Superfacialist by Una Brennan -Neroli Firming Night Cream




To give this its full name : Superfacialist by Una Brennan -Neroli Firming Super Lift Night Cream.  Overnight hydrating recharge for smoother lines and wrinkles.


Una Brennan is one the most accomplished facialists and skincare specialists in the UK and has more than 15 years experience. She is said to be ‘one of London’s best kept secrets’ in the beauty wold. She is an expert in skin health and uses her in depth knowledge of ingredients and their benefits to create her products.

The Super Facialist range has suitable for everyone . The products  combine natural extracts, high performance scientific ingredients and exquisite aromas to help give healthy, beautiful youthful looking skin.


I was so lucky as I spotted this at a huge discount in Boots one day and only paid £2.50 rather than the then price of £15.99. Today you will pay £18.99 on amazon or £16.99 from Boot for the same 50 ml pot.

There is also a firming day cream with neroli in the same range.img_6891




This comes in a deep purple and white cardboard outer box with the product name clearly on the front. the ingredients list is on one side and the instructions on the back.

Inside the product is in an opaque but colourless glass pot with a large plastic white screw top lid. I like pots like these as I can get every last bit from the pot easily.


The cream is quite light and smells lovely and fresh, of neroli which is a fresh citrus sort of aroma. It isn’t heavy and greasy but does moisturise well and feels lovely and rich on my skin.


This is full of lovely natural ingredients such as almond oil, sweet orange essentail oil, neroli and also has hyaluronic acid and ‘a plumping tetrapectide combined with a rejuvenating apple derived stem cell active ingredient  help tone, retexturise and plump skin from the inside out.’ It also has  rosehip, cucumber and willow which naturally  boost moisture, improve skin elasticity and work together to soften the early signs of ageing.

Considering the price of this compared to other more expensive creams I have been very impressed. The packaging is classy, the pot looks expensive and it really works well too. My skin felt soft and looked moisturised and healthy , not totally line and wrinkle free but I cannot expect to look forty when I am in fact over sixty!


Because this has natural ingredients there is a shelf life but it isn’t really short and mine was fine , lovely in fact, despite the hugely reduced price.  Even at full price this compares favourably with fr more expensive creams I think. It is far better than L’Oreal night creams which claim all kinds of magic youthfulness enhancing ant aging ingredients.


I will definitely be buying this one again and have recommended it t several of my friends .






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