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The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum

vitamin-e-moisture-serum-15-640x640Some time ago I was persuaded to host a Body Shop party and as a result I ended up buying quite a few products having been convinced by the Body Shop advisor that they were worth buying. This as one of those products and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and benefits of this product.

~#~#~#~#~ BODY SHOP AT HOME ~#~#~#~#~

Prior to attending the party where I was persuaded to host my own party I had no idea there was a party plan side of the Body Shop. If you host a party you get extra presents provided your party buys more than £100 plus and if others book a party from your party then you get even more.
They say that they will always beat shop prices but I am not so sure as I bought some things on line at 50% off and used a money off code and they were much cheaper so I would say that it pays to shop around and check in store and on line prior to going to any party.

~#~#~#~#~ ABOUT BODY SHOP ETHICS ~#~#~#~#~

Body Shop of course was one of the first companies to fight animal testing and create products using Fair trade ingredients etc when it was started by Anita Brodick . It is now owned by L’Oreal and while they still trade under the Body Shop ethics L’Oreal’s own ethics are less great. They are also both under the umbrella companies of Nestle and Procter and Gamble. In fact L’Oreal own huge numbers of brands that you would not realise and is one of the biggest companies around.

While all beauty products sold in the EU are under the same ban and cannot be tested on animals and neither can any of their ingredients. L’Oreal state that they do not test any of their products or ingredients anywhere in the world on animals.

Body Shop now have removed all their shops and products from China and L’Oreal are working with the Chinese regulatory authorities to find other ways of testing that do not involve animals so things are improving slowly there which I am happy to learn. However they still do not have the official leaping bunny symbol on their products so obviously not PETA approved.

Body Shop are working on minimising their packing and state that their “pack-to-content ratio will never exceed 0.2 grams of packaging per gram of product” . They use paper and card that is from an FSC – certified source.

They do seem to be working towards reducing their impact on the planet by using low energy lighting in stores reducing heating and using more efficient technology. They aim to reduce their energy use by 50%.

If you look on their site they have a big article about their commitment to the planet which is quite interesting.


~#~#~#~#~ WHAT BODY SHOP SAY ~#~#~#~#~

“This lightweight, pre-moisturiser treatment boosts the skin giving enhanced all-day moisture and protection. Formulated with protective vitamin E and moisturising wheatgerm oil. Leaves skin feeling instantly smooth. Follow with our selection of Vitamin E day and night moisturisers, as part of your personalised skincare programme.”

~#~#~#~#~ MY VIEWS AND EXPERIENCE ~#~#~#~#~

This serum comes in a neat plastic cylindrical container with an air pump dispenser which has a clear plastic lid covering it. The air pump is great as it keeps the contents uncontaminated and dispenses just the right amount per pump. It also dispensed every last bit too as I have just finished mine and it is really properly empty.

The serum was a light pinkish colour and more like a light lotion than some serums I have used. I applied this to my face skin after cleansing and toning. It is a very light feeling product that was easy to apply and gently smooth upwards onto the skin on my face. I found I didn’t have long to wait for this to soak into my skin and then I could apply my moisturiser.

The serum main claim is that it has a boost of vitamin E which helps the skin maintain its moisture and is what ageing skin needs extra help with in order to maintain its elasticity. This serum is suitable for al skin types and ages as it is never too soon to start looking after your skin, I wish I had started earlier as now I have left it until I already have lines and wrinkles and can only hope to slow any further damage.

UV rays not only can cause skin cancer but also contribute to the skin ageing and does damage the skin’s natural reserves of vitamin E so using a product with extra Vitamin E should help your skin replenish its natural reserves and this also acts as an anti oxidant protecting the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

I am of the age when my skin is described as mature but I do also have a greasy T zone with enlarged pores. I have not found that this serum has made my skin greasy at all on my T zone zone area but seems to adapt to both types of my skin and keeps it all equally moisturised but not greasy. My make up stays put when I use this and doesn’t slide off during the day either.

