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Vita Coco Coconut Oil – multipurpose saviour




I am a huge fan of coconut oil as it is a true multi purpose product and is also an all natural product. I don’t always buy this brand but if I am shopping in Holland & Barratt then this is the brand they carry and it is a high quality, organic, extra virgin coconut oil so I am always happy to buy it.

I also love their coconut water to drink so some shopping trips are just to buy a supply of both these to keep me going.

#*~~#*~~#*~~HOW MUCH FOR HOW MUCH ? ~~#*~~#*~~#

I buy mine from Holland & Barratt in the shop but you can also buy from them on line. I’ ve seen it in some grocery stores too. H&B sell four sizes: 50 ml which costs £2.99, 250 ml which at present is half price at £3.49 but is usually £6.99 s if you want to try it get it now. The next size up is 500 ml which is £11.99 and finally the big size which is 750ml and costs £15.99.

It depends of how much you use as to which is best value. I use a lot so tend to go for the big size. You will see why when I explain what I use it for.


~~#*~~#*~~WHAT DOES VITA COCO OIL LOOK LIKE ? ~~#*~~#*~~

This is called coconut oil but at room temperature is solid. It isn’t hard solid but is certainly not an oil. It does however have a very low melting point and just skin temperate will melt this within seconds.

As a solid this is a whitish looking cloudy product but as it melts it turns clear and colourless.

When you open the jar the smell of fresh coconut really hits you and instantly I am taken to the tropics, I was brought up in the West Indies so the smell of coconut is something that has great memories for me.

This brand is cold pressed and organic so the best quality natural sort of coconut oil you can buy.

~~#*~~#*~~IN THE KITCHEN ? ~~#*~~#*~~

The tag line for this coconut oil is “ Eat it… Wear it …. Swear by it!”

I use mine for frying as it really does help the food not stick to the pan. I cook a lot of Asian food and coconut oil helps the flavour in these dishes too.

Coconut oil was proclaimed as being the healthy alternative to other fats but now they are saying it is worse than butter for saturated fats Coconut oil has 90% saturated fats while butter has only around 64%. However half of virgin coconut oil’s saturated fat is lauric acid. This is a medium-chain triglyceride which they say has a number of health-promoting properties, including helping to improve levels of “good” HDL cholesterol.

A Harvard researcher states “ “ I don’t think coconut oil is as healthful as vegetable oils like olive oil and soybean oil, which are mainly unsaturated fat and therefore both lower LDL and increase HDL.”

So everything in moderation as sensible people would say and I use a combination of different oils including the coconut when I want the benefit of the flavour as well as the way it cooks.

Some claim is helps weight loss while others dispute this. Personally I wouldn’t use it in huge quantities until there is a bit more research as heart health is just as important and I can lose weight by eating less and doing more activity.


~~#*~~#*~~AROUND THE HOUSE ? ~~#*~~#*~~

If I have a squeaking door a little coconut oil will ease that

I use it to apply to my leather sofas as the sun is quite drying on the backs of these and I find coconut oil soaks in well and doesn’t leave a greasy feel once it has soaked in and really feeds the dry leather. It also makes them smell good too.

Anywhere you would use a light oil like on my sewing machine this oil works well as a lubricant.

I have used it to soften my leather shoes and even on leather handbags to keep them soft.

~~#*~~#*~~ON MY BODY ? ~~#*~~#*~~

I have used this as a massage oil and add my on essential oils. I find ones like orange and grapefruit work well with the scent of coconut oil and it is a great massage oil as it lasts well for a massage while some other oils just soak straight in. At at the same time it does soak into the skin during the massage leaving my skin feeling soft, smelling good and my muscles less aching.

Coconut oil is especially good on the feet as it is moisturising yet allows the skin to breath . I often apply this to my feet at bedtime and put on some light moisture retaining socks as this helps keep my feet nice and soft.

I don’t shave any parts of my body except under my arms and the legs below the knee. Sometimes I use my Lush shaving creams and sometimes conditioner but I find that coconut oil does a great job too. I use this especially when my under arms are a bit sore as it lubricates and also soothes the skin. In the bath or shower the coconut oil melts and being a natural oil it doesn’t harm the environment when it goes into the sewage system. Also because coconut oil has lauric acid which is a natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial it also protects your skin if you do accidentally cut yourself.

