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Firstly buying beauty products made from natural plant based ingredients really do work and are far better for you and your skin than those full of chemicals and man made ingredients. They are absorbed into your skin rather than sitting on top thus really helping the layers to rebuild rather than just putting a temporary ‘skin’ or layer onto your skin.


Secondly no one really knows the full extent of the damage that may be caused by our skin and bodies being subjected to these chemicals. Some have been found to cause skin rashes and allergies while others are far worse and have been found to be carcinogenic in large doses.

Aside from the damage that using these products could be causing us we also have to be aware that everything we put on our bodies will end up in the environment. Every time we bathe or shower we wash off oils and creams that we have put on our bodies using other products that will also be washed into the water system.



Another reason we should think about using products that are natural not only on our bodies but also for cleaning and washing in the home is that these companies making natural products are more ethical and so these will NOT be tested on animals or use animal products that require killing or hurting animals. I for one, do not want to think that anything I use has meant that an animal has had to suffer just so that can clean my house, wash my clothes or apply products to my body.


The great news is that people are becoming far more aware and are questioning the need to test on animals or add chemicals to products. There are now so many fabulous companies making natural beauty products and products for cleaning and washing clothes, many are small UK based companies and I am happy to support these companies and buy British.



Finally companies making the natural products are usually more aware of using eco packing and recycled packing as well as green energy in their production. Having just returned from a holiday in Indonesia I was saddened to see how much plastic pollution and rubbish that was in the sea and on land.


We cannot blame the people as so often in the more remote places there is not running clean water so they have to drink from the plastic bottles. There is no official rubbish collection so the villagers are forced to bury their rubbish or burn it. They were burning plastic and the toxins that are

proP1030421duced from that were just going into the atmosphere around. As we are fortunate in this country as to have clean water and efficient rubbish and recycling the least we can do is to make the effort to use it and try and keep our use of non recyclables to the minimum.

In Indonesia we visited Sumatra and were lucky enough to go on a jungle walk and see an orangutan and her young baby. These poor animals are in danger of as their forests are being destroyed and replaced by oil palm plantations. Although oil palm is a natural product the large companies are using so much that huge areas of rainforest are being destroyed to plant ever more of these trees. Many beauty products use palm oil and if it only came from existing palm oil plantations then it would not be such an issue but every day more of these forests are being destroyed and they will NEVER grow back.



It is too easy to say that “my small contribution will not make a difference” or “ just because I am using natural products will help”. Every little bit helps and David Attenborough’s “Blue Planet” has had a big influence and more and more people are re-thinking their lifestyle and making small changes, these all add up to a big change.

I have long been a big fan of Weleda’s products as they are not only effective and lovely to use but they also smell wonderful as well. Weleda buy from farmers who are pad fair prics and grow their ingredients organically or naturally in the wild. Weleda do also grow a lot of their own ingredients without the use of any chemicals in their own biodynamic gardens which I have had the pleasure of visiting on a few occasions.


Weleda manufacture the products in factories but are aware of the resources they use so they re-using condensed water, which is fed back into the water cycle. They are also constantly working to reduce their energy consumption and also using renewable energy in the most efficient ways they can.
Packaging is another area that Weleda are constantly striving to improve. They work on creating packaging that will protect the product yet is also light so that transport using less energy and also eco friendly and using recyclable and recycled ingredients or those from sustainable resources.


Another plus is that Weleda products are easily found to purchase as they are sold in Holland & Barratt, on line from Weleda and some products from amazon and in a number of shops selling natural products as well as from their advisers who live in various parts of the country .The products are a fair price and compare very favourably with other natural beauty products sold in this country.


I do have a number of other companies whose natural beauty products I like but I know I can rely on quality from Weleda and I love their ethical attitude to everything in their company from paying above fair prices to their suppliers, how they grow in their own gardens, their use of energy, their attitude to packaging and finally their lovely products do work really work.

Another wonderful company I like is MuLondon , which is a very small London based company and the moisturisers are just fabulous and all natural, ethically produced and packaged in glass jars. The rose, rosehip and rosemary moisturiser is my favourite I think although I am torn as I love them all.

Gerlinde Naturals is another small company which is creating great natural products which I love. Gerlinde makes all her products fresh to order and they are all 100% Vegan cruety free, free from glycols, alcohol,synthetic colours and fragrances, silicone, petrochemicls and animal ingredients. Her lovely Super Nourishing Face Balm has just won an award in the Natural beauty Awards.She has won a number of other awards including the Janey Lee Grace Free from award for her cleanser.


The Beauty Kitchen products can also be found in Holland & Barratt and have a great range of products which are 100% natural . Personally I love their bath salts and body scrubs which smell gorgeous but their Abyssinian Oil Facial Moisture works a treat on my dry skin. They have a range of products made with seahorse plankton and they have teamed up with The Seahorse Trust to help save millions of endangered Seahorses . They are donating money on our behalf to help save these creatures and include a free 4 month Seahorse Adoption pack inside the #SaveStan Skincare Treasures products which is quite novel.

It is also possible to buy products that are all natural in make up from Holland and Barratt which is nice to know as make up products are harder to find that beauty and skin care ones I have found. One brand is “Beautiful Me”, another “ Pacifica and also Sukin to name just a few.


I love my natural beauty products and go out of my way to buy natural products .


I also like Dr Botanicals, Aveda, Dr Organic and Sheabynature products  I am always on the look out for new companies and products to try but the ones have mentioned are ones I return to time and time again.