This has Community Trade honey from Ethiopia but this aroma doesn’t come through at all and this serum doesn’t have much of an aroma at all. It smells slightly like a freshly washed baby, sort of baby powder and quite pleasant.

It does however have some dubious ingredients such as Butylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Panthenol, Dimethicone, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Neopentyl Glycol Diheptanoate, Disodium EDTA, Benzyl Benzoate, Isododecane, and others including fragrances. I do prefer products that are natural and environmentally friendly as well as not tested on animals but having bought this I was not going to let it go to waste.

I do have sensitive skin which s prone to itchy rashes and eczema hence looking for more natural products having said that when I used this I didn’t have any skin issues at all. I can’t say I noticed any major improvement in my face skin but I always use good quality skin care products and I think the best I can hope for is that I stop things getting any worse and that my skin keeps eczema and rash free as well as looking healthy and feeling soft, smooth and springy.IMG_4717[1]

This serum cost me around £12 when I bought it but I notice on line that it is no longer available and the new one is called Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil and for £16 you get 28 ml but this one comes with an eye dropper dispenser.


The new Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil, Cool BB Cream, SPF 15 Moisture Lotion, Lip Care SPF 15, Body Lotion, Hand and Nail Treatment
Illuminating Moisture Cream, Eye Cream, Night Cream, Neck Gel, Cream Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, Hydrating Face Mist, Face Wash, Aqua boost Sorbet as well as a number of others as well.

#~#~#~#~#~ RECOMMENDED ? ~#~#~#~#~

I quite liked this serum but obviously buying it again is not an option. I have not tried the new product so can’t say what I think of that. I have a number of other serums to use before I need to look for another but the price is a fair one for a quality effective product so I might buy the new version in future.




I am not a regular purchaser of Clarins products as I think they are quiet expensive compared to other equally efffective brands. I have a rather wealthy sister in law who has a bathroom full of Clarins products and rates them highly so I guess it is a matter of personal taste and opinion.

~~~~~~~ ABOUT CLARINS ~~~~~~

Clarins is a high end brand sold in most shops offering high end cosmetics and beauty products so you will find them in Boots or Debenhams, House of Fraser or similar shops.

The company was founded by Jacques Courtin in 1954 in Paris. He was masseur and created treatment oils he used in his salon and sold them to his clients. He soon had a loyal following of high end customers and the company went from there.

By 1980, Clarins was the top-selling luxury skincare brand in France and then by 1981 it found its way to the USA and by 1990 it was the top selling brand in Europe! Clarins is now sold in 150 countries around the world. Although the founder is now dead the company is now run by his sons so is still run by the same family.

Clarins ay thy are the ones to first create plant based beauty products and some of their products are 100% pure plant oils. They call their combination of plant ingredients as : “Aroma-phyto body care—a term invented by Clarins to convey the combination of aromatherapy and phytotherapy (fragrance + the power of plants).”

Clarins states they value socially responsible initiatives with their ethics helping society toward a more desirable future by cooperation and knowledge-sharing.

Theys were the first French company to stop testing on animals in 1987 . However this claim is not entirely honest and their products do NOT carry the leaping bunny symbol. When asked directly Clarins state :
“ ‘As a global company, we are committed to providing our products and services to our consumers where they live and to do so, we must comply with all legal requirements where we do business. Some countries unfortunately still require animal testing in order to validate the safety of cosmetic ingredients in products.”

My personal view is DO NOT SELL in those countries if you really stand against animal testing and that way if all companies followed that places like China might be forced to change.


~~~~~ DOUBLE SERUM ~~~~~

This is not a new product and in fact larins are updating the formula and tis new one will be out later this year, although the lady at Boots today said anyone who was used to the old serum probably won’t notice any difference.

This serum is apparently a double system which is the result of Clarins’s 27 years of ant ageing experience. It has twenty plant extracts and these are, according to Clarins, the most powerful water and oil based anti aging ingredients.

~~~~~WHAT CLARINS SAY ~~~~~~

” More than just a simle serum, it is a complete age control concentrate with 20 plant extracts which stimulates all the skin’s vital functions. A double anti ageing performance for a more youthful appearance: firmer skin, rescued wrinkles, more radiant and even complexion, less visible pores.”

