Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid




Aveda is a great company that make lovely hair products that are natural and cruelty free with no nasty chemicals or preservatives in them. Their products are not cheap but I have found you don’t need a lot of them to be effective. We have an Aveda shop in our ton and thy have small bowl of samples and if you ask they will give you one or two to try at home. This is how I get most of mine!!



This is styling product  that adds shine and movement to your hair. It is a clear serum/gel /oil sort of feel and you really need about a pea sized amount warmed in your hand and then run through your hair after styling. It makes my hair have a lovely shine and makes it look healthy and keeps it smooth even in damp weather.

You can also apply this to damp hair before styling but I prefer using it on my dry hair.

This is all natural, vegan friendly as it has only plant-based ingredients including certified organic jojoba which is a lovely oil that naturally conditions and smooths hair without weighing it down and making it look greasy.

Aveda say this :

  • Smooths, and conditions
  • Dries with a soft touchable finish
  • Adds weightless, free-flowing movement, body and natural shine
  • For all hair types



This comes in a full sized plastic push pump container holding 100 ml and this costs £24 from Aveda. My sample holds 10 ml and it lasted me around two weeks using i daily while we were on holiday. They lovely people in Aveda gave me 3 tubes so I was very lucky as they should have cost around £2.40 each tube at that price.

This doesn’t have any scent really so doesn’t interfere with your perfume or make your hair smell either pleasant or unpleasant. Because it is natural it conditions as well as adding shine and stopping the hair frizzing.


I am not sure if jojoba oil alone is as effective but I suspect it might and I do often use jojoba on my hair but never directly compared the two. I have to admit that jojoba is cheaper and doesn’t smell unpleasant so if I was having to buy some I would probably opt for the jojoba but this Aveda one is very nice.


This is what the serum looks like on my hand. A lovely natural shine even on my skin!


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