Avive Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum




z34This comes in a neat cardboard box which is white and green to go with its natural eco friendly heritage.

Inside the product comes in a clear coloured frosted glass bottle with an eye dropper dispenser. I like these dispensers as you can get the amount you want out easily and also it doesn’t contaminate the contents.

The actual serum is completely clear like water but is thicker with a very slight gel texture. It has no scent at all that I can distinguish so will offend no one at all.

The serum is double strength so you need just a very small amount applied to cleansed toned skin. Wait till the serum really dries and is fully absorbed before applying applying any moisturiser.


This is a fantastic price at present so if you are thinking of buying this I would get it while it is around £10 and not the usual price.

This is an all natural product with only the best, botanic ingredients and no parabens ,fillers or alcohol.

This has not been tested on animals not have any ingredients.

This has not been tested on animals not have any ingredients.

Avive Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum isn’t just 100% Vegan, Alcohol FREE, Cruelty FREE, Paraben FREE, Sulphate FREE, Gluten FREE and GMO FREE… it’s also made in an FDA approved facility, ensuring that every bottle of serum you get is at the FINEST quality possible.

“Shake well before each use. Wash and pat skin Dry. Apply small amount with fingertips to face, neck and decolette.


For the best results, applyin in the morning and evening on clean dry skin. If using toner, apply after the toner and prior to moisturiser, can be used under make-up.”

This serum leaves my skin feeling dry and not greasy or uncomfortable so I can then apply whatever moisturiser or make up I want with no worry about it sliding off.

I have not noticed any great youthfulness in my skin but I always use high quality natural products so I never expect a big change and just hope that I am stopping my skin getting any older or at least slowing the ageing process.

I got this at a discount price in return for my feedback and would happily buy this again at the price it is at present on this website as I think it s a bargain.

On amazon it is £9.99 which is a real bargain.


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