~~~~~~ MY EXPERIENCE ~~~~~

I have only used this a few times as had a few samples given to me in the shop some months ago and I have only just got around to using them.

On the card I was given instructions to fold the sample and mix the two components. One was a clear oil and the other an orange water based substance. They mixed easily and I believe that in the full sized product they are both in the bottle and you have to shake this to get a good mix of both and them mix tis in your hand before applying to your face ad neck. Each sample jus about gave enough for one use on my face and neck.

The serum smells lovely, a sort of sweet orange aroma and although you could tell it was partially oil based it didn’t feel that greasy and was absorbed into my skin quite quickly. I do find that natural serums are quickly absorbed into the skin whereas petroleum based products sit on the skin hence natural ones get into the skin better.

I was actually quite pleasantly surprised at how this made my skin look. It did tighten the sagging bits and I have enlarged pores on my nose area and this did seem to make my skin look smoother .

I was also pleased to find that I could apply my make up after some short time and that it didn’t make my make up slide off or become blotchy at all.237050118alt2

Clarins say that this serum is “a discovery inspired by two noel prizes” They use a Cangzhu extract which is a Chinese herbal medicine and this they say ” is able to activate the G protein which encourages cellular function.” This has be discovered through in vitro tests apparently and they explain it by saying that the “Cangzhu extract enables us able to activate this protein found on the cellular membrane which enhances messages sent to other cells by the other ingredients.” It is all beyond my scientific knowledge so I can’t say if this s likely or not. All I could find on Canggzhu was it was used medically for internal ailments and nothing about this in vitro discovery.

I found this to be an effective serum but I am not sure how much more effective than other serums I have used and many of those had a far smaller price tag and a less high end name behind them.

~~~~~~ CLARINS CLAIM ~~~~~~

IMG_2937They have won 57 prestigious beauty awards from around the world.

They also use a sample of around 200 women to test the product over four weeks of use and give their opinion of the products and how it worked for them.. This is what they gave as feedback:
After the first application 82% said their skin was more radiant, 73% said it was more toned and 88% said their skin looked smoother.
After four weeks 87% said their skin was firmer,88% more and fewer visible pores and 79% said it reduced their wrinkles.
The trial didn’t say the ages of these women and as the judgement of these things is subjective I take trials like this with a pinch of salt.


Well I have mentioned the magical cangzhu extract but this serum has twenty plant extracts so let’s see what these are and what they do for the skin.
There is arnica which helps to decongest and revitalise the skin – it also helps prevent bruising so is healing too.
Green banana which is firming and reinforces the skin’s fibre network.
Kiwifruit which is almost a skin tonic by itself as it is known to help with rejuvenating the skin, firming, controls excess sebum, anti aging, helps fight acne, prvents sun damage, helps stimulate cell regeneration and lightens dark circles under the eyes.
Organic white tea which is a great atioxidant.
Pistachio tree extract which is also an anti oxidant and helps reduce environmental stress.
Marshmallow is there to soothe the skin.
Maritime pine boosts the skin’s oxygen levels giving a nice healthy glow.
Musk rose is also calming and helps boost radiance.
Bocoa or ironwood extract is an intense skin protector and also firms the skin.
The Cangzhu helps all these other extracts get into the skin and start their work

I rcognise a number of thes natural extracts from other natural based skin products I use more regularly so Clarins are not alone in creating a product using these but the Cangzhu I have not come across before and that is their secret ingredient in this mix.



Sadly no, but I honestly don’t think any cream or potion will make me look younger. Some may help he skin look fresher and tighten the skin tmporarily but a permennat effect will only ever come from surgery or injections which who knows what may occur. I am not prepared to inject stuff into my skin or go under the knife so I use what I can to help slow the skin aging process and try to keep it protected from the sun and other damaging elements,drinking lots of water and eating healthy foods.

