Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream



I am a huge fan of Weleda products and have been lucky enough to be invited to a couple of their Open days in Derbyshire to visit their beautiful organic garden as well as try so many of their products and we always get a nice goodie bag to take home with us too.

~~~~~~~~ ABOUT WELEDA ~~~~~~~

Weleda was started by the Swiss philosopher and educationalist Rudolph Steiner and some others in in 1921. Steiner believed in healing the body using natural products and healing the person not just dealing with the symptoms. It is all about balance, in the body and with the earth. The method of healing Steiner created is known as Anthroposophic Medicine and it aims to stimulate the healing process of the person by bringing mind , body and spirit into balance. Weleda products are also used in homeopathy as well as they are all natural plant based products that contain no preservatives or petroleum based products .

Weleda’s ethics have continued to this day to be working in balance with nature. Thy pay more than fair price to their suppliers and grown a lot of their own ingredients in their organic gardens in Germany, France and here in Derbyshire.

Their products are 100% natural with no added fillers or preservatives or petroleum based oils in them at all.

I could write for pages about their philosophy and ethics but will stop here.

~~~~~~~A BIT ABOUT PACKAGING ~~~~~~~

Weleda don’t make posh packaging. They look functional and practical so they can be overlooked by purchasers of natural and organic beauty and skin care products. They are not sold in an upmarket way so those who like their skin care in fancy packages will probably overlook Weleda as they tend to look practical and functional and to me don’t shout ‘quality’ which I think they are.

They are concerned with the environment and are constantly working on improving their packaging to be more environmentally friendly while at the same time protecting the contents and keeping them fresh.


~~~~~ WHAT WELEDA SAY ~~~~~~~~

“Effective skin care for your thirties, to protect against the first signs of ageing
Borrow the velvet smoothness of rose petals and maintain the youthful vitality of your skin, for beautiful radiance, every day.”

They call the wild rose “ The untamed beauty with harmony as its strength” So this cream is created to balance the skin specially after the age of 30, when the skin is becoming gradually more demanding and dry, “the strength of our Wild Rose Skin Care range takes effect.”

~~~~~ ABOUT THE WILD ROSE ~~~~~~

Roses have long been associated with beauty, skin care, healing and of course perfume. Rose essential oil is expensive still and that is because it is costly to extract and an amazing three million flowers are needed to produce one litre of rose oil.

Wild roses are better for healing purposes as cultivated ones give out all their vitality while wild ones keep it within according to Weleda. Wild roses usually have a lot more scent too.

Roses are balancing, the rose oil soothes the skin while the aroma harmonises the mind.



This rose scented day cream is sold in tubes of 30 ml and this will cost you £20.95.The tube sits on the nozzle end and it has a screw top plastic lid. The product comes out really easily and I managed to get all my product out by cutting the tube at the sealed end; I always do this and often get at least six more uses out of any creams by doing this.

~~~~~~~MY EXPERIENCE ~~~~~~~

This is a much lighter cream than the night cream of this range but it smells just as beautiful. I found I quite light and very easily absorbed. It is rather too light for me as my skin is much more mature . The cream is aimed at those of around thirty plus while I am double that now.

I got some free sample tubes in one of my goodie bags and was not going to waste them or even share them as they smell so fabulous. I find these little sample tubes I collect great for when I am going away as they take up so little room and last about a week per tube.

IMG_9804I loved the smell as I applied this onto my face and it felt lovely and cool and uplifting too. Weleda say this will help the skin regenerate and it will help reduce fine lines, dryness and dull skin. It not only made my skin look fresher but also also left it feeling soft and smooth and smelling gently of rose.

The rosy day cream is suitable for vegetarians and is natural and gentle and suitable for sensitive skins. However Weleda do say if you are trying something new with essential oils then sometimes thy can cause a reaction so it is best to do a patch test on sensitive skin just in case. I have not had any allergy or irritation from using this or indeed any other Weleda product but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

I used this for around a month with all the small sample tubes I had and did find it was nice on my skin. I applied it each morning to my face and neck and used it after cleansing and toning my skin first. I left it to be absorbed while having my breakfast then applied make up if I wanted to.

I can’t say I noticed I looked any younger but my skin certainly looked no older and as I always use high quality skin products on my face I think what I have is as good as I will get at this stage. This cream with its rose essential oil is created to help the skin cells regenerate as well as adding moisture,it did help to soften the smaller lines and my skin did feel nice and soft and felt smoother to touch than when using some creams. It wasn’t greasy either, just nice and soft and cool as well as smelling lovely n subtly of natural rose.

~~~~~~ A WHOLE BUNCH OF ROSES ~~~~~IMG_9803

This is not the only Rose based product Weleda make. Thy have an entire Wild rose range all aimed at the thirty plus age range.

This day cream with 30 ml costs £20.95 as does the Smoothing Night Cream,and facial lotion in this range. Th eye cream costs the same but you get just 10 ml of that in a tube and finally there is a face mask which they discontinuing and this was £16.95 and is now £8.45 but after this month will no longer be sold.

~~~~~~~ REOMMENDED ? ~~~~~

Yes I would. Personally I use the more intense range for older people which is the Evening primrose range but this is a lovely light but effective day cream for those showing the first signs of ageing skin.

It is 100% natural and suitable for vegetarians. The packaging is environmentally friendly and nothing sold at Weleda has even been tested on animals at any stage or by any one now or in the past.


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