Weleda’s Mindfulness Colouring Book




This may seem an odd post for my beauty blog and I did consider putting it on my book blog. In fact I may put it on there as well. This colouring in book is designed to create a calm mind and being calm and in control helps you maintain your looks as when you are stressed it shows on your face.


I was recently invited to the Press release of this beautiful colouring book but sadly I was not able to go however my lovely friend at Weleda sent me the Colouring book along with one of their new all natural perfumes, a body scrubber and a tube of Weleda’ lovely rose shower cream.


Weleda’s products are all created with some benefit to the mind and body as well as just being great all natural products. The colouring book has been designed especially for Weleda by the very talented artist, Lizzie Hobbs, a specialist in pattern-based art, originally from Derbyshire.


The idea behind this colouring book is to allow the person colouring to be able to take time out of the everyday rush and pressure and to be able to relax and just be in the moment. Colouring in is now very much the ‘in’ thing for relaxing but Weleda’s founder Rudolph Steiner was advocating mindfulness and relaxation many years before this. He was a man ahead of his time in many ways.


Steiner wrote in 1904 : “The tranquillity of the moments set apart will also affect everyday existence. In his whole being he will grow calmer; he will attain firm assurance in all his actions, and cease to be put out of countenance by all manner of incidents.”



Lizzie Hobbs is inspired by designs found in Asia and the Middle East and she graduated in South Asian Studies and Hindi from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. Her designs in this beautiful colouring book are inspired by her love of Asian designs which she has used to inspire the different images and patterns based on some of Weleda’s most used ingredients. This colouring book is a limited edition created for Weleda.


The book has twelve different images to colour and beside each image is a coloured page with a photo of the ingredient or inspired by the ingredient and a short piece of text about that ingredient and its benefits. The book also has a very interesting and informative editorial about Weleda’s organic and fair trade farming projects around the world as well as beautiful photographs – argan from Morocco, ratanhia from Peru, rose from Turkey to name a few.


This means that there is a page for each month, you can colour a small part of each design and by the end of the month have it compete Should you choose you could sit and do a whole page in one sitting but some are quite intricate and you will get the same benefit spending a short time each day as you would with a long session a few days in a month or even a good long session. The nice thing is the choice is yours to use as suits your time and mindfulness needs.

The colouring book will form part of a unique Christmas gift with a rainbow of Weleda’s fragrant and relaxing body washes – one to match your every mood. The boxed set will be available from October.


I looked through the book and decided to colour the design based on bees and honey as I love honey and have been enjoying some of my honey bought from the lovely bee keeper who keeps his bees at Weleda who sold us some of his honey at the Weleda Insight Day.

I am going to do one page each month and spend around ten to fifteen minutes a day colouring as my time of relaxation after my pilates session to complete the relaxation and mindfulness time.


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