Facial Hair Remover + Eyebrow Razor Set – Stainless Steel Threading Tool


img_6586I bought this from amazon and it sells for £9.97. I am going to blog about the epilator tool rather than the razor which I haven’t used except for craft work! the epilator tool is a wonder tool though!


I have a few annoying hairs on my chin that I hate and I and been using tweezers but as I have fair hair it was sometimes hard to see the hairs to pluck them out.


The epilator is a sort of spring with a handle at each end. I had no idea how to use i but luckily there were instructions on the back.

The idea is that you bend the spring like thing into a u shape and with a handle in each hand you twist the spring against your face turning the handles in the same direction.


The idea is that as you turn the spring the hairs are trapped in the wider open spring which closes as you turn it and that then yanks out the hair from the root.

This takes a lot of practise but once you get the knack it really works and I have a completely hair free chin now.

For anyone who has hair they don’t want on their face this is an economical and safe way of removing all hair. It is specially good if you have darker hair as this saves using those nasty bleaches and also save constant visits to have your hair threaded off at a salon.

This uses the same method as the India threading method but is fr easier to do and you can do it on yourself too.



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