Cleaner beauty Campaign



I know many of us are becoming more aware of what is in our body and beauty products and are choosing to buy products with natural ingredients. It seems an easy choice to make really but is it? So many of the companies which claim to make natural products are in fact not as natural as they seem.


Some may use mainly natural ingredients while others proudly list the natural ingredient such as argan oil on the front of the product and then when you look more closely argan is actually way down the list after a number of far from natural ingredients.


Harvesting Argan for Weleda

While Europe has banned any animal testing on beauty products there are still some companies whch allow some ingredients to be tested on animals and others which allow products to be tested on animals “Where that country insists on this”.


While some companies may use natural ingredients they may not source these ethically or pay fair prices to the suppliers. Other companies seem to over package their products going along the lines that the more expensive the packaging looks the more we can charge for it. Packaging needs to be as eco friendly as possible and fit for purpose. There is no need for boxes around tubes and heavy ornate packing which is three times the size it needs to be to hold the contents. This is wasteful of resources and also costs more to create and ship.


A selection of the wonderful natural oils from Weleda

Weleda is a company that I am a huge fan of because they are such a wonderful ethical company that makes products that are 100% natural and that work. Many people know Weleda for the natural baby products and beauty body and face creams but they were originally a natural pharmaceutical company and indeed when Rudolph Steiner started the company in Austria in 1921 that was his focus. Weleda’s products are created using the principles of principles of anthroposophic medicine. This is a holistic approach based on products made using ingredients grown in balance and harmony with nature.


A selection of Weleda’s body lotions

Everything about Weleda is ethical, upfront and honest from their sourcing of ingredients to the manufacture of the products, the way they look after their staff, how they use and create energy for use in their factories, the packing and transportation of their products and finally the products themselves are just wonderful.


A selection of creamy body washes from Weleda

I have a number of other companies that I use to buy beauty products that are ethical and 100% natural but these are mainly smaller UK based companies. I will mention a few here that I love MuLondon, Pink& Green and also Bodhi & Birch, Nourish, Opulentia Organics, Dr Botanicals, Gerlinde Naturals, Neal’s Yard, The Beauty Kitchen and Dr Organics are all companies that make great natural products. If you follow my beauty blog I have written about products from all these brands in the past.


A selection of Weleda products I am currently using

If you are serious about being more aware of what is in your skin care and bath products then do read the labels. If you are careful with what you eat in order to stay healthy then b aware that your skin is your largest organ and it does absorb what is put on it. This is also the case with your hair too so check the ingredients of that shampoo that claims to have argan oil and see what is in it!


#Cleaner beauty Campaign aims to raise awareness of the ingredients of our beauty products and just take a few of the more chemical sounding ones and look up what issues you might be storing up. Some cause skin rashes and eczema while others have even been linked to cancer. So many of our beauty products include petroleum based oils and these are really not good for you to put on the skin.



More of my Weleda products in current use

Another major issue is microbeads. So many exfoliating products and even toothpastes contain these and they don’t break down ever. They go into the water then the ocean to be consumed by all those animals that live in the sea and then we catch some and eat them in turn ingesting plastic micro beads. Check your exfoliator uses something natural like ground almonds, bamboo, charcoal or other natural,mineral based product like pumice rather than these micro beads.


If you would like to know more then I urge you to take a look at this video :

There is also an interesting interview in YOU magazine which you can read here:

So off you go and check out what you are using in your beauty regime and then promise yourself that your next purchase will be a natural #cleanerbeauty product . It will not only be better for you and your skin but will also be better for the environment and future generations.

I hope I have given you food for thought or “Skin Food” as one of Weleda’s best sellng products is aptly named.




This is one of three Whish body butter mini tubes I have received in one of my beauty boxes during the last year or so. I have stopped all my subscriptions as I have so many products to use and feel I should reduce my stash before treating myself to yet more.

~*~*~*~* ABOUT WHISH ~*~*~*~*~

I knew absolutely nothing about Whish before I got these little tubes and had never seen them anywhere in shops or on line. They are an America company with good ethics it seems

Jesse Werner had very sensitive skin that came out in a rash from all products he tried so he set about trying to find one that would not cause this problem. One day he came across a rich European cream free of harsh chemicals that worked for him. His wife used it one day and loved how it felt but was less keen on the smell. Jesse then set about trying to find one for her.

He began to research this issue and found that most bath and beauty products sold were full of chemicals. He decided to make his own and from this beginning Whish as born.

th (2)

~*~*~*~*~ ETHICS AND MORALS ~*~*~*~*~

They do not test on animal and they use all natural ingredients with no added sulphates, parabens, DEA, TEA, petrochemcals or phthalates and all the testing is done on willing human volunteers. Their packing and ingredients are earth friendly, many ingredients organic and they are leaping bunny certified.

~*~*~*~*~ ABOUT THIS BODY BUTTER ~*~*~*~*~

This body butter comes in a cylindrical container in the full sized version which holds 150 ml. My tube is a small upside down one which means the lid is at the end the contents are squeezed out from. My tube held 22 ml and is the same pretty lilac o lavender colour as the full size container.

This body butter is part of the Three Whishes collection of body butters which include these varieties:

As well as the lavender butter that I have sampled, this butter is available in the following scents/fragrances:
Pomegranate, Lemongrass, Almond, Coconut and Blueberry. They also have limited edition fragrances which include Acai and grapefruit, Blue Agave and Perfectly Plain but there may be others a different times.

