cleansers and toners etc? Probably not as I do like how my face feels after using my oil based cleansers, it feels clean and yet not dry at all. When using this water stuff my face felt clean but slightly less moist or more parched and it felt like it was desperate for its moisturiser. It just wasn’t quite right, not having to rinse it off felt odd and it did have a very slight tacky feel to it.




Well yes , it is basically water with some added ingredients but water is the first ingredient.

The next ingredient n the list is PEG-6 Caprylic/ capric glycerides which are derived from coconut oils.

The next is cucumber extract which is soothing and gentle and cooling.

Mannitol is next and that is actually a sugar alcohol so it does have alcohol!! This is added as it s a humectant which means it traps in moisture and is a skin conditioner.

Xyliol is another sugar alcohol often found in toothpastes but in this it is added because it is also a humectant and it is said to help the skin retain its natural moisture and boost levels of hyaluronic acid, a natural lubricant that assists in collagen production.

Rhamnose is naturally occuring sugar that is said to be an anti winkle agent.

Fructooligosaccharides are yet another natural sugar and are natural alternative to retinol. They are said to have the same benefits such as collagen synthesis and UV protection. They are also also natural emulsifiers and conditioners.

Propylene Glycol is a mineral oil based ingredient that absorbs water so not so natural really

Disodium EDTA is as a preservative, binding agent and stabilizer, as well as being the foaming and cleaning ingredient in this product.

Cetrimonium bromide is a ammonium salt it helps the oil mix with the water in this and also help the mixture form large micelles, or emulsion droplets. Oil-in-water micelles are clusters of molecules with an oily center which is what makes this product a micelle water I guess.

So it is not all natural and does in fact have sugar alcohol ingredients so not quite what they say.

~~~~~~~ RECOMMENDED ? ~~~~~~

Personally I don’t think this is anything special and Garnier sell a similar product for lot less money that does the same job as I have tried it and used it before I used this sample. I would not buy this at the price it is selling for but obviously others think it is worth the money as one bottle of Sensibio H2O sold around the world every 5 seconds!

It does cleanse my face but I am not happy leaving it unrinsed on my face . I would not use just this and then not rinse and tone then moisturise my face. I prefer natural products so will stick to my natural plant based oil cleanser and natural floral water as my face feels better and cleaner with those.

If you are interested in trying a micellar water then check the ingredients and compare and you will find that High street brands like Garnier offer a cheaper and equally effective option.

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Gel Cream



Just before we went away on our latest holiday I was in Boots checking out the various products. While browsing the Bare Minerals counter the young lady there offered me a chance to try their new foundation and applied this on to my face to colour match me. After this she gave me a few samples to try at home for myself. I took these away with me as they were flat and light and had an SPF in them which would protect my face even when I forgot to apply any sun protection.

~~~***~~~ABOUT BARE MINERALS ~~~***~~~

I have to admit I have tried a few of their products but as they are quite expensive I have baulked at actually buy any so far.

Their slogan is “ Be Original, Be Natural, Be Good” which I like as it says a lot in very few words.

Bare Minerals is part of the Bare Escentuals family which includes Buxom and MD Formulations, neither of which I have herd of before. They are in turn under the umbrella of Shiseido . The company is based in San Francisco and their products are based on natural minerals .

I am also happy to know that this company are cruelty free and not just “Unless the country laws require testing” they are genuinely cruelty free.

~~~***~~~PACKAGING ~~~***~~~

I feel that is a fair price for a high quality, natural product that is both pleasant to use and effective and does what it promises.



Yes I found this to be a decent quality and effective moisturising foundation which suited me as I don’t want a thick coverage. It matched my skin perfectly and should imagine with 16 shades most skin tones would be served well. There are certainly some very pale, almost alabaster ones and others pretty dark – one called Sienna looks to be fairly dark but as you can go and test it in store I would suggest doing that before buying.
My samples came in foil sachets each holding 0.75ml of the product which was plenty for two applications on my face I found.

The full sized version holds 35 ml and comes in an upside down plastic tube – it stands on its lid so that the contents are down where you want them even when I gets emptier . I like these tubs as I have discovered that if you cut the end off with scissors when it is “empty” I can still get around five or six extra uses from the tubes. I just cover the end with cling wrap at that stage!

The tube can be recycled through any plastic recycling scheme.


~~~***~~~ ETHICS ~~~***~~~

As I mentioned before this is a cruelty free company and this is their statement which I have checked with various animal rights sits and have found to be correct :
“Please feel at ease when using bareMinerals products as we do not test any products on animals. We also do not work with any manufacturers that do animal testing.
bareMinerals natural haired brushes are made of Goat and Pony. Please note that no animals are harmed in the process of making our brushes. For our customers who chose not to use animal haired brushes we do offer a variety of high end synthetic brushes.”

They do not use child labour at all either or do business with any company that does.

I cannot find any information about their use of recycled materials or if they are energy conscious in manufacture.