~~~~~~~~ WHERE TO BUY AND HOW MUCH? ~~~~~~

You can buy this from Boots in store or on line and if you have a Boots loyatly card you will earn som points. It can also be bought from Clarins counters in most Department storres and if you search on line you may find you can buy it for less but on the whole the prices are prety similar in the main high street stores.

The re are two sizes on the full sized product; a 50ml bottle is about £70.00 and the 30ml bottle is £55.00 so the larger one is better value if you find you like it.


~~~~~~~ RECOMMENDED? ~~~~~~

Yes I would say it is an effective product in the short term and I know many who swear by Clarins and this serum specifically. My sister in law who is 70 thinks this is wonderful as she does every Clarins product but I have to say, and I am not being unkind or nasty, she doesn’t look much younger so as she has used Clarins for years maybe it is not that effective. I think this is overpriced for what you get but it isn’t a bad product. I am not happy about the animal testing pretence so from an ethical point of view this is a product I will not be re buying. There are so many great skin care products made by small British companies I would prefer to buy from rather than big name companies like this.

It didn’t cause me any irritation at all and I do sometimes get rashes from some skin care products so that is another plus.

My skin did look a bit firmer and pores less obvious but I am not sure the effect was a lasting one.




We have an Aveda salon in Derby and from time to time I call into see if they have any samples. I would love to be able to buy more of their lovely products but they do have a very high price sadly.

~#*~#*~#*~~ ABOUT AVEDA ~~*#~*#~*#~

aveda: connecting beauty, environment and well–being.”

the art and science of pure flower and plant essences is the core of aveda. our beauty products are alive with the life force of plants, and contain pure essential oils. our solutions are so powerful we call them purescriptions.”

Aveda mainly make hair products but thy do also make other other beauty products such as face care, perfume and even make up.

Aveda was founded by a hairdresser in 1978 and today they have over 7000 salons world wide. Their products are all natural and clinically tested – not on animals. The products are made with ingredients harvested with respect for th environment.

~#*~#*~#*~~ ABOUT THIS CONDITIONER ~~*#~*#~*#~

This conditioner is designed for thin hair and is full of natural oils and butters. There is an intense version that has even more oils and butters than this one if you feel you need more.

It has something called densiplex which is an invigorating blend of Ayurvedic herbs, including ginseng and certified organic turmeric special to Aveda.

It also has soy protein and amino acids that mimic the hair’s natural growth and so stimulates the hair to thicken from within rather than coating each shaft with extra layers.

Arginine which comes from sugar beet as well as the soy protein they state has been clinically proven to restore strength and improve hair elasticity.

They have also added a blend of guar, palm and grapeseed-derived ingredients which all help to thicken the hair while organic kukui nut oil helps add natural shine.

~#*~#*~#*~~ MY THOUGHTS AND EXPERIENCE ~~*#~*#~*#~

My hair is actually very thick and course so I don’t actually have the kind of hair this conditioner is created for but I never like to say no to a sample and like to try new products so I used half of this tube and then let my husband use the other half as his hair is quite thin. I used all the second tube as I did quite like how it felt on my hair !

The conditioner is not that thick and gloopy and is a creamy sort of colour. It has a lovely fresh slightly citrus sort of scent . The thing I like about more natural conditioners like this is that they sort of melt on your hair as opposed to feeling slippery and slimy in my hair. This is because the natural oils and butter do melt and nourish the hair while cheaper High street brands rely upon silicones to make the hair feel smooth and shiny but these build up in your hair and so you have to use more and more.

Needlss to say you massage this conditioner into your hair and scalp after shampooing then rins it out as you do with any other conditioner.

I used to wash my hair daily and use tons of conditioner and I have gradually reduced my hair washing and apply natural oil like argan to my ends in between washes. I only use natural shampoos and conditioners and my hair is so much better and shinier. My scalp doesn’t itch as much and my eczema has gone.

This conditioner left my hair feeling soft and nourished but I can’t say it felt any thicker though I really don’t need that for my hair. My hair smelled nice and styled easily but I did still use my argan oil on my damp hair before drying and in between this use and my next wash. I did like the fact that it didn’t make my hair feel heavy which I found some conditioners have in the past.

My husband also has nice soft and pleasant smelling hair and I really cannot say it was any thicker but I suspect that you need to use it more than once or twice and also Aveda say it should be used with their exfoliating shampoo which I also had and did use and then follow that with their invati scalp revitalizer which I didn’t have.