~*~*~*~*~ WHAT WHISH SAY ~*~*~*~*~*~

“ For amazingly moisturized skin, we’ve created a truly indulgent body cream with a unique triple antioxidant based formula. This fully loaded lotion both softens and soothes the skin while also helping to replenish and firm. Such sweet softness.”

download (1)

~*~*~*~*~ WHAT IS IN THIS BODY BUTTER ? ~*~*~*~*~*~

All the Three Whishes body butters contain Organic Aloe, Organic Raspberry Butter, and Organic Shea Butter. They are great for repairing and rejuvenating antioxidant ingredients.

The ingredients that moisturise in this are :
Organic Aloe: which is a gentle and soothing, natural antiseptic with anti-bacterial properties, anti-inflammatory, and moisturising properties.

Organic Shea Butter which is a wonderful natural moisturiser with a high content of non-saponifiable fats which are by far the best natural skin moisturisers. It is also high in anti-oxidants.

Organic Raspberry Butter which is high in anti-oxidants which attack free radicals and is also a good moisturiser.

As well as these lovely natural moisturising ingredients this also has Organic Rice Bran Oil which is very high in tocotrienols; a super anti-oxidant that they believe is 30 times more powerful than vitamin E. Some studies have been said to show help for skin cancer and improve sun screen efficiency.

Finally this also has a great firming ingredient Organic Seaweed Extract: which is full of firming peptides and anti-oxidants.

download (2)

*~*~*~ WHERE TO BUY AND HOW MUCH ? ~*~*~*

As I said mine came in beauty boxes so I had to do a little hunting around. From Amazon the full sized product can be bought for £13.70 which seems good value until you add the £6.12 delivery price. Birch box have got some Whish products but not this one but the lemongrass and pomegranate ones are £8.35 plus postage while th almond on s £1670 also plus postage. The Whish site is American so prices are in US$ and the body butters are all $18 but postage will be high coming from the States.

~*~*~*~*~*~ MY VIEWS ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I did love the smell of this it was sweetly lavender rather than herby lavender but not in any sickly or ‘old lady’ way at all. It is a pleasant calming fragrance and one I loved to apply after my evening bath and it soaked into my skin easily and left it smelling great.

I found the body butter no where as thick as a Body Shop butter, more like a rich lotion in texture. Because it is all natural it kind of melts into your skin and really soaks in leaving my skin feeling well nourished and yet not feeling sticky, greasy or slippery at all.

I have very sensitive skin so have to be careful what I apply and this has not caused me any itchiness at all nor did I develop any rashes as sometimes happens.

I found this was very effective even on my dry skin areas such as my knees and elbows as well as making my skin on my legs look less dry and parched.

I like this body butter but would I pay £13.70 plus £6.12 for it? The answer is no as I can get other nice natural body lotions that are equally good for less. I might be tempted with the Birchbox price though!

Nourish – two great samples




I recently  received two great little sample pots from Nourish. One was KALE ENZYMATIC EXFOLIATOR and the other their KALE 3D CLEANSE. They were both beautiful products.




NOURISH SAY ”   Colour changing facial wash to lift impurities and reveal healthy, radiant skin.

Hyaluronic acid, probiotics and oxygenating extracts work in synergy to energise and refresh the skin as this facial wash lifts make up and grime.

Kale and Griffonia detoxifies and protect against pollution, helping to minimise signs of ageing.”


You have to apply just a little of this to your damp skin then massage it gently with some extra water. You will see it becomes a strange green colour so you look a little bit like the Incredible Hulk!


Rinse it off and then dry, tone and moiturise with your usual products.


Things I liked :


*Not tested on animals
*Vegan friendly
*Smells of essential oils fortunately not of kale
* Very gentle on my skin
*Gently and thoroughly cleanses my skin
* Skin feel clean not dried out and parched
* interesting changes colour from the creamy colour to a pale green when wet
*You don’t need a huge amount to cleanse your whole face

However it is quite expensive compared to some less natural products.

In summary :

This is a gentle yet effective natural cleanser from Nourish who are an ethical British company.

I had a couple of small samples of this and really liked the way my skin looked and felt after using this. You can smell the frankincense and the whole product is pleasant scented . The changing colour was a bit of a novelty and intrigued me initially.



What Nourish say : ”

Remarkable results after just a few days

– Oxygenates the skin for a smoother, healthier appearance

– Exfoliates gently and enzymatically with kale and pomegranate

This truly multi-tasking treatment is a cleanser, exfoliator and mask – all in one product. Kale Enzymatic Exfoliator features phyto-active pomegranate enzymes to gently exfoliate and reveal a smoother, healthier complexion while organic vitamin-rich kale extract helps to increase suppleness. Healing probiotics oxygenate whilst griffonia extract provides a protective shield against daily environmental aggressors.

Rich in antioxidant betacarotene and vitamins C & K, kale extract helps protect skin from damaging free radicals caused by stress and pollution.

Use in one of three ways, cleanser, mask or facial, to provide you with the optimum cleansing for your skin.”




I have used this as both an exfoliator and a mask which I then rinse off and gently use as an exfoliant so dual purpose really.

