Crabtree & Evelyn Verbena & Lavender hand therapy

Crabtree & Evelyn Verbena & Lavender hand therapy


Sometime last year I had a number of different beauty boxes and have collected quite a few small tubes of hand creams which I am gradually working my way through. They are perfect for keeping in my handbag or to take travelling as they hold enough to last quite a few uses yet are small enough not to weigh my bag down too much.


Crabtree & Evelyn is a high end store selling bath and body products, fragrances, gifts and also some food stuffs and has a quintessentially English look about it despite the fact it began in New England in the USA. It is recognized as one of the best known and most-respected lines of beauty and grooming products in the world. The company now has more than 350 stores in countries all around the world particularly in the UK and USA.


Crabtree & Evelyn have a great range of scented hand creams that come in different size tubes a bit like toothpaste tubes. They come in different sizes 25g, 50g and 100g and the prices are £5 -£6, £9 and £10 – £15. They are not cheap but thy smell gorgeous and do rally seem to moisturise my hands.

Escentual have a great set of 12 of these small 25g tubes in a gift box for £22 which would make a lovely gift for someone and has twelve different scents in the box.


Their hand creams are available in the following variations though some do come and go and I cannot see my Verbena and lavender one available on their website now.

Gardeners Hand Therapy – Created for hard-working hands, this is an extra-nourishing cream is blended with odour-neutralising herbs.

Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed Hand Therapy – A fruity and uplifting blend of pomegranate, nourishing argan, fig and Clementine.

Citron, Honey & Coriander Hand Therapy – a lovely fresh scented one blended with citrus oils and a touch of sweet honey.

Summer Hill Hand Therapy a more nostalgic aroma of florals from an English country garden.

Avocado, Olive and Basil Hand Therapy fruity and herby one with avocado and fresh sweetness of basil.

Pear & Pink Magnolia Hand Therapy -A lovely fresh blend of fruit and flower.

Rosewater Hand Therapy – a natural rose smelling one – smells like a rose garden.

Evelyn Rose Hand Therapy – Rose with elements of peach and peony.

Lavender Hand Therapy – Full of scent of English lavender with shea butter.

La Source Hand Therapy – their classic Hand Therapy, smell sort of sea like but nice and fresh.

Nantucket Briar Hand Therapy – an unusual one that combines rose with hints of vanilla and amber.

Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage Hand Therapy – a combination of Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage which sounds yummy.

Caribbean Island wild flowers – sounds fabulous and tropical scented

Verbena & Lavender Hand Therapy – the one I have several small tubes of and am reviewing . This is a lovely fresh herby combination of lemon verbena and lavender.

Thy also seem to have some other new varieties as well so plenty to choose from.


~~~~~~ MY VIEWS ~~~~

I like the durable plastic polylaminate tubes as they don’t crack and split and weigh nothing at all so don’t weigh down my bag. They are very easy to squeeze the contents out all the way to the end so very little waste either. Once finished I recycle them in our usual plastic recycling bin.

I like the fact this is fragranced naturally with verbena and lavender and really smells like a combination of the two herbs. I grow these in my garden and love the fresh scent which I find uplifting and refreshing.

The moisturising element of this hand cream is macdamia nut oil, shea butter and palm oil which I am less thrilled about unless it is sustainably grown and bot palm oil from palms planted on the orang utans former forests .

This dos also have a lot of very chemical sounding ingredients but the writing is so small you will have to explore that yourself as it is giving me eye strain. Here are just a few, Caprylic/Capric, Triglyceride, Distearate, Triethanolamine,Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Behentrimonium, Methosulfate. There are also a number of parabens, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben. so if you have allergies to these then avoid these hand creams.

Some of their products contain animal ingredients such beeswax, milk by-products, and honey and they do list all ingredients on the packaging for you to check if you are vegan or vegetarian.IMG_0010

I do like the way this feels on my hands as it goes into my skin easily leaving my hands feeling well nourished an yet not slippery and greasy like some hand creams do. It is quite a light feeling hand cream and not thick and heavy like Body Shop Hemp for example, it is more the texture of the Body Shop other hand creams. It is however heavier than a hand lotion but is absorbed quickly and leaves your hands smelling lovely and in my case of fresh herbs, lavender and verbena.

If I wash my hands late I can still feel the benefit of the hand cream on my hands and don’t usually have to reapply unless I have really scrubbed my hands when washing them.

~~~~~ ETHICS ~~~~~~

Sadly this is one of many companies who claim to be against animal testing but then add the extra little bit “ Except where necessary by a country’s laws!!!”

Seriously if you are against animal testing then don’t sell in those countries. This is no good enough and is conning people who genuinely want to avoid companies that allow testing on animals especially in those countries where the testing is even more cruel than others.

This is what they actually say:
“Crabtree & Evelyn is opposed to animal testing. We do not test our finished products on animals or conduct animal testing during the formulation process. We do not submit our products for animal testing by third parties anywhere in the world except where required by local law.”


~~~~~~~ WHERE TO BUY ~~~~~

Crabtree & Evelyn products can be bought through a number of different places on line and in store. They are often in niche gift shops but at prices slightly above others. You can buy direct from their own on line store and through Department stores like Debenhams and House of Fraser as well as Marks and Spencer, Boots, and even amazon and ebay and other on line beauty sites. Prices do vary so my advice as always is to sop around and don’t forget to try the cash back sites too if buying on line and remember postage often has to be added as extra too.

~~~~~~~ RECOMMENDED? ~~~~~~~

I have to admit to quite liking these hand creams and have had a few over the years through different beauty boxes but I am not sure I would go and buy one knowing their dubious claims on animal testing when I know I an buy Weleda hand cream which is 100% natural and no way ever tested on animals for the same price . So I wouldn’t buy it but would use it is I was given it is the short answer.


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