I loved the way this felt on my hair both wet and dry and my scalp didn’t itch after using it. My hair did look healthy and had a nice shine so I was happy with the results for me but I m not sure how thickening it would be long term.


~#*~#*~#*~~ AVEDA AND ETHICS ~~*#~*#~*#~

I like the ethics of this company. They only use natural plant ingredients and never test on animals.

Aveda claim to be the first beauty company with 100% post consumer recycled PET for skin care and hair styling. They use minimal packing and as much recyclable and post-consumer recycled materials as they can.

They also claim to be the first beauty company manufacturing with 100% certified wind power.

~#*~#*~#*~~ BUYING THIS ~~*#~*#~*#~

This is where I struggle with Aveda as their products are expensive. Even compared to other 100% natural companies they are expensive which is why I rely on samples to try their products.

This conditioner comes in three sizes. The travel size which holds just 40 ml costs £8, the 200 ml size costs £26 and the 1 litre size requires you to invest £95 which is a whopping amount to spend on a bottle of conditioner in my view.

You can buy this on line from Aveda or from one of their salons if you want to try it. If you are lucky they might have a sample or two

~#*~#*~#*~~ RECOMMENDED? ~~*#~*#~*#~

Well yes I think this is a great conditioner full of lovely natural ingredients from a great ethical company but I won’t be buying it any time soon as there are other equally effective 100% natural conditioners that I use that cost so much less than this one does.

Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid




Aveda is a great company that make lovely hair products that are natural and cruelty free with no nasty chemicals or preservatives in them. Their products are not cheap but I have found you don’t need a lot of them to be effective. We have an Aveda shop in our ton and thy have small bowl of samples and if you ask they will give you one or two to try at home. This is how I get most of mine!!



This is styling product  that adds shine and movement to your hair. It is a clear serum/gel /oil sort of feel and you really need about a pea sized amount warmed in your hand and then run through your hair after styling. It makes my hair have a lovely shine and makes it look healthy and keeps it smooth even in damp weather.

You can also apply this to damp hair before styling but I prefer using it on my dry hair.

This is all natural, vegan friendly as it has only plant-based ingredients including certified organic jojoba which is a lovely oil that naturally conditions and smooths hair without weighing it down and making it look greasy.

Aveda say this :

  • Smooths, and conditions
  • Dries with a soft touchable finish
  • Adds weightless, free-flowing movement, body and natural shine
  • For all hair types



This comes in a full sized plastic push pump container holding 100 ml and this costs £24 from Aveda. My sample holds 10 ml and it lasted me around two weeks using i daily while we were on holiday. They lovely people in Aveda gave me 3 tubes so I was very lucky as they should have cost around £2.40 each tube at that price.

This doesn’t have any scent really so doesn’t interfere with your perfume or make your hair smell either pleasant or unpleasant. Because it is natural it conditions as well as adding shine and stopping the hair frizzing.


I am not sure if jojoba oil alone is as effective but I suspect it might and I do often use jojoba on my hair but never directly compared the two. I have to admit that jojoba is cheaper and doesn’t smell unpleasant so if I was having to buy some I would probably opt for the jojoba but this Aveda one is very nice.


This is what the serum looks like on my hand. A lovely natural shine even on my skin!

Art Naturals Demrelax Pain Relief Cream




This is another post that some may find odd on my beauty blog site but ArtNaturals is a company I rate highly and they have many lovely products for body cleansing and moisturising that I have used and liked. As this is applied to my skin I think this is justified on my beauty blog!



The company philosophy is: “offer quality, natural products with exceptional beauty results”. I love the fact that they use all natural ingredients and do not ever test on animals nor are their ingredients tested on animals. They state categorically that; “We are passionate about providing pure, premium natural and organic products (and ingredients) and will not offer animal based or animal tested”

The company believe in their products and are honest about what goes into them listing all ingredients on the labels. Because they stand by their products they are willing to offer a full 100% money back guarantee on all their products.

All their products are also Vegan-friendly but as they have not been tested on pregnant or nursing women and do contain essential oils which can be a problem they suggest checking with your doctor before using them.
Their products do not contain any parabens or other chemical nasties that are considered by many to be harmful to us and to the environment as well.