Things I loved :

*Not tested on animals PETA registered and leaping bunny
*Vegan safe
*Ethical British company
*Smells of essential oils myrrh frankincense and and very pleasant
*Gentle and effective
*Natural scrubby bits so eco friendly – rice bran so also gentle
*Leaves my face skin feeling smooth, not parched and feeling clean and fresh
Easy to use, rinses off easily with no need to rub and scrub
*You don’t need a huge amount to do the job
It is quite expensive but a little amount does the job and I loved how it made my skin feel and look.

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Gel Cream



Just before we went away on our latest holiday I was in Boots checking out the various products. While browsing the Bare Minerals counter the young lady there offered me a chance to try their new foundation and applied this on to my face to colour match me. After this she gave me a few samples to try at home for myself. I took these away with me as they were flat and light and had an SPF in them which would protect my face even when I forgot to apply any sun protection.

~~~***~~~ABOUT BARE MINERALS ~~~***~~~

I have to admit I have tried a few of their products but as they are quite expensive I have baulked at actually buy any so far.

Their slogan is “ Be Original, Be Natural, Be Good” which I like as it says a lot in very few words.

Bare Minerals is part of the Bare Escentuals family which includes Buxom and MD Formulations, neither of which I have herd of before. They are in turn under the umbrella of Shiseido . The company is based in San Francisco and their products are based on natural minerals .

I am also happy to know that this company are cruelty free and not just “Unless the country laws require testing” they are genuinely cruelty free.

~~~***~~~PACKAGING ~~~***~~~

I feel that is a fair price for a high quality, natural product that is both pleasant to use and effective and does what it promises.



Yes I found this to be a decent quality and effective moisturising foundation which suited me as I don’t want a thick coverage. It matched my skin perfectly and should imagine with 16 shades most skin tones would be served well. There are certainly some very pale, almost alabaster ones and others pretty dark – one called Sienna looks to be fairly dark but as you can go and test it in store I would suggest doing that before buying.
My samples came in foil sachets each holding 0.75ml of the product which was plenty for two applications on my face I found.

The full sized version holds 35 ml and comes in an upside down plastic tube – it stands on its lid so that the contents are down where you want them even when I gets emptier . I like these tubs as I have discovered that if you cut the end off with scissors when it is “empty” I can still get around five or six extra uses from the tubes. I just cover the end with cling wrap at that stage!

The tube can be recycled through any plastic recycling scheme.


~~~***~~~ ETHICS ~~~***~~~

As I mentioned before this is a cruelty free company and this is their statement which I have checked with various animal rights sits and have found to be correct :
“Please feel at ease when using bareMinerals products as we do not test any products on animals. We also do not work with any manufacturers that do animal testing.
bareMinerals natural haired brushes are made of Goat and Pony. Please note that no animals are harmed in the process of making our brushes. For our customers who chose not to use animal haired brushes we do offer a variety of high end synthetic brushes.”

They do not use child labour at all either or do business with any company that does.

I cannot find any information about their use of recycled materials or if they are energy conscious in manufacture.



This comes in a huge sixteen shades and the one I as colour matched as best for me was “Natural 05” and I have found it really is a great match and is almost invisible whilst at the same time giving my skin a naturally even tone.

This is one of those great combination products as it is not only giving the skin moisturiser but is also keeping it hydrated and giving a simple natural looking foundation as well. It is a BB cream, a CC and a tinted moisturiser all in one so perfect for those who do not ant to spend hours applying make up.

This product is made with: “olive-derived squalane, marine botanicals, hydrating humectants trehalose and glycerin, and coconut-derived ingredients to replenish, hydrate, nourish and

condition. While unique water-encapsulations give skin that instant burst of hydration.”

~~~&&&~~~ MY EXPERIENCE AND VIEWS ~~~***~~~

I don’t like heavy foundations and usually opt for a BB or CC cream as I find they keep my skin hydrated and do give a decent coverage or balance out uneven skin tones quite well. I do also use a mineral based powder when my T zone gets a bit greasy in summer but I don’t layer on a thick undercoat at all. I wanted something simple and quick to use while on holiday as my husband likes to get going and out and about early so we miss nothing!


The young lady applied this with their special complexion brush but I used my fingers while we were away but I do sometimes use a special make up sponge when at home as it does blend it better than fingers.

I found that I did still cleanse tone and apply a bt of moisturiser which I did before breakfast then applied this hen we can back to our hotel room after breakfast before I cleaned my teeth. I did sometimes mix some sun protection into the moisturiser if we were going out on sunny days but this does have SPF30 which does mean a small amount of protection which is handy.

I liked that this was so smooth and creamy to apply and that a little gave me a decent level of coverage. As it so closely matched my skin colour I really didn’t need to use much at all. I have five samples and these gave me round 10 to 12 days of use which I thought as excellent. By that sort of reckoning a 35 ml tube should give you at least 70 days but it dos depend of how much you personally want to use in order to get the depth of coverage you want.

The temperatures were pretty hot where we were and at times my face did get a bit shiny so I did apply a bit of extra powder to absorb the shine but apart from that this product stayed put and lasted me all day long.

If you were wanting to go out at night then I would suggest a re application but we are past night clubbing and we find that in America and Canada dressing up to go out to eat is not something they do unless you are going very high end and we don’t go high end especially since the £ has dropped in value so much! I applied this in the morning and cleansed my face at night before bed.

The young lady who applied the test product in Boots a that this was the only make up that you could seep in and nit damage your skin. I didn’t test that claim as I always cleanse my face before bed but this might be useful to those who live it up at night ad are too tired after a night out to cleanse their skin.

