Body Shop Hemp Moisture High Balm



This is The Body Shop full range of Hemp products.

I don’t want to seem ungrateful as this was a freebie from Beautyontrial where I write reviews but I don’t really see the point of this product.


It is a Body shop hemp based product and I do like some of their hemp based things such as their handcream but this is an odd one.



It comes in a neat screw top tin which I like as the tin is recyclable and I do wash and re use my small tins for when I travel as they are light and keep the contents leak proof and away from light damage. I will be washing this one out to re use myself .img_6828


When you first go to use this product it appears to be a balm but on top of the balm is a strange sticky protective layer which is horrible and sticky, had to get off and bits of this sticky stuff keep on turning up in the product after you think you have got it all off.




The actual product when you get to it is a balm, a sort of cloudy solid yellow coloured softish balm which melts into a greasy sort of feel on my skin. It isn’t nice at all. I ended up using this on my feet before bed as I didn’t like the feel of it anywhere on my skin and I do have really dry elbows but it didn’t help my skin and felt nasty and tacky on my elbows.


It has the strange hemp scent  which is slightly earthy and I actually quite like but I am afraid the texture and the sticky layer put me right off this one.


You get quite a small amount in this tin, around 45 ml or 40g or 1.4 oz so it is  a concentrated product.

I can’t understand why as this is supposed to be made in the UK but the ingredients list is not in English.

I can’t find it on the Bodyshop website and think they may have changed the tin and now call it rescue balm which costs £16 for 100  ml. On Ebay it is selling for £10.

Personally I won’t be looking to buy it again as I think natural shea butter works far better, smell nicer and feels nicer on my skin too.








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