Philosophy Purity Cleanser



~~~~~~~~ ABOUT PHILOSOPHY ~~~~~~~

This is an American company started in 1996 by a man with thirty years experience in the area of professional skin care in clinical skin care laboratories.

Thy create products that thy claim are scientifically proven to be good for the skin. They don’t make any claims about these being natural though.

This Purity made simple was their first product that launched the company in New York back in 1996 and since then they have built up on their range and in 1999 they were the first beauty range to partner with qvc.

They state that:

“ from the beginning , philosophy has been rooted in dermatological science and biomedic treatments. With that in mind, we seek to bridge the gap between what is offered in dermatologist’s offices an retail so that women everywhere can personally have access to the best skin car technologies available.”

The lower case letters are all from the website and I find that pretentious or ignorant and can’t see why they choose to use all lower case it makes them looks stupid.

~~~~~All PACKED UP ~~~~~~

All Philosophy products come packed in a similar minimalist way which is pretty simple. Many, like this have white plastic bottles with black text and black lids. The text has the name of the product and a bit of ‘philosophy’ to go with it and all the ingredients are listed on the back which is good.



This company do not make any claims to use natural ingredients so I guess I can’t criticise them for that but thy don’t use natural ingredients.

They do however test their products or ingredients on animals and that is enough to put me off buying their products there is no need for animals to suffer for people to have beauty products.

~~~~~~ABOUT PURITY ~~~~~~

This is Philosophy’s first product and they claim it is a 3 in 1 cleanser for face and eyes. Philosophy state that :

our award-winning daily facial skin cleanser is formulated to gently cleanse, tone and melt away all face and eye makeup in one simple step, while lightly hydrating the skin. find out which cleanser is right for you.”

On the bottle the quote says “ Purity I natural” which is a bit cheeky as it gives the impression that the product I natural when in fact they are just philosophising !



This is based on the sample sachet that gave me around five uses so I feel I have had a fair chance to experience this and obviously samples are meant to give you enough of the product to convince you to buy it (or not in my case).

The contents of this are a creamy textured, milky but almost colourless consistency. It does have a faint aroma which is not unpleasant, slightly sweet with a hint of citrus. The scent doesn’t become more or less intense once the water mixes with it and it is on my face.

I always slightly wet my face before using a cleanser like this. I then massage a small amount of the product, around the size of a twenty pence piece onto my face. They say this is safe for using on your eyes but I didn’t massage it around my eyes too closely . I then always wipe everything off with an eco friendly bamboo cloth which I do wipe over my eyes. I didn’t seem to ting but still wouldn’t risk massaging it onto my lashes .

I cleaned my skin quite well but I still had mascara on my lashes which needed a bit of a rub to get all the mascara off and I don’t use waterproof mascara. I find oily cleaners much more effective and not nearly as harsh , nor do they need as much wiping off.

After using this my face felt clean enough but I did feel it needed moisturising. I always tone and apply serum and moisturiser but when using this I did feel my skin felt a bit dry until I had applied the moisturiser.

Philosophy say “ deep cleans pores and eliminates makeup build-up natural oil extracts help condition skin fragrance-free formula”


It is hard to say if my pores are deep cleaned but whatever natural oils are in this are not very moisturising.

Checking the ingredients this does have lots of lovely, natural oils in it such as meadowfoam seed oil, coconut ,rosewood oil, geranium oil, cymbopogon martini oil, rosa damascena extract, amyris balsamifera bark oil, sandalwood oil, sage oil, cinnamomum cassia leaf oil, anthemis nobilis flower oil,carrot seed oil and pepper seed extract.

Then unfortunately they add, polysorbate 20, glycerin, carbomer, triethanolamine, methylparaben, propylparaben, citric acid, imidazolidinyl urea, yellow 5 (ci 19140) which I am less thrilled to see.

The top ingredient is water followed by sodium lauroamphoacetate, sodium trideceth sulfate . These are on the list of ingredients to avoid in quantity if you suffer from acne. I also try and avoid ingredients like this as my skin is very sensitive and I end up with nasty red rashes.


I find that I can use products with some of these ingredients for a while but after using it for some time the sensitivity takes effect and the rash builds up. I only had enough for about five cleanses and in that time my skin seemed not to have any reaction but that is ot to say that had I used this for longer my skin would still have been okay.

In this last week my neck has become quite red and eczematic so in fact using these products could be the cause so just as well I have finished both the Purity cleanser and the Microdelivery. I threw away the ‘Hope in a jar as it smelled so awful.

I usually use sample sachets like these when I am travelling but in the interests of reviewing in the time frame I have suggested, used and reviewed the three Philosophy products all this last week.

I can’t say my skin looks any better for using these and I will be happy to go back to my usual all natural products now .


This is sold on Philosophy’s website and others including It is also to be found I Boots and Jon lewis amongst others.

It comes in several sizes :

32 fl oz costs £64.99               16 oz costs £58.00         8 oz costs £28.99       3 oz costs £18.75       1 oz costs £8.75

As you can see this is far from being a cheap product but I am not convinced that this is value for money.


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