The nice thing about this product is that you can layer it to give a sheer to a deeper coverage so suits those who like a full coverage as well as those like me who prefer a lighter coverage. Obviously if you want a deeper coverage you will use more product and by using the special foundation brush you can blend it into different parts of your face s maybe you get a deeper coverage on your T zone and less on your cheeks or you cn apply a bit more over any skin blemish to cover that too.


Apparently they found that there was an average 215% increase in skin hydration after just one week in an independent U.S. clinical study of 62 participants. I never know what to make of these studies as I m not sure ho they measure this r if I is just the participant’s obsevations so I take this with a pinch of salt.

I was happy with how this felt, lasted and looked on my face. I would buy this and might well do when I have finished some of the many bits and samples as well as full sized products I seem to have collected.

~~~***~~~ WHERE TO BUY AND PRICE ~~~***~~~

I found this in Boots and they sell the 35 ml tube for £27 Bare Minerals site has it for £28 and I suspect postage is extra. Debenhams and House of Fraser also have it for £28 while sells it for £23.80 with, I suspect extra for postage.

Weleda Rose tinted lip balm

Weleda Rose tinted lip balm


Weleda released these beautiful all natural lip balms about a year ago and I have the rose one. There are two others, Lip Balm Berry Red and  Lip Balm Nude.  I have it on good authority that that the berry on is gorgeous but I have only had experience of the rose one.

Weleda say : ” The creamy-light lip care with a hint of colour and a subtle sheen enhances the natural beauty of your lips.”

These natural lip balms come in pretty plastic tubes with sloped ends and a small hole to dispense the product.


The each cost £6.99 and hold 10 ml but I have found mine has lasted well as you don’t need to apply loads and each application sinks into my lips and laves my lips feeling nourished and not in need of constant applications.


The rose on is a subtle pink colour that barely shows on my lips but it ‘tastes’ of rose and makes my lips and mouth smell lovely and of fresh roses.


Weleda only use natural ingredients and never test on animals and are a really ethical company. I find their products are fairly priced for items of such high quality.

Many of their products are suitable for vegans and all suitable for vegetarians. This is a vegan friendly product.
small-wildroseIngredients: Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Wax, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxystearate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Mica (Cl 77019), Titanium Dioxide (Cl 77891), Iron Oxides (Cl 77491), Fragrance (Parfum)*, Citronellol*, Benzyl Alcohol*, Geraniol*, Eugenol*, Farnesol*.  *from natural essential oils


Welda say their tinted lip balms can directly be applied on the lips, for a natural care and a subtle sheen.

Weleda’s Tip: For very dry lips, our Everon® lip care can be gently applied as a foundation prior to the tinted lip balms, for an additional care and natural lips.


I love my rose tinted lip balm and my next purchase will be the berry one I think



Art Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo



For some time I was a member of a site where you got products at a reduced price in return for writing a review on amazon. This was one of those products I was lucky enough to get at a vastly reduced price. Sadly that site is no longer


Prior to joining this great site for amazon products I had never come across this brand but since then I have become an ardent fan of every one of their products I have tried. The company is based in LA California and they only sell on line. In this country you can order most of their products through amazon which is good news as postage from the USA is expensive. They believe “To fuse the beauty and art of nature to harvest affordable, eco-friendly, health-conscious products for your skin, hair, mind, body and spirit.” They use only natural ingredients and these are sourced from where they grow best so argan comes from Morocco while the Melaleuca from Australia and their products contain the highest-quality oil extracts. They do not test on animals either and no products contain parabens while this shampoo is also sulphate free.



As I mentioned you can buy this from amazon in this country and from their website but e aware that postage from the USA will add to the cost quite a lot. On amazon if you buy one bottle you pay £19.95 for the bottle which holds a whopping 16 fl oz or 473 ml so nearly 500 ml. If you subscribe then you can get it for £14.20 but you would have to use a lot to get the benefit from that. Our bottle lasted us around 3 months as it is very rich and so you need just a small amount to wash you hair thoroughly although my hair is short and my husband doesn’t have much – short and thin! Postage is standard amazon prime so if you are member it is free otherwise you need £20 to get it free.




This comes in a brown cylindrical plastic, recyclable bottle with a flip up lid which reveals the hole through which you squeeze the contest out. I found this quite hard to hold in the shower with wet hands and the bottle was so round and smooth and heavy initially. It could do with some grippy stuff on the side or an indentation or shape with a waist. Once it become less full it was not so hard as it was lighter. The plastic is brown and you cannot see through it so you have to gauge how much is left by how it feels. I would say the bottle is functional but not that user friendly in shape. It is also very tall so it only just fits on on metal corner shower shelf in the shower which is an additional challenge when you have wet slippery hands.



Well firstly it is an eco friendly cruelty free company so that is a good start. It is also an all natural product full of ingredients that are beneficial for your hair health not just to get it clean. This is a lovely gentle shampoo for all hair types but especially good for lifeless, damaged and dry hair. The Moroccan argan oil is now well known for being a fantastic ingredient for hair and skin and it helps to deeply hydrate, soothe and heal the hair which may have suffered damaging effects from blow drying or time in the sun. Jojoba oil is also great hair product and it helps to replenish the hair’s natural moisture and also promotes healthy hair growth. The peach, avocado and almond oils all also add even more hydration, helping to calm frizz and heal split ends. Many high street brands claim to have these same oils though not n such numbers or if you look on the ingredients list they are way down meaning it may only have a drop or two per bottle of shampoo so look at the ingredients list to see and the ingredients listed first are those they have the most of. The ingredients that cleanse in this shampoo that create the lather are all made from natural ingredients, mainly coconut which is also gentle on your hair.



This shampoo is not coloured but opaque so cloudy looking and quite thick. It smells pleasant but not that strongly sort of sweat and clean but not of anything I can really pick out, maybe the peach oil. I found that I needed to use just just a small amount, about the size of a fifty pence piece in my hand. I applied this to my wet hair and massaged it well reaching my scalp and giving it a good massage and making sure it had a chance to reach every bit of my hair and head. I then rinsed it off. Sometimes I used the Art Naturals shampoo and rinsed that off and sometimes I use their leave in conditioner after I have towel dried my hair and both left my hair pretty much the same , nice and soft, feeling healthy and no itchy scalp.

I never wash my hair and do not use conditioner so I am not sure how this would be with no conditioner except my husband never uses conditioner and did comment that he liked this shampoo as his hair felt cleaner and not heavy at all. His hair smelled nice too – it is hard to smell your own hair! A word of warning, it still stings your eyes so be aware and keep your eyes closed! My husband’s hair is fine and thin while mine is thick, course and curling with a tendency to frizz. He used this daily while I try not to wash my hair daily as it is so dry. I also apply argan oil to my hair on the day I wash it as that helps to tame the frizz and protect it from the bashing I give it with the hair dryer and straightener. I use the straightener each morning and my hair looks shiny and healthy so my regime of this shampoo, conditioner and extra argan oil obviously is doing the job as at one time it was full and frizzy and twice the size! As well as all the lovely natural oils in this shampoo it also has Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins to give your hair extra help. Not only is my hair softer, shinier and healthier looking but my scalp is also not itchy either and at one time it would drive me made with an eczema rash in the back just above my hair line. This shampoo has really helped and the jojoba oil in this is a natural emollient,it soothes the scalp and also uncloggs hair follicles,. This helps to promote healthy growth while also moisturising and conditioning your hair and scalp.



Yes indeed I would and I have bought it since at full price as I love this shampoo and the results I get using it. My husband likes it too so we can bot use one shampoo so saving a clutter in our very small show cubicle. I used to buy one for fine hair for him and one for dry brittle hair for me plus a conditioner so we are a bottle less now!

This a great quality, natural shampoo from an ethical, cruelty free company. The only thing that would make it better for me is if they were a British company as I like to buy British when I can.




This is the hand cream I have sitting in our little family room which is where we spend a lot of time as we have the main computer which is also one of our TVs connected to our Virgin box. I have hand cream in so many places, in the kitchen by the sink, in the sunroom, in our family room, in the car and in my handbag. My hands get quite dry and so I like to apply hand cream after doing chores and washing my hands generally.