I often apply a little melted coconut oil to the ends of my hair in between washes as my hair tends to be dry and frizzy. Even in damp weather this helps stop any frizzing. My hair time was the 80s when perms and curly hair was in fashion and I struggle with the sleek look these days.

I also use coconut oil as a deep conditioning hair mask before washing my hair and after this I do still use conditioner but t really does feed my hair and help to keep it softer and it actually looks shiny too. I always use a natural shampoos and conditioners as chemical ones are full of parabens and harsh chemicals that strip your hair of its natural oils.

IMG_4132I know many people swear by cleansing wipes and cleansing waters but I prefer using an oil based cleanser as it is gentler and doesn’t strip the skin of is natural oils. I particularly like oil based cleansers for around my eyes as it then easily wipes off all make up including mascara and doesn’t need scrubbing and rubbing. This coconut oil works a treat . I apply a little coconut oil which has melted on my finger tips and gently massage it in before using a damp warm cloth the remove all the make up and grime. I use the cloth rinsed out several times if I feel I need to. I find the bamboo clothes work best for me. Cleansing with oil works efficiently as coconut oil breaks up the water-resistant ingredients often mascara and shadow and so no scrubbing is needed just a gentle wipe.

Although the price of this coconut oil may seem expensive when you compare it to the price of some natural and other not so natural creams and potions you can buy for your skin it actually works out quite reasonable. You really do not need a lot to get great moisturising results on your skin. Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E. Coconut oil, like other natural oils as opposed to petroleum based ones actually goes into the skin rather than lying on top. Because it is absorbed into the skin the coconut oil’s natural antioxidants help to combat the effects of ageing by preventing free radical damage. The Vitamin E also helps cell regeneration, helps fade dark spots and encourages the skin’s ability to produce collagen. This means that my skin feels much softer and smoother and looks healthier , especially hen I apply coconut oil after my bath and before bed. It really isn’t greasy at all as it soaks in really quickly.

When I m cooking I like the fact that when I push the excess off the spoon into the pan I then just massage the excess that is on my finger into my hands rather than having to wash them like I would with some cooking oils! If I run out of hand cream I just pop and get a small pea sized dollop out with a spoon and use coconut oil instead.

I make a great scrub with coconut oil as the base. One which helps with cellulite is just a mix of ground coffee beans finely ground and coconut oil which exfoliates my skin on my his and thighs and leaves my skin glowing and soft and smooth. Another scrub is coconut oil with salt and essential oils or you can use brown sugar instead of the salt and your choice of essential oils that enhance the aroma.
I wouldn’t suggest coconut oil as a sunscreen but if you have been in the sun then I find a mix of aloe vera gel to cool and coconut oil to soak in does help my skin feel soothed and less dry and stop it looking like dried up leather. I apply the aloe vera gel first then the coconut oil as thn thy both get absorbed to do their work.

I sometime apply a small amount of coconut oil under my eyes before bed as it is a great moisturiser and doesn’t sting or run into my eyes and it also helps my eye lashes and eye brows look better too.

I have also used a little coconut oil on my cheek bones and around my eyes to add a nice sheen or glow to my make up. It work well with Benetint on my cheekbones.

Coconut oil makes a great lip salve. I use Lush sample containers and keep some in my hand bag. It “tastes” lovely and is instantly softening and soothing and leave my lips with a subtle sheen. Once again I often apply Benetint first then coconut oil.


~~#*~~#*~~ANY OTHER USES ? ~~#*~~#*~~

Because coconut contains lauric acid which is not only antimicrobial but also anti bacterial it is perfect for cleansing make up brushes. I clean mine bout once a month using a mixture of coconut oil and an anti bacterial soap. I use a natural one from Lush as it smells great. The brushes I then dry in the airing cupboard if it is wet or in the sunshine when we have any. Keeping your brushes clean means that you will help prevent blemishes from bacteria on a dirty brush. The brushes feel soft and smell great too.

Apart from being great as a hand cream and for softening cuticles you can also use coconut oil around the nail skin when applying polish as then you wont get any polish on your skin. This is best done with a cotton bud as it you get it on your nail the polish will come off your nail too.

