Bodhi Mint Tea Refreshing bath and Shower Therapy


My Bodhi Gift Pack

I received this in a set of one bottle of this and a bottle of Palmarosa Verde Purifying Bath and Shower therapy as a thank you and Christmas git from Bodhi. Like my previous set this came in a neat and sturdy brown gift box with a decorative Bodhi wrapper around the box. It looked very impressive and expensive, a really quality product. It was a really fabulous surprise as I was not expecting this at all.

A bit about ‘Bodhi’ the company

“Bodhi means “enlightenment”. Directly translated, it is “to awaken” or “to understand”. The Bodhi Tree, also known as the Sacred Fig or Bo Tree, is the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.”

I have written about Bodhi before and explained that there name has inspired them to create products which are 100% natural and only use only eco friendly, organic ingredients. They only use plant-based ingredients and the finest quality essential oils and absolutes. All their ingredients are from sustainable growers.

The neat gift box

I like their products especially as they use absolutely no harsh synthetics like Petrochemicals, Sulphates, Parabens, Phthalates, Glycols, PEGs, DEAs, Synthetic Polymers, Synthetic Fragrance or Colours, Palm Oil or Animal Ingredients. They also use no animal ingredients, apart from beeswax and honey.
As you might expect none of their products are ever tested on animals and they are also very strict about using recycled packaging and this they state on their website offsets their carbon footprint by 68%.

Bodhi says; “Rejuvenate the body and mind with our revitalising fusion of Peppermint, Marjoram and Frankincense. This is not for the faint hearted – get your skin and senses ready for an instant burst of life! Skin is highly refreshed and rejuvenated, cleansed but never taut or dry. All skin types, especially dull or oily. Great for after sports .”



The two shower gels

I love the fresh wake up scent of this. It smells of real natural peppermint like I used to grow in my garden in Australia. The smell is as though you have picked fresh herbs from the garden and popped them in a silky liquid to use in the bath. The actual liquid feels thicker than baby shampoo but is about the same colour. It isn’t gloopy but has a texture when you feel it more like a thick oil althoigh not greasy at all. I describe it as warm and silky to feel.

This is a really luxurious product with a price tag to match so unless you are very wealthy this is a special treat. This is not one to share with the children!
I use this mainly in the morning as it is an uplifting refreshing aroma and great for giving you that gentle awakening that you need to start the day. I do lie this scent but I think I prefer the other two I have from Bohdi if I had to choose. This is one that would appeal to both sexes as it isn’t especially feminine. My husband likes this one as he says it is great for making him feel fresh and alive first this in the morning without the rather too fresh tingle that you get from some other mint shower gels.

The bottle is identical to the other shower gels in brown coloured plastic which keeps the contents in the dark and fresh. It is a good shape to hold and because it is narrow it fits neatly on the side of my bath. The contents are easy to squeeze just a little out as I need.

As this isn’t full of chemical surfactants it doesn’t lather as much as some other bath or shower products but even so I found I didn’t need a lot to enjoy the lovely fresh minty scent and feel clean but not with any feeling of being dried out and parched in my skin. I have terrible trouble if my back gets too parched and it itches like crazy so I have to employ my husband to apply body lotions so this doesn’t happen. If Iuse a gentle shower gel like this I need only apply body lotion once a week but with harsher ones I find it needs to be done every other day. This shower gels leaves my skin feeling nice and normal afterwards and the scent lingers even after I am dry and dressed..

As with Bodhi’s other shower gels because of the use of the high content of essential oils, this shower gel may not be suitable for use during pregnancy or for very young children. If you are concerned I would check with your doctor or save buying it until after your pregnancy.
Common sense tells you to avoid the eyes and obviously it is for external use only so do not ingest.
Because this is not full of chemical preservatives you should use the contents within six months of opening and store the bottle away from heat and light but the brown coloured bottle helps with the light to an extent.

You can buy this from Bodhi’s website and For 250 ml of product you pay £23 but it is packaged beautifully and looks a luxurious product.


Yes if natural contents are important to you and you care about how eco the stuff is you are putting down the drain each time you shower or bathe then you know organic natural ingredients are expensive so will be prepared to pay the price. This is not a cheap product but for some one special it makes a great gift. It isn’t fancy frilly packaging but rather more neat and classy. This is a product for those with expensive tastes and eco friendly ethics.

This is a lovely, high quality bath product , it is a bit expensive if you are on a limited budget but you do get a quality product for your money.

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  1. I’m a huge bodhi fan and Mint The is my favourite shower gel along with Jasmine Falls. I also love the face oils Desert Rose & Neroli Luce and couldn’t live without the temple balm x

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