~~~~~~~~ ABOUT WELEDA ~~~~~~~

The Weleda company was originally started as an alternative pharmaceutical company by the Swiss philosopher and educationalist Rudolph Steiner and some others in in 1921. Steiner believed in healing the body using natural products and healing the person not just dealing with the symptoms. It is all about balance, in the body and with the earth. The method of healing Steiner created is known as Anthroposophic Medicine and it aims to stimulate the healing process of the person by bringing mind , body and spirit into balance. Weleda products are also used in homeopathy as well as they are all natural plant based products that contain no preservatives or petroleum based products .

Weleda continues with these founding principles to this day and create their products working in balance with nature. They always pay over and above fair price to their suppliers and also grow a lot of their own ingredients in their organic gardens in Germany, France and here in Derbyshire.

Their products are 100% natural with no added fillers or preservatives or petroleum based oils in them at all.

~~~~~~~A BIT ABOUT PACKAGING ~~~~~~~

Weleda don’t make posh packaging. They continue their ethical approach with their functional and practical packaging. They are concerned with the environment and are constantly working on improving their packaging to be more environmentally friendly while at the same time protecting the contents and keeping them fresh.



“ Intensive care for dry hands and brittle nails.
Rich and refreshing daily protection for hands which need extra care.”

“The lemon tree lives a long time, and it has a unique ability to flower, fruit and grow all at once. Weleda knows this makes organic lemon oil the perfect ingredient for a cream that replenishes while it refreshes. The invigorating citrus scent is entirely natural and the rich cream protects your hands from dryness, softens skin and protects brittle nails with carnauba wax and lanolin. Hands up who feels better!”

~~~~~~ MY VIEWS ~~~~~

This comes in a metal tube like a toothpaste tube which keeps the contents safe and is meant to be better for recycling than plastic though it is heavier in weight for transporting. The tub is inside a cardboard box which prevents the tube getting damaged and rectangular shapes are easier to store and transport . Personally I find metal tubes harder to use that plastic as they crease and with a plastic tube I can store them on their lid and the contents is always at the open end. I also cut my plastic tubes when thy are ‘finished’ as I find a lot left in there which I can then use.

This smells great really fresh and uplifting and that is the first thing that strikes me when I use this the next thing that hits me is how rich this hand cream is. You need the smallest amount as it is thick and quite hard to massage into your skin. I find a small amount less than a petit pois is the right amount to give me beautifully moisturised and protected hands, any more and I am there for ages massaging it into my arms as well.