~~~~~~DEMRELAX  ~~~~~


This like all their products is natural and cruelty free. It is a cream to help with aches and pains that you massage onto the affected area.


The ingredients that help with the pain relief are  arnica, camphor, frankincense, msm, and magnesium oil. It smells lovely, sort of minty and as you apply it you feel a gentle initial cooling then warming  and it really does ease aches and pains.

Arnica helps ease bruising and that with the anti-inflammatory msm powder  relieve pain almost instantly and you soon feel that your  joints are more flexible. Frankincense oil has been shown to help with stress,lift your mood, and also reduce pain and inflammation . Finally magnesium oil is said to help restore skin cells.



I bought this from amazon and for £13.95 you get nearly 60 ml of the white cream in a plastic screw top jar so you can get every last bit from the container. Mine lasted around six weeks using it on my lower back where I have chronic pain and  found this eased my back when I applied it before I went to bed each night.

I smells nice, sort of fresh and minty but not too overpowering like some pain relief creams and gels are.




Body Shop Hemp Moisture High Balm



This is The Body Shop full range of Hemp products.

I don’t want to seem ungrateful as this was a freebie from Beautyontrial where I write reviews but I don’t really see the point of this product.


It is a Body shop hemp based product and I do like some of their hemp based things such as their handcream but this is an odd one.



It comes in a neat screw top tin which I like as the tin is recyclable and I do wash and re use my small tins for when I travel as they are light and keep the contents leak proof and away from light damage. I will be washing this one out to re use myself .img_6828


When you first go to use this product it appears to be a balm but on top of the balm is a strange sticky protective layer which is horrible and sticky, had to get off and bits of this sticky stuff keep on turning up in the product after you think you have got it all off.




The actual product when you get to it is a balm, a sort of cloudy solid yellow coloured softish balm which melts into a greasy sort of feel on my skin. It isn’t nice at all. I ended up using this on my feet before bed as I didn’t like the feel of it anywhere on my skin and I do have really dry elbows but it didn’t help my skin and felt nasty and tacky on my elbows.


It has the strange hemp scent  which is slightly earthy and I actually quite like but I am afraid the texture and the sticky layer put me right off this one.


You get quite a small amount in this tin, around 45 ml or 40g or 1.4 oz so it is  a concentrated product.

I can’t understand why as this is supposed to be made in the UK but the ingredients list is not in English.

I can’t find it on the Bodyshop website and think they may have changed the tin and now call it rescue balm which costs £16 for 100  ml. On Ebay it is selling for £10.

Personally I won’t be looking to buy it again as I think natural shea butter works far better, smell nicer and feels nicer on my skin too.







Microdermabrasion Face Scrub & Facial Mask in One-Era Organics





I had never come across this brand before but am always keen to try new beauty products especially if they are all natural.


This arrived in a bubble wrap with a few other bits in an amazon box well packed.

It comes in a small plastic pot , all white with a screw top lid which is nice and easy to get open and of course being a pot you can get every last bit out of it and there is no waste at all.

Inside the contents look like brown coloured cream with darker brown bits which of course are one of the scrubby bits of this face scrub.It also has sugar as an exfoliant as well as these walnut bits.