This comes in a huge sixteen shades and the one I as colour matched as best for me was “Natural 05” and I have found it really is a great match and is almost invisible whilst at the same time giving my skin a naturally even tone.

This is one of those great combination products as it is not only giving the skin moisturiser but is also keeping it hydrated and giving a simple natural looking foundation as well. It is a BB cream, a CC and a tinted moisturiser all in one so perfect for those who do not ant to spend hours applying make up.

This product is made with: “olive-derived squalane, marine botanicals, hydrating humectants trehalose and glycerin, and coconut-derived ingredients to replenish, hydrate, nourish and

condition. While unique water-encapsulations give skin that instant burst of hydration.”

~~~&&&~~~ MY EXPERIENCE AND VIEWS ~~~***~~~

I don’t like heavy foundations and usually opt for a BB or CC cream as I find they keep my skin hydrated and do give a decent coverage or balance out uneven skin tones quite well. I do also use a mineral based powder when my T zone gets a bit greasy in summer but I don’t layer on a thick undercoat at all. I wanted something simple and quick to use while on holiday as my husband likes to get going and out and about early so we miss nothing!


The young lady applied this with their special complexion brush but I used my fingers while we were away but I do sometimes use a special make up sponge when at home as it does blend it better than fingers.

I found that I did still cleanse tone and apply a bt of moisturiser which I did before breakfast then applied this hen we can back to our hotel room after breakfast before I cleaned my teeth. I did sometimes mix some sun protection into the moisturiser if we were going out on sunny days but this does have SPF30 which does mean a small amount of protection which is handy.

I liked that this was so smooth and creamy to apply and that a little gave me a decent level of coverage. As it so closely matched my skin colour I really didn’t need to use much at all. I have five samples and these gave me round 10 to 12 days of use which I thought as excellent. By that sort of reckoning a 35 ml tube should give you at least 70 days but it dos depend of how much you personally want to use in order to get the depth of coverage you want.

The temperatures were pretty hot where we were and at times my face did get a bit shiny so I did apply a bit of extra powder to absorb the shine but apart from that this product stayed put and lasted me all day long.

If you were wanting to go out at night then I would suggest a re application but we are past night clubbing and we find that in America and Canada dressing up to go out to eat is not something they do unless you are going very high end and we don’t go high end especially since the £ has dropped in value so much! I applied this in the morning and cleansed my face at night before bed.

The young lady who applied the test product in Boots a that this was the only make up that you could seep in and nit damage your skin. I didn’t test that claim as I always cleanse my face before bed but this might be useful to those who live it up at night ad are too tired after a night out to cleanse their skin.

The nice thing about this product is that you can layer it to give a sheer to a deeper coverage so suits those who like a full coverage as well as those like me who prefer a lighter coverage. Obviously if you want a deeper coverage you will use more product and by using the special foundation brush you can blend it into different parts of your face s maybe you get a deeper coverage on your T zone and less on your cheeks or you cn apply a bit more over any skin blemish to cover that too.


Apparently they found that there was an average 215% increase in skin hydration after just one week in an independent U.S. clinical study of 62 participants. I never know what to make of these studies as I m not sure ho they measure this r if I is just the participant’s obsevations so I take this with a pinch of salt.

I was happy with how this felt, lasted and looked on my face. I would buy this and might well do when I have finished some of the many bits and samples as well as full sized products I seem to have collected.

~~~***~~~ WHERE TO BUY AND PRICE ~~~***~~~

I found this in Boots and they sell the 35 ml tube for £27 Bare Minerals site has it for £28 and I suspect postage is extra. Debenhams and House of Fraser also have it for £28 while Escentual.com sells it for £23.80 with, I suspect extra for postage.





A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a sample sachet of this body moisturiser through the post from Aveeno. I have used Aveeno products in the past and so has my step daughter to help her eczema. Aveeno products are based on oatmeal which is calming for the skin.

~#~#~#~#~#~ ABOUT AVEENO ~#~#~#~#~#~

Aveeno makes a variety of products for the skin for babies through to adults. Their products are all based on naturally active colloidal oatmeal or oat extracts.


The Aveeno brand started way back in 1945 by the Musher brothers in the USA. They worked with the Mayo Clinic experimenting with raw cereals . They discovered that using 100% colloidal oatmeal as a natural bath additive those with dry and irritated skin had great improvement. Colloidal oatmeal is known for its ability to hold in moisture and relieve dry, irritated skin naturally. They developed the Aveeno range based on 100% colloidal oatmeal and other ingredients have been added as thy discover more.

~#~#~#~#~ WHAT AVEENO SAY ~#~#~#~#~

“Formulated with colloidal oatmeal and nutrient rich yogurt concentrate, the AVEENO® Daily Moisturising Vanilla and Oat scented body yogurt will provide an enriching experience that is as good for your skin as it is for your senses.”


~#~#~#~#~ MY EXPERIENCE AND VIEWS ~#~#~#~#~

I do only have a sachet of this which holds just 10 ml of the product so my experience is based on that. As I mentioned I have used a number of Aveeno products before and been very happy with them all. One I am using at the present time is a spray which is great as I can apply it to my back myself but tat is another review!