Once it is all soaked into my skin I can really feel how soft my hands are and they feel rally well moisturised and this feeling lasts for hours even after washing my hands . I apply this before tackling chores like hand washing clothes, hand washing dishes and cleaning the floor as well as gardening as it protects my hands from the harsh chemicals . I apply again after cleaning up from those tasks.

Your hands can show your age even more than your face as they are constantly exposed to the elements and also we do so much with our hands and tend to neglect looking after them. While I cannot turn back the clock on all the damage already done I can try to stop things getting any worse and delay further damage by applying protection and moisturiser to y hands as often as I remember.

This hand cream is super rich and some may find it makes their hands feel greasy but they are not if you apply just a small amount and work the hand cream in properly. Because all the ingredients are natural oils they will soak into the skin rather than sitting on top like petroleum based oils do so they sort of ‘feed’ the skin and help it to rebuild itself rather than just applying a ‘raincoat’ to the surface.



As I said all ingredients are natural and none of them nor the hand cream has ever been tested on animals.

Sweet Almond Oil which one of the most valuable skin care oils for helping to soothe irritated skin, enveloping it with a protective layer. It is one that I often used in aromatherapy as carrier oil as very few people have any adverse reaction from this gentle and effective oil.

Lanolin is a rich fat which is obtained from wool and is also an emusifying agent.Lanolin has long been regarded as great protection for the skin for those working outdoors.

Glycerin is a natural ingredient in vegetable and animal fats and oils. It is used in beauty products as a moisturising because it is hygroscopic -water-attracting.. It is also great as it smooths and protects the skin.

Hydrolyzed Beeswax from beeswax is a great protective wax component and also a natural stabiliser.

Viola Tricolor Extract forms a moisturising and protective layer on the skin so great for dry and sensitive skin.

Carnauba Wax is a light yellow to greenish colour and is a very hard natural vegetable wax. It is protecting for the skin.

Rosemary Leaf Extract has a tonic effect and are great for tired pale skin.

Chamomile Flower Extract is calming and soothing

Calendula Flower Extract. Calendula is one of Weleda’s main ingredients as it has so any benefits. In this hand cream it gives smoothing and supports the regeneration of the skin.

,Lemon Peel Oil is uplifting and smells wonderful.


~~~~~~ BUYING THIS ~~~~~~

Wleda products are not hard to find and you can buy them from amazon, ebay, weleda on line an from any of their advisors or their shop in Derbyshire and a number of other natural beauty sites.
Prices do vary but be careful of the very cheap ones as they can be short dated products which is fine if you are going to use the straight away but will have limited storage time.

This hand cream costs £10.50 and comes in a 50 ml tube which lasts a lot longer than most 50 ml hand creams as it is so rich. In fact this usually lasts me a lot longer than most 100 ml hand creams.

~~~~~~~ WOULD YOU BUY IT AGAIN? ~~~~~

Oh,Yes indeed! This is about my fourth tube of this great hand cream and the only reason I have not bought more is that I have a number of other hand creams to use up before I can justify buying any more!

It is a great smelling, very rich and nourishing all natural but not vegan as it has lanolin and beeswax in it.

Weleda Baby Calendula Bath




I think I have tried most Weleda products over the years and I can honestly say they are some of the best natural beauty products around and I rate the company ethics as one of the highest too. They don’t pack in fancy expensive looking packaging as they concentrate on creating the best quality product by using the best quality all natural ingredients. I am fortunate and have connection with someone at Weleda who sends me samples of their lovely products and invites me to visit Weleda events from time to time in return for sharing my experience on my blog . When my latest grandson was born my lovely contact sent me samples of Weleda baby products to use on him. This was one of the products she sent in the pack.

~*~*~*~*~*~ WELEDA ETHICS AND PACKAGING ~*~*~*~*~*~

I try to buy products that are not only natural and not tested on animals but that are also made by a company that has good ethical policies and cares bout the earth as I would like my grandchildren to live in a word that still has clean air and natural unspoilt places to visit .

Weleda are constantly trying to reduce their carbon footprint and make packaging that is not only environmentally friendly but is al light so that transporting products from place to place also uses less energy. The packaging also has to protect the contents and ensure that the product arrives in the best condition to the consumer.

Thy source the best quality natural ingredients from around the world and pay above fair trade prices to their growers.

Needless to say none of the ingredients nor any product has ever been tested on animals and many of their ingredients are organic, many grown in their own organic orchards.


~*~*~*~*~*~ ABOUT BABY WELEDA ~*~*~*~*~*~

Weleda always use 100% natural ingredients and their baby products are no exception. They use the gentlest of ingredients, no fragrance and no additives at all so they are suitable for the most delicate of baby’s skins. They have two baby ranges the White Mallow one and the Calendula one and they say the White Mallow one is for the most sensitive so suitable to use from birth.

*~*~*~*~*~ THE BENEFITS OF CALENDULA ~*~*~*~*~*~

Weleda use calendula in many of their products from this baby range through to toothpaste and others. In fact calendula tinctures and oil extracts are in about 30 of Weleda’s products. Calendula has been the lead ingredient in their baby and child care range for fifty years now.

Calendula is more than just an easy to grow pretty flowering plant, it is also a great medicinal plant and has been used for many centuries as such.

Calendula is used to combat inflammation and help new tissue growth. It is full of carotenoids, flavonoids and essential oils strengthen the skin against any damage from outside. So it is soothing and healing for skin that is damaged or dry or inflamed.