I bought some oil pulling oil at great expense last year and when I read what it contained it was actually basically coconut oil. Apparently they have proven with research that coconut oil can kill the Streptococcus bacteria which is what makes your breath smell. So before brushing you teeth just rinse a little coconut oil around your mouth and that should help reduce bad breath. It is also supposed to help whiten teeth. This is based on Ayurvedic medicine, known as gandusha in Ayurveda .
You are supposed to swill the oil around in your mouth for around 20 minutes. It is also supposed to help educe plaque and prevent or cure ulcers and so much more. Check out articles on line to find out more. I was skeptical but I don’t find it unpleasant and if I am home I just keep swilling it around in my mouth while getting on with other things around the house. Anything that might help with my awful teeth I am happy to try. Coconut oil works out much cheaper than the expensive oil pulling sachets which were just a combination of oils. I add a tiny amount of peppermint essential oil as it tastes better and of course I spit out the oil as it is full of toxins and yuk from in between my teeth etc. I spit into a tissue and throw it away as I try not to put too much oil down the plug holes as unblocking is expensive.

~~#*~~#*~~RECOMMENDED ? ~~#*~~#*~~

A whole hearted YES! Even if you don’t want to use it for cooking this has to be one of natures best multi purpose products. I love coconut and use this, coconut water from Vita Coca and also use shredded coconut fried in my rice, I bake with coconut both shredded and dessicated and also use a lot of coconut cream in Asian cooking . It is a wonderful natural product with so many uses . Coconut water from a natural coconut is sterile and has even been used for intravenous rehydration.

I wouldn’t be without my coconut oil and always have at least one jar in my cupboard. We used to use it for cooking in the West Indie when I was a child and I am so pleased it has become a commercial success as it is a fabulous product.


Weleda Calendula Toothpaste


en_calendula_toothpaste_rgb-mediumI first used this product after getting a tube in a goodie bag from a Weleda open day fr bloggers that I was invited to. I have mixed feelings about fluoride in toothpastes and do rather yo yo between them.

My dentist told me I should use a toothpaste with extra fluoride in it as my teeth are not great ad have weak enamel. When my children were very young I lived in Australia and we were encouraged to give our little ones fluoride tablets which I duly did. My daughter’s teeth are fine but my son’s teeth though strong are quite discoloured as a result and he has had to have then sorted as an adult at some expense.


Many people know Weleda for their baby creams and body and face creams but they were originally a natural pharmaceutical company and indeed when Rudolph Steiner started the company in Austria in 1921 that was his focus. Weleda’s products are created using the principles of principles of anthroposophic medicine. This is a holistic approach based on products made using ingredients grown in balance and harmony with nature.

“A medical system that complements conventional medicine, anthroposophy takes a holistic approach and uses both conventional and anthroposophic medicinal products……. The therapy method of anthroposophic medicine is based on the balance between four organisational principles: the physical level; life forces level, or vitality; mental level and individual level or ego. The goal of therapy is to restore the necessary equilibrium when these four principles are out of balance.”


~~~~~~~~ WELEDA AND THEIR IDEALS ~~~~~~~

Welda use only natural products and most are organic. They source their products from around the world and pay above fair prices for their ingredients.

They use no preservatives, parabens or any mineral based ingredients in their products. Thy do not test on animals or allow any of their ingredients to be tested on them either.

“Whether it’s through fair trade, biodynamic cultivation or the supportive development of our employees – sustainability is part of our roots.”

~~~~~~~ WELEDA AND PACKAGING ~~~~~~~

Weleda is committed to reducing packaging as much as possible but that has to be balanced with creating packing that gets the product to the consumer in good condition and that keeps it in good condition. They are constantly working on packaging solutions but they aim to create packaging manufactured from sustainable materials and be recyclable once its packaging life is over.


They are also working to reduce their energy usage and use as much renewable energy as possible.
50.7% of their direct energy and 94.3% of the indirect energy used in Weleda factories came from renewable resources in 2013.