It is full of lovely natural ingredients that exfoliate as well as leaving my face feeling moisturised after using it. It has some great natural ingredients including organic Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey, Walnut and powerful Vitamin C.

This comes from a cruelty free company and is paraben free, alcohol free and non-toxic.

Interestingly this product can be used as a face mask as well so you can apply this , leave it on five minutes then gently massage it off with warm water. Try it and you will feel your skin so soft and smooth and feeling uplifted and fresh.


I love this and have been very impressed with how it makes my skin feel and it looks fresher too..

This is not only effective but is also a great ethical product , as they use only natural ingredients and they have the cruelty free logo as well so all good as far as I concerned.


I bought mine from amazon and it cost £15.99

Weleda’s Mindfulness Colouring Book




This may seem an odd post for my beauty blog and I did consider putting it on my book blog. In fact I may put it on there as well. This colouring in book is designed to create a calm mind and being calm and in control helps you maintain your looks as when you are stressed it shows on your face.


I was recently invited to the Press release of this beautiful colouring book but sadly I was not able to go however my lovely friend at Weleda sent me the Colouring book along with one of their new all natural perfumes, a body scrubber and a tube of Weleda’ lovely rose shower cream.


Weleda’s products are all created with some benefit to the mind and body as well as just being great all natural products. The colouring book has been designed especially for Weleda by the very talented artist, Lizzie Hobbs, a specialist in pattern-based art, originally from Derbyshire.


The idea behind this colouring book is to allow the person colouring to be able to take time out of the everyday rush and pressure and to be able to relax and just be in the moment. Colouring in is now very much the ‘in’ thing for relaxing but Weleda’s founder Rudolph Steiner was advocating mindfulness and relaxation many years before this. He was a man ahead of his time in many ways.


Steiner wrote in 1904 : “The tranquillity of the moments set apart will also affect everyday existence. In his whole being he will grow calmer; he will attain firm assurance in all his actions, and cease to be put out of countenance by all manner of incidents.”



Lizzie Hobbs is inspired by designs found in Asia and the Middle East and she graduated in South Asian Studies and Hindi from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. Her designs in this beautiful colouring book are inspired by her love of Asian designs which she has used to inspire the different images and patterns based on some of Weleda’s most used ingredients. This colouring book is a limited edition created for Weleda.


The book has twelve different images to colour and beside each image is a coloured page with a photo of the ingredient or inspired by the ingredient and a short piece of text about that ingredient and its benefits. The book also has a very interesting and informative editorial about Weleda’s organic and fair trade farming projects around the world as well as beautiful photographs – argan from Morocco, ratanhia from Peru, rose from Turkey to name a few.


This means that there is a page for each month, you can colour a small part of each design and by the end of the month have it compete Should you choose you could sit and do a whole page in one sitting but some are quite intricate and you will get the same benefit spending a short time each day as you would with a long session a few days in a month or even a good long session. The nice thing is the choice is yours to use as suits your time and mindfulness needs.

The colouring book will form part of a unique Christmas gift with a rainbow of Weleda’s fragrant and relaxing body washes – one to match your every mood. The boxed set will be available from October.


I looked through the book and decided to colour the design based on bees and honey as I love honey and have been enjoying some of my honey bought from the lovely bee keeper who keeps his bees at Weleda who sold us some of his honey at the Weleda Insight Day.

I am going to do one page each month and spend around ten to fifteen minutes a day colouring as my time of relaxation after my pilates session to complete the relaxation and mindfulness time.

Venus Secrets Face Scrub



This is a Greek company and most of their products are based on olive oil but they do have many other organic ingredients in their different products. They have a huge range of products and it is well worth a look at their site. I have never ordered direct from their site as they have a number of products on amazon and it is easier to order from amazon for me.

They are a cruelty free company and their products proudly carry the leaping bunny symbol. They use organic natural ingredients and their products have no parabens, mineral oils, silicones or propylene glycol either.