Calendula is perfect for the delicate skin of babies and toddlers. Young skin is more sensitive and delicate and needs extra protection and care and so the soothing extracts of calendula work to help develop the resistance and protective role of skin in the very young.


*~*~*~*~*~ THE CALENDULA BABY RANGE ~*~*~*~*~*~

There are twelve products in this range all packed in the same orange colour scheme which is very easy to pick out on the shelves.

First of all there is Calendula Body Lotion in a 200ml bottle which costs £8.95.
Calendula Cream Bath 200ml for £8.95
Calendula Baby Oil (Fragrance Free) 200ml for £9.95
Calendula Babycare Gift Set for £12.95
This product the Calendula Bath 200ml for £12.95
Calendula Body Cream 75ml for £8.95
Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash 200ml for £7.50
Calendula Weather Protection Cream 30ml for £8.95
Children’s Tooth Gel 50ml for £3.50
Calendula nappy cream 50 ml tube and costs £6.95.
Calendula Baby tummy oil 50 ml for £11.95
Calendula Top to Toe gift set for £22.95

Personally I think the prices are very reasonable considering that these are 100% natural organic products suitable for vegetarians – not vegans because of the organic beeswax and lanolin in this. If you look around at other natural products Weleda compare favourably.



This is one of three bath products in the calendula range as you can see from above. One is the cream version but this is more like bath gel.
“Helps to calm, soothe and relax your baby after an active day
Your baby’s skin is precious – so to bathe baby after an active day choose nothing but warm water and the precious natural plant extracts in Calendula Bath”

They also say : “A relaxing bath at the end of a busy day is even more important when skin is brand new. Baby’s skin needs to be clean, but is still learning how to resist the outside world. Help develop the gentlest protection with organic calendula extract to soothe skin and organic thyme to warm and comfort. Calendula wraps a caring shield around your baby while the warm water helps encourage sleepiness and calm. A peaceful bedtime ritual for you both.”

*~*~*~*~*~ OUR EXPERIENCE ~*~*~*~*~*~

My step daughter’s children have sadly inherited her eczematic skin hence we are very careful what we use in the bath, on their hair and what creams and lotions we use on their skin. She has gone through many bottles of this and the nappy cream in the last year or so. Luckily she has a Weleda adviser who is a friend so she can easily get her supply.

This is not a product with extra scent in it and the natural fragrance is gentle and pleasant and makes the children smell lovely and naturally clean.

We used this in their baby baths and just put a squeeze into the bath as it filled and it did give a slight froth but not a bubble bath. It must be the thyme that makes it smell nice as really calendula is not that great a scent .

Calendula has all the benefits I explained above but I also has thyme which not only smells nice but is also a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory so gently healing and cleaning baby’s soft young skin.

We found that both this and the cream bath were excellent at both cleaning and soothing baby before bed as part of a relaxing bedtime routine. We still use the cream bath and the combination shampoo and bath product on the children even though the youngest is now 13 months old and the next youngest is three in December.

As we use natural products on our own skin it was obvious we would choose the same for the little ones and we have found this Calendula range reliable and none of the children has suffered a negative reaction from using any of the products. Initially we did use the Mallow range when the youngest was first born but we found this range has been fine after the first three months or so.


*~*~*~*~*~ RECOMMENDED? ~*~*~*~*~*~

Yes I would certainly recommend this range. You can use the products from birth and they have been recommended by midwives for many years. Weleda say that : “Midwives agree we’ve been offering an exceptional product for nearly 30 years!”

Weleda have won many awards over the years for their products and All Weleda products carry the label “NaTrue” which guarantee the highest standards using only natural and organic ingredients, a sustainable production process with environmentally-friendly practices . “Natrue” also guarantees they use no synthetic fragrances or dyes, no silicone oils, no ingredients from petrochemicals and no irradiation of end products or herbal ingredients.

Opulentia Organics Bergamot & Patchouli Uplifting & Spicy body oil

Opulentia Organics Bergamot & Patchouli Uplifting & Spicy body oil



Opulentia Organics is a brand not tested on animals. They create specially blended oils for those who are allergic to synthetic fragrances and some essential oils. They have unscneted ones and others with beautiful blends of essential oils like the one I am  reviewing.


The unscented one is  pure, untouched organic  body oil is totally unscented, gentle, effective and luxurious and  leaves your skin soft and hydrated. This is perfect as it is nourishing and restorative and so perfect for use during pregnancy, when undergoing chemotherapy or if suffering from dry, itchy skin prone to eczema.

The Opulentia Organic Body Oil uses only ingredients  certified as organic apart from the Vitamin E, which is wheat free, GMO free and one of the highest grades available. It is also certified by the Soil Association for use in organic products.


My travel sized oil comes in  lovely simple brushed metal silver bottle. The label around the bottle is green and dark green with the name f the product on the front. There is also and a  tag attached with the Union Jack design.It is nice to have a UK company creating such a great high quality product.


This travel sized bottle has a secure screw top lid but the full sized product comes with  a pump dispenser which is useful.


This smells divine. the bergamot comes through strongest but the patchoui adds a nice woody and earthy quality. It is a beautifully moisturising oil and really uplifting aroma. It makes a great massage oil but can also be used as a body oil you apply yourself .


Being natural it is quickly absorbed and you are not left feeling greasy or oven ready at all.