Art Naturals Demrelax Pain Relief Cream




This is another post that some may find odd on my beauty blog site but ArtNaturals is a company I rate highly and they have many lovely products for body cleansing and moisturising that I have used and liked. As this is applied to my skin I think this is justified on my beauty blog!



The company philosophy is: “offer quality, natural products with exceptional beauty results”. I love the fact that they use all natural ingredients and do not ever test on animals nor are their ingredients tested on animals. They state categorically that; “We are passionate about providing pure, premium natural and organic products (and ingredients) and will not offer animal based or animal tested”

The company believe in their products and are honest about what goes into them listing all ingredients on the labels. Because they stand by their products they are willing to offer a full 100% money back guarantee on all their products.

All their products are also Vegan-friendly but as they have not been tested on pregnant or nursing women and do contain essential oils which can be a problem they suggest checking with your doctor before using them.
Their products do not contain any parabens or other chemical nasties that are considered by many to be harmful to us and to the environment as well.


~~~~~~DEMRELAX  ~~~~~


This like all their products is natural and cruelty free. It is a cream to help with aches and pains that you massage onto the affected area.


The ingredients that help with the pain relief are  arnica, camphor, frankincense, msm, and magnesium oil. It smells lovely, sort of minty and as you apply it you feel a gentle initial cooling then warming  and it really does ease aches and pains.

Arnica helps ease bruising and that with the anti-inflammatory msm powder  relieve pain almost instantly and you soon feel that your  joints are more flexible. Frankincense oil has been shown to help with stress,lift your mood, and also reduce pain and inflammation . Finally magnesium oil is said to help restore skin cells.



I bought this from amazon and for £13.95 you get nearly 60 ml of the white cream in a plastic screw top jar so you can get every last bit from the container. Mine lasted around six weeks using it on my lower back where I have chronic pain and  found this eased my back when I applied it before I went to bed each night.

I smells nice, sort of fresh and minty but not too overpowering like some pain relief creams and gels are.





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