Weleda White Mallow Nappy Change Cream


It may seem strange to have this on my beauty blog but Weleda make such fantastic products and this can also be used on chapped lips and any sensitive dry skin as wll as on baby!


en_nappy_cream_white_mallow_rgb-mediumI am fortunate and have connection with someone at Weleda who sends me samples of their lovely products and invites e to visit Weleda events from time to time in return for sharing my experience on my blog . When my latest grandson was born my lovely contact sent me samples of Weleda baby products to use on him.

$$$$$$$ —- ABOUT BABY WELEDA —-$$$$$$$$

img_7167Weleda always use 100% natural ingredients and their baby products are no exception. They use the gentlest of ingredients, no fragrance and no additives at all so they are suitable for the most delicate of baby’s skins. They have two baby ranges this White Mallow one and the Calendula one and they say this White Mallow one is for the most sensitive so suitable to use from birth.




$$$$$$$ —- ABOUT WHITE MALLOW’S BENEFITS —-$$$$$$$$

The Greek name for this plant is Althaea which means ‘curing’ and has been used as a healing plant in ancient times in China, Syria, Egypt and Greece.mallow

The flowers are pale creamy white and the roots are packed full of a kind of gel which is what is used in the products. This is has calming , emollient, protective and moisturising qualities so is perfect for babies’ skin.

The white mallow in this cream helps the skin hold its moisture and stimulates the skin to develop its own protective layers.

$$$$$$$ —-THE RANGE AND PRICES —-$$$$$$$$

In the White Mallow baby range there are three products all packed in the same colour scheme of pale white and subtle pink.

img_7174There is a bottle of White Mallow Body Lotion which holds 200ml and costs £9.95. The White Mallow Face Cream comes in a tube of 50ml for £9.95 which is not only for babies as this is perfect for anyone with super sensitive skin and finally this nappy cream which come in a 50 ml tube and costs £7.95.

Personally I think the prices are very reasonable considering that these are 100% natural organic products suitable for vegetarians – not vegans because of the organic beeswax in this.


$$$$$$$ —- A BIT ABOUT WELEDA AND PACKAGING —-$$$$$$$$

Weleda work together with the environment and their raw ingredient providers to create products from ingredients that do not harm the environment so all their ingredients are img_7173natural and organic.

They are also constantly looking to improve their packaging to make it not only user friendly but environmentally so as well. They have to balance the packaging between being environmentally friendly and packing that keeps the contents fresh and easy to use.

This comes in an outer cardboard box which is made from recycled or sustainable cardboard and the actual tube is a metal one like a toothpaste tube which is recyclable. Weleda are gradually looking to change the metal and glass packs to a recyclable plastic which is lighter so more eco to transport and also I find the plastic tubes easier to get the contents out and I cut mine with scissors to get the last bits of the product out in the end.

$$$$$$$ —- ABOUT WHITE MALLOW NAPPY CREAM —-$$$$$$$$

img_7176This lovely gentle nappy cream is a thick white cream and it is fragrance free but the dominant smell to me is of the zinc in the cream. This cream not only has zinc and white mallow but also has the benefits of pansy, which is soothing and healing, and also organic beeswax, coconut oil and sesame oil to nourish and moisturise the skin intensively.

Weleda say that : “Even for neurodermitic and acutely sensitive baby skin, the irritation-free ingredients are highly suitable.”


$$$$$$$ —-OUR EXPERIENCE —-$$$$$$$$

We have used this or the calendula nappy cream on both my grandsons since birth as they are bot prone to eczema and have very sensitive skins. One grandson is just two and the other just six months old and neither have suffered from nappy rash for any length of time. They have both had rd bottoms at times because of teething , vaccination reaction or having eaten something but it has very quickly righted itself by using thee nappy creams.

We are very careful to change nappies as soon as we can and always use sensitive wipes to thoroughly clean the nappy area before drying then applying this cream generously over img_7175all the nappy area.

We also use this on my older grandson’s cheeks as he does suffer from eczema there , especially in winter and it seems to help his cheeks to keep from getting really dry and sore. They still look quite red at times but at least they are not too dry and itchy for him.

Other places where eczema seems to plague them is behind their knees and so after any bath time where we use no soap and natural products with no added nasties specially for babies we then dry them off really well and apply this cream in all those eczema prone areas as well the nappy area before dressing them in cotton clothes washed in sensitive washing powder .

According to user feedback studies:
“95% said the skin was intensively cared for -Parents’ assessment after 28 days
95% said that this soothes the skin -Parents’ assessment after 28 days”

$$$$$$$ —-AND MORE REASSURANCE —-$$$$$$$$

Weleda has won numerous awards from many natural beauty and health sites over the years and has been a health or pharmaceutical company since 1921 and is a well respected company making natural health and skin car products. If you visit their factory in Derbyshire there are o many awards on the wall to see.

img_7171All Weleda product carry the label “NaTrue” which guarantee the highest standards using only natural and organic ingredients, a sustainable production process with environmentally-friendly practices . “Natrue” also guarantees they use no synthetic fragrances or dyes, no silicone oils, no ingredients from petrochemicals and no irradiation of end products or herbal ingredients.
They are also cruelty free so no animal testing anywhere long the process.

Weleda products have been inspected by independent certification companies and the non-profit organisation NaTrue and the first Weleda products, featuring the NaTrue label came on the market in the spring of 2009.

$$$$$$$ —- RECOMMENDED? —-$$$$$$$$

Yes I certainly would and I think this would make very useful and thoughtful gift for any new mum and is going to be on my gift giving list for new Mum’s in future as baby’s skin is so delicate it is not worth risking damaging it and new Mum’s get so many baby grows it would be nice to have something not only useful but something that may save both Mum and baby sleepless nights.

My grandson’s both recommend this nappy cream as neither have suffered any bad nappy rash at all and any redness is soon soothed with this cream.


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