Microdermabrasion Face Scrub & Facial Mask in One-Era Organics





I had never come across this brand before but am always keen to try new beauty products especially if they are all natural.


This arrived in a bubble wrap with a few other bits in an amazon box well packed.

It comes in a small plastic pot , all white with a screw top lid which is nice and easy to get open and of course being a pot you can get every last bit out of it and there is no waste at all.

Inside the contents look like brown coloured cream with darker brown bits which of course are one of the scrubby bits of this face scrub.It also has sugar as an exfoliant as well as these walnut bits.




It is full of lovely natural ingredients that exfoliate as well as leaving my face feeling moisturised after using it. It has some great natural ingredients including organic Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey, Walnut and powerful Vitamin C.

This comes from a cruelty free company and is paraben free, alcohol free and non-toxic.

Interestingly this product can be used as a face mask as well so you can apply this , leave it on five minutes then gently massage it off with warm water. Try it and you will feel your skin so soft and smooth and feeling uplifted and fresh.


I love this and have been very impressed with how it makes my skin feel and it looks fresher too..

This is not only effective but is also a great ethical product , as they use only natural ingredients and they have the cruelty free logo as well so all good as far as I concerned.


I bought mine from amazon and it cost £15.99


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