This scrub is a dull creamy light brown colour and you can just see the little scrubby bits in it. It smells lovely in a natural fresh way. It is lovely and moisturising and feels like you are scrubbing your face with a very creamy and rich product. The scrubbing action is a little gentle and so I do use a scrubbier one in between this as I feel it could be a bit scrubbier.
After I use this my skin feels lovely and soft and it does look fresh and a bit more alive. I also find that this helps to even my skin tone and smooth my open pores a bit. My skin Is not dried out at all but neither is it shiny or greasy.img_6413

This has been dermalogically tested on willing volunteers and is not only free of any chemical nasties but has absolutely none of those nasty no biodegradable micro beads in it either. I was shocked to see these in some high end products selling for a lot more money than this does.
I keep my tube in the shower and first get under the shower and wet myself then apply this to my face and gently massage it in then I leave it on while I exfoliate my body with the shower turned off. Once I am covered with exfoliating products and well scrubbed I turn the shower on again and rinse myself off.

By leaving this on while I exfoliate my body it has a chance to soak into my face skin and moisturise it a bit.

I have found that because it is so nice and creamy that I only need a small amount each time I use it and I tend to use it twice a week with a more scrubby one in between. I have had this over a month and still have about half left. I use round an inch of the product squeezed out onto my fingers with each use.

This scrub is a dull creamy light brown colour and you can just see the little scrubby bits in it. It smells lovely in a natural fresh way. It is lovely and moisturising and feels like you are scrubbing your face with a very creamy and rich product. The scrubbing action is a little gentle and so I do use a scrubbier one in between this as I feel it could be a bit scrubbier.

After I use this my skin feels lovely and soft and it does look fresh and a bit more alive. I also find that this helps to even my skin tone and smooth my open pores a bit. My skin Is not dried out at all but neither is it shiny or greasy.img_6414

This has been dermalogically tested on willing volunteers and is not only free of any chemical nasties but has absolutely none of those nasty no biodegradable micro beads in it either. I was shocked to see these in some high end products selling for a lot more money than this does.
I keep my tube in the shower and first get under the shower and wet myself then apply this to my face and gently massage it in then I leave it on while I exfoliate my body with the shower turned off. Once I am covered with exfoliating products and well scrubbed I turn the shower on again and rinse myself off.

On the Venus Secrets’s website this costs 11 Eros but on amazon it costs £10.95 and delivery is free with Prime otherwise postage is extra unless you get to £20 these days.

TerraPrime Banana Face Powder


img_6352rGives Celebrity Glowing Look, Camera Friendly, Suits for Majority of Skin Tones – 42g/1.5oz

I had never heard of Banana Powder before spotting this on my review site. Apparently it is very big in Hollywood and with Kim Kardashian although that is not necessarily someone I look to for beauty advice!

This is a lovely warm colour , sort of yellow caramel and very very soft and light. I usually use a loose light face powder so this was not that strange to me and I have already got a couple of brushes to apply the powder.



I found this was perfect to set my make up without adding any weight or making me look ghost like. It gave a lovely sheer look with a matt finish yet not dull it had a slight sheen or glow but not a shine.

I love how light this powder is and that it really feels as though I have not got any make up on and it certainly doesn’t creep into my lines which I hate when a powder does that.



According to the company it is bet to apply with a sponge, brush or powder puff. Best to apply where you’ve applied concealer – under the eyes, around T-zone, on the bridge of the nose, chin. To maximise the highlighting effect – leave it on for 10 minutes then brush away excess powder. You can also puff the powder all over the face to give an overall highlighted look.

It doesn’t appear to have any banana in it so probably gets its name from the colour. The ingredients are :TALC, ZINC STEARATE, ORYZA(RICE) STARCH, ZEA MAY(CORN) STARCH,METHYLPARABEN, PROPYLPARABEN, BUTYLPARABEN



I was lucky enough to get to buy this product at a discount in return for my views. I can honestly say I will be telling all my friends about this as it is so much better than my usual loose powder.

This costs £14.99 from amazon.