This product has not only the 100% colloidal oatmeal but also has yogurt which is also soothing and repairing for the skin. It smells subtly of these two ingredients which sounds a bit off putting but is actually quite pleasant and not at all like a breakfast meal. It smells slightly sweet and of vanilla, not at all strong so really nice for anyone to use.

It feels quite light and not at all greasy but once applied to my skin it soaks in quickly and leaves it feeling very soft and and well moisturised. At times my skin actually feels a bit like dried up paper and when I applied this straight away the cream was absorbed and my skin felt smooth and looked healthier and I have found that my back doesn’t itch now I can apply the other Aveeno product myself. I used this sachet on my body and arms after my evening bath and the 10 mls was used in that one application.

140470958My skin quickly absorbed this as my body was warm and slightly damp from my bath so this moisture was then trapped by the cream. I slept well with no night wake up to scratch and in the morning my skin still felt normal rather than dry and papery.

I have found that as I have got older my skin seems to need lot more help than it used to in order to keep looking healthy, feeling soft an smooth and to stop this weird itching that I get from time to time. I like using products that smell nice so have to choose these carefully hence opting for more natural choices when I can. This Aveeno yogurt moisturise has a lovely almost newly washed baby aroma, subtle, clean and comforting.

When I used this I found my skin stayed looking healthy until my next bath the following evening. I have stopped having showers each morning as my skin was drying out too much and only shower when I wash my hair. In my bath I can add moisturising oils to help keep my skin getting overly dried out and I find a bath a relaxing treat while showers are functional to get clean and wash my hair.


Research has proved that colloidal oatmeal is beneficial to the skin helping to restore the skin’s natural barrier this preventing moisture loss. Oatmeal is also soothing.

When the skin becomes very dry then rashes, itching and eczema etc can be caused. I constantly moisturise my skin these days in order to prevent the dryness and itchiness but do sometimes have to resort to anti histamines for the itching. I have had many skin tests and thy cannot work out what is causing it so it seems to be something I have to just deal with as best I can.


Aveeno have developed a way of processing this oatmeal and other naturally active ingredients derived from nature in such a way that the beneficial skincare properties are preserved.

Jennifer Anniston seems to be the advertising face of the brand I wonder if he uses it or if she feels the way Helen Mirren does despite advertising for L’Oreal and just takes their money!

Not so good to know is that this brand is a Johnson & Johnson company and they do test on animals. Their products do not claim to be free of animal testing and they do not carry the leaping bunny symbol.

This does not claim to be an all natural product which when you look at the list of ingredients you can see why. The top ingredient is water followed by Glycerin which may be natural products such as vegetable oil, or may be synthesized from propylene alcohol.
Distearyldimonium Chloride which is an organic compound classified as quaternary ammonium salt and is a softening agent.

Isopropyl Palmitate is derived from coconut oil and is a lubricant making skin softer.

Petrolatum is a petroleum based product like Vaseline

Cetyl Alcohol can be from this ingredient can be of either animal or plant origin and originall came from Sperm whales and is a fatty acid lubricant and moisturising agent.

Dimethicone is a silicone based polymer and crates a barrier of protection on the skin and can give a healthy gloss and plump skin to make it look less old.


Avena Sativa Kernel Flour only now do we get to the oatmeal ingredientan this is followed by the Yogurt Powder

The rest of the ingredients are as follows and I leave it up to you if you want to know more : Ethylhexylglycerin, Isopropyl Alcohol, Titanium Dioxide, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Chloride, Lactic Acid, Tocopherol, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum, Benzyl Salicylate, Benzyl A.

It is disappointing to see how low down the list the two active natural ingredients in this product are but as I said it doesn’t state that it is a natural product only that it contains naturally derived ingredients.

~#~#~#~#~#~ BUYING THIS ~#~#~#~#~#~

You can buy Aveeno products from a number of Highstreet pharmacists including Boots and Superdrug. There are a number of online sellers too including Amazon. It is also sold in supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and others but they may not all carry the full range.

This specific product in the 200 ml screw top tub costs £4.11 from Amazon, £4.33 from Tesco and that is their reduced price, the usual one is £6.50 which is the price in Boots as well. Superdrug don’t have this particular product from Aveeno but have others. So as always shop around and use your loyalty points cards and cash back to save that but extra.

~#~#~#~#~#~ RECOMMENDED ? ~#~#~#~#~

It is a reasonably priced and quite effective moisturiser but if you are concerned about animal testing or the use of natural ingredients then you may want to do a bit more checking yourself. I tend to buy this brand when thy are reduced and I do like the after shower mist as there are not many products that spray moisturiser so that I can apply moisturiser to my back by myself.

Personally I won’t be rushing out to replace the sample pack. It was nice enough but I do prefer to support British companies and companies that are actively against animal testing . I also prefer to use those with natural plant based rather than petroleum or animal derived ingredients too when I do buy my own products.