I think it is no secret to anyone who regularly reads my reviews that Weleda is a brand I rate very highly as they are an eco friendly, all natural brand made by a company that is honest and with employees that are friendly and helpful.


Weleda was started by Rudolph Steiner way back in 1921 in Austria as a pharmaceutical laboratory, with its own medicinal plant garden. Today Weleda is a world-leading manufacturer of holistic natural cosmetics as well as pharmaceuticals for anthroposophical therapy.

They make 100% natural products using as much organic ingredients as possible and add nothing nasty to any of their products.

They treat their producers with respect and pay fair prices for their ingredients.social

~~~~~~~~PACKAGING AT WELEDA ~~~~~~






Packaging has to be a compromise on being eco friendly and how to keep the contents of each product fresh and in top condition..

They have also been changing from the recyclable glass bottles to eco friendly recyclable plastic as it is lighter so better for the earth as less fuel is used to transport the products.


Packaging is a work in progress and they change for the better when a better option comes up.

This product comes in a recyclable cardboard box in the deep red coolour of the pomegranate range. Inside the box is the product packed in a recyclable upside down plastic tube so it sits on the lid and the contents are always down the right end to come out.

The tube allows you to get most of the cream out but I always cut my tubes at the end and get at least three more day from what is still in the tube!








~~~~~~~~ ABOUT POMEGRANATE ~~~~~~

Pomegranate is an expert in balancing extremes, stimulating and regenerating life and some of the pomegranate trees have been found to be over 200 years old.

Pomegranate seed oil is a powerful anti oxidant and has regenerative properties as it has a high polyphenols content. Pomegranate seed oil helps to revitalise skin cells. Skin appears tighter and smoother and is fresher and moisturised as well.
Weleda say :
“From the age of 40 we benefit most from the positive properties of the pomegranate. At this life stage….as we grow older our skin changes – its vitality diminishes, the regeneration processes slow down and hardening tendencies can no longer be automatically counter-balanced overnight.
Pomegranate mediates between the young and mature opposites, allowing them to flow into one another, developing a framework for dynamic and regenerative effects on the individual. So the pomegranate’s seed oil stabilises and relaxes the skin in times of transition, bringing inner and outer beauty into harmony and encouraging us to look towards the future with serenity.”pomegranate


You can buy this from amazon, Weleda on line or from their shop in Derbyshire and a number of other sits on line. You can also buy from one of Weleda’s Well being advisors around the country.

You get 30 ml of this night moisturiser for £24.95 which for an 100% naturl product is actually a very decent price.

~~~~~~ MY EXPERIENCE ~~~~~~~

This range is actually created for someone younger than I am but the Evening Primrose range is a more recent addition and I had this before I had the Evening Primrose range available. I do still like this range and use it from time to time as it has such a lovely fresh aroma and it is a great moisturiser.

The contents of this tube are a white or pale cream which is a reasonably thick moisturiser and quite rich. It is a night moisturiser so a richer version of the day moisturiser in the range.

I always apply mine after cleansing and toning. I then apply my serum and once that is dry I apply my moisturiser. Weleda recommend that use you the pomegranate serum but any good all natural serum will work I am sure as I use a different on. I find this one spreads easily onto my skin without any puling at all and is absorbed quickly into my skin. It almost melts into my skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth and really nicely moisturised without leaving a greasy feel or tacky feel on my skin.

I like the smell as it is quite fresh but not too overpowering. It feels nice when applied to my skin, sort of cool and slightly tightening and sinks in pretty quickly into my skin. Initially I though I should apply more but I have been told that I need only apply what my skin will readily absorb so I was happy with that.

Apart from the lovely pomegranate oil this also has borage seed and argan oils. These not only moisturise your skin but also help “to stimulate cell growth, reduce wrinkles and improve skin bounce and tone. Awake to newly fresh and radiant skin, smoother, softer and as young as you feel.”night-cream

This is all natural as I have mentioned but it is also suitable for vegans as all ingredients are plant based. This product has not been tested on animals and has no petrochemicals or GM ingredients and has no filler ingredients either.

By using this at night it gives the skin a chance to rejuvenate while relaxed and away from the stresses of daily life.

This cream won the CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) award in 2012 so has been found great by a number of women who know about these things.

In the morning my skin looks healthy and feels soft and not at all tired and grey looking.

Weleda use only natural ingredients and absolutely no petroleum based products or parabens etc. this product is actually suitable for vegans as well.

This night cream has been dermalogically tested and they found that it reduced the appearance of wrinkles, improved elasticity and actually encouraged skin regeneration. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

“Dermatological test shown that after 28 days of use depth of wrinkles reduced by 35%” According to Weleda website.

I did honestly find my skin looked fresher and the lines less obvious after using this for some time.

Even though Weleda use all natural ingredients they are quite powerful and they suggest that you do a test on a small area for a few days when using something new. I have not had any issues with any of their products and I have skin that is prone to allergies and eczema but best be on the safe side.


~~~~~~~ RECOMMENDED ~~~~~~

Yes I would certainly recommend this especially if you are in your forties as this has been specially created for this time in a person’s life when their skin is beginning to need bit more help as this is a great moisturiser which helps the skin rebuild itself.


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