Weleda Evening Primrose Body Lotion


evening_primroseIt is now pretty well known that evening primrose oil helps ladies cope with menopause symptoms better and that it is also an anti ageing ingredient as many other companies also use Evening Primrose oil in their products.

Weleda uses plants that balance the body’s needs. It is quite complicated to explain but basically we are like upside down plants so roots tend to aid the head and issues there while flowers and stems and leaves assist other parts of the body. It is more complex than that but suffice to say you don’t need to understand the theory completely to make use of the products and get the benefits from them.

Weleda explain all the benefits very well on their website and put this very well so I will quote them.box

Evening Primrose grows on dry rough soil and flowers at night into the dawn “In her growth and blossoming, the evening primrose connects the old day with the new.”

Native Americans use it as a nutritional and medicinal plant as a tea, in hot water and to heal wounds, skin problems and other ailments.

“The oil from evening primrose seeds contains high concentrations of essential linoleic acid and y-linolenic acid, which our body produces for itself less and less with increasing age. Both fatty acids play a considerable role in the epidermis and are absolutely essential for formation of the skin barrier. Evening primrose seed oil protects the skin against moisture loss, removes rough patches and promotes cell growth and regeneration.”

Evening primrose works with women going through menopause by offering “ mature skin, which can tend to dryness, substances and impulses which stimulate the metabolism and support the development of unique, individual radiance.”bottle

I do love the Evening primrose range as it smells so beautiful.

This comes in a recyclable plastic bottle and is the same deep purple colour on the label as all the range of Evening primrose products.

It costs £21.95 for 200 ml so it isn’t the cheapest body lotion around but it does compare favourably with other all natural body lotions I have bought.

The actual body lotion is a white coloured lotion, not too thick, a bit like pouring cream consistency but I find that a little does go a long way as it spreads easily and is very quickly absorbed into my skin and instantly I feels smoother and softer to touch.

Once my skin has absorbed the lotion it not only feels soft and smooth to touch but also feels
comfortable and nourished . I have very sensitive skin prone to allergies, itches and rashes and this has never caused it to become irritated and has in fact calmed it when feeling dry and itchy.img_6965

It smells gorgeous, so good that Weleda have in fact made it into an EDT. It is fresh and floral but not in any cloying or heavy. The scent stays on my skin for hours and I often find myself sniffing my arms to enjoy the scent during the day. I am not sure that Evening primrose has a scent but I think that the scent comes from the precious fragrance of cardamom, magnolia and sandalwood. All of which I love an I always know I will like a perfume that has those aromas in them. Cardamon has to be one of the most evocative scents I think.

The Evening primrose oil has been blended with the really moisturising shea butter and olive oil. There are no parabens or sulfates in this it is 100% natural and vegan friendly too.

I was advised to give the bottle a good shake before each use as the contents settle a bit. I always apply my body lotion after my evening bath. This is my little luxury as I use my own home made bath salts or just essential oils and have a lovely relaxing soak before I get dry and apply my lotions and potions. My husband kindly applies my lotion to my back as my skin gets very dry and then I do the rest while he enjoys his bath.img_6966

This lotion not only really soaks in and nourishes my skin but also the scent makes the whole bedroom and my bed smell lovely too and I slip off to sleep beautifully relaxed, smelling great and y skin is moisturised and the lotion works its wonders overnight.

I can’t say I look years younger but my skin isn’t bad for my age and it feels lovely and soft and looks healthy and not crepey and wrinkled or soft an saggy.

I am very happy with this lotion and think this is my favourite of the body lotions but as they are all lovely it is hard to choose.


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