This toothpaste comes in a cardboard outer box and inside the tube is metal. Both are in an orange colour to suit the calendula name of the product. The metal tube is okay but quite heavy and sometimes if you squeeze careless ly it can end up crooked and crumpled and has occasionally cracked along a crease which is annoying. Weleda have changed some of their products in tubes to recyclable plastic but not sure if this one is due for a change or not. The plastic is lighter so makes it more eco to transport.

~~~~~~~~~ WELEDA TOOTHPASTES ~~~~~~

Welda have arange of toothpaste but as yet I have only used the Calendula one but as I do like this I think I will try the others in the future. There are for different 75 ml toothpaste which all cost £4.50 per tube. There is the Ratanhia which is root from Peru and has calming myrrh and refreshing essential oils of peppermint and spearmint, with calcium- based cleansers . The next is Salt toothpaste which has sea salt, extracts of ratanhia root, myrrh and chestnut bark as well as oil of peppermint . Next we have Plant gel toothpaste which is their most gentle toothpaste and this has extracts of myrrh and chamomile , silica to gently clean without damaging enamel and peppermint and spearmint essential oils for freshness, and ratanhia root extract . Finay we have the Calendula one I will be reviewing here.

There is also a children’s tooth gel which comes in a 50 ml tub and costs £3.50. This is very gentle and designed for first teeth. Like the adult version this also has extracts of organic calendula flowers , silica and natural flavours of fennel and spearmint. There is nothing harmful so it doesn’t matter if children swallow it and like the other Weleda toothpastes it has no fluoride either.img_72481


I wasn’t at all sure what a calendula based toothpaste would taste like as calendula flowers have an odd sort of taste/fragrance in my view but I need no have worried as this tastes of fennel or licorice so as long as you like that flavour you will find this quite pleasant. I found it odd at first not to have a minty fresh after taste in my mouth but you do get used to it and for people who hate the taste of mint this is a perfect alternative.

When I was living in Australia I use a lot of homeopathic medicines and if you are using these you need to ensure you are using an all natural toothpaste. I really struggled to find any in Australia at the time and eventually found an Aussie brand in a health food store. This toothpaste would be perfect it is free of any peppermint and has a pleasant and fresh-tasting fennel flavour and is 100% natural and indeed suitable for vegans too.

In all Weleda products all ingredients are there to do something useful and beneficial to the body. This calendula toothpaste every ingredient contributes towards fresh breath. The calendula is anti-inflammatory and helps to soothe sensitive gums. The calcium mineral provides the scrubbing ingredient and is gently abrasive while the natural essential fennel oil ha a nice fresh, pleasant licorice like taste.

The toothpaste is a lot less abrasive than most high street brands and certainly doesn’t tingle in your mouth like some minty fresh ones do. It feels creamier on the teeth and doesn’t froth up like most commercial brands. I find that when using a Colgate toothpaste for example my mouth is so full of froth that I end up feeling like I have a mouth full of suds!

I use an electric toothbrush and find that this toothpaste is great when using that but with a normal toothbrush I do kind of feel that I need to brush a bit more but maybe that is because I have used commercial brands for many years so I was used to a more abrasive tooth brushing experince.img_72491

This has been certified as natural dental care and is also free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, surfactants, synthetic preservatives, flavours, colourants, or raw materials derived from mineral oils.

I clean my teeth at night last thing before bed and after my breakfast every day but also after lunch if I feel like my teeth are feeling furry or my mouth tastes not very fresh. Weleda say use this regularly to avoid plaque build up and helps to keep gums healthy and your mouth and breath fresh .

The actual paste is not white but a more cream coloured thicker paste than most toothpastes. I like the flavour and the fact that it doesn’t fill my mouth with froth. It does kind of tingle in my mouth in the same way as some tooth and gum numbing powders and gels do but very subtly.

Although this is a bit more expensive that many brands of toothpaste as it is an all natural product from a company with high ethical standards that does not test on animals and pays its supplies fairly I am happy to pay for this product.

~~~~~~~~ WHERE THIS CAN BE BOUGHT ~~~~~~~

I usually buy mine either from the Weleda website or from their shop in Ilkeston which is in Derbyshire or from other natural beauty or heath websites if I want to make up an order to the amount needed for free shipping.

Weleda also have wellness advisers who can sell you products. They will do a party to demonstrate the products and you can ask for specific things such as products for the body or baby products etc as the theme if you want to. They are all very well informed and can advise on the benefits of each product. My step daughter has a friend who is an adviser and I also order from her or a small health shop in our local town also stocks Weleda products so I have no problem buying any of their products.

~~~~~~ RECOMMENDED? ~~~~~~~~

Yes I would indeed. It is pleasant tasting ( provided you like fennel) and is effective to use leaving my mouth feeling tingly fresh and clean. It is a bit more expensive but I don’t find it gets used any quicker than other toothpastes so for the fact it is 100% natural and everyone involved in creating this has been paid fairly for their contribution I feel the price is fair.