Weleda Birch Body Scrub



It is no secret that one of my favourite companies is Weleda. They not only make fantastic 100 % natural products but they also have a very ethical business using only ingredients that are sourced from people and places who are paid above fair prices for high quality, organically grown, natural plant ingredients.

~~~~~~~ ABOUT WELEDA ~~~~~~

This company was founded by Rudolph Steiner in Austria way back in 1921 originally as a natural pharmaceutical company. Weleda’s products are created using the principles of principles of anthroposophic medicine. This is a holistic approach based on products made using ingredients grown in balance and harmony with nature.

“A medical system that complements conventional medicine, anthroposophy takes a holistic approach and uses both conventional and anthroposophic medicinal products……. The therapy method of anthroposophic medicine is based on the balance between four organisational principles: the physical level; life forces level, or vitality; mental level and individual level or ego. The goal of therapy is to restore the necessary equilibrium when these four principles are out of balance.”

They use no preservatives, parabens or any mineral based ingredients in their products. They do not test on animals or allow any of their ingredients to be tested on them either.

“Whether it’s through fair trade, biodynamic cultivation or the supportive development of our employees – sustainability is part of our roots.”IMG_9869[1]

~~~~~~~ WELEDA’S PACKAGING ~~~~~~

The packaging won’t win any prizes for luxury gift giving. Weleda are not into unnecessary packing and create the best, most eco friendly packaging that will deliver a high quality product in good condition to the consumer. All their packaging is 100% recyclable.

They are also constantly trying to reduce their carbon footprint and to reduce their energy usage and use as much renewable energy as possible and in 2013 50.7% of their direct energy and 94.3% of the indirect energy used in Weleda factories came from renewable resources.

~~~~~~~ ABOUT MICROBEADS ~~~~~~~

I have written about how bad for the environment microbeads are before but I do feel that this is an important ecological message and worth repeating.

These tiny little beads of plastic are found in a number of brands usually in exfoliants. Surprisingly often high end brans and despite the fact the UK government have promised to phase these out companies have until 217 to remove them and obviously products made outside the UK are not bound by this law so you need to be careful what you buy if you are concerned.

Microbeads can be disguised behind a number of names including, PE, PP, PET,PMMA AND PTFE, all different forms of plastics. I always buy natural based exfoliants that use sugar or salt or crushed seeds as the exfoliator. Weleda in this scrub use tiny beads of natural wax which is unusual and more about that later.IMG_9870[1]

Microbeads are so small that they end up in our waterways and oceans and as they are insoluble and not biodegradable they can cause damage for years . These beads end up being ingested by fish, fish eating birds, sea and river mammals and cause immense damage to the marine environment. Evidence has been found recently that these microbeads have been ingested by hermit crabs, sea cucumbers and others which live deep in the ocean so the impact of these tiny beads is even worse than previously thought .IMG_9874[1]

~~~~~~~~ ABOUT BIRCH BODY SCRUB ~~~~~~

Part of a Russia sauna is to be beaten with birch twigs but thankfully we don’t have to suffer that to get the benefit from Birch as this scrub is made using organic silver birch which contain flavanoids which help to flush out toxins from the body.

Also in this scrub organic rosemary which is a great skin stimulant and also Butcher’s Broom which is great for toning and is also anti inflammatory. Extracts of these are combined with apricot kernel oil which is soothing and moisturising and organic sesame oil which is full of protective anti oxidants.

This scrub exfoliates using micro beads ….. no not those horrible plastic one … these are micro beads of natural wax ! These gentle exfoliating beads are made from pure plant wax using castor oil seeds, carnauba wax from the carnauba palm and Australian bees wax.

As you rub this product into your warm wet skin all the dad skin cells are gently scrubbed off and the outer skin layers have their circulation stimulated but even better all the natural oils and waxes in this moisturise the skin and lave it feeling smooth and moisturised and healthy.

Besides all these benefits the scent in this product is also natural and beneficial. The lovely refreshing citrus essential oils of grapefruit and orange lift the spirits while the woody notes of cypress and cedar wood soothe and calm.

This lovely body scrub is PH balanced and the cleansers are plant based and made from coconut and sugars which are dermatologically tested and safe for sensitive skins. Everything in this product is environmentally safe and biodegradable.IMG_9871[1]

This is a lovely gentle scrub so doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or itchy yt it does keep it looking fresh and healthy.

I absolutely love the smell of this, it is really fresh and uplifting and stays on my skin even after I have dried myself and I always feel glowing and clean after using it. I use this on my body and thighs and the tops of my arms. For my feet I tend to use a pumice based scrub or something made with ground nut or seed shells as I feel they need a bit more scrubbiness than this has.

~~~~~ HOW MUCH FOR HOW MUCH? ~~~~~

This comes in a green upside down tube so it sits on the dispensing end. There is 150 ml in each tube and on the Weleda site it costs £9.95. Allbeauty.com have it for £8.45, Naturismo for £8.96 and iHerb for £7.46 so as always shop around as prices do vary.

~~~~~~~WHERE CAN I BUY THIS? ~~~~~~~

You can buy this from the Weleda website or from their shop in Ilkeston which is in Derbyshire or from other natural beauty or health websites if I want to make up an order to the amount needed for free shipping. Amazon sell number of Weleda products too.

Weleda also have wellness advisers who can sell you products. They will do a party to demonstrate the products and you can ask for specific things such as products for the body or baby products etc as the theme if you want to. They are all very well informed and can advise on the benefits of each product.

birchI also buy some Weleda products from a small health shop in our local town also stocks Weleda products so I have no problem buying any of their products.

~~~~~~ RECOMMENDED? ~~~~~~~~

Yes I would indeed. It is a lovely gentle yet invigorating natural pleasant smelling body scrub. I personally wouldn’t use it on my feet but you may have baby soft feet in which case it would work well.

It is not a lot more expensive than comparable natural scrubs and I don’t find it gets used any quicker than other scrubs.

This is a 100% natural product that is not tested on animals and not harmful to the environment at all and as with all Weleda products everyone involved in creating this has been paid fairly for their contribution so I feel it is a very fair price.


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