TerraPrime Banana Face Powder


img_6352rGives Celebrity Glowing Look, Camera Friendly, Suits for Majority of Skin Tones – 42g/1.5oz

I had never heard of Banana Powder before spotting this on my review site. Apparently it is very big in Hollywood and with Kim Kardashian although that is not necessarily someone I look to for beauty advice!

This is a lovely warm colour , sort of yellow caramel and very very soft and light. I usually use a loose light face powder so this was not that strange to me and I have already got a couple of brushes to apply the powder.



I found this was perfect to set my make up without adding any weight or making me look ghost like. It gave a lovely sheer look with a matt finish yet not dull it had a slight sheen or glow but not a shine.

I love how light this powder is and that it really feels as though I have not got any make up on and it certainly doesn’t creep into my lines which I hate when a powder does that.



According to the company it is bet to apply with a sponge, brush or powder puff. Best to apply where you’ve applied concealer – under the eyes, around T-zone, on the bridge of the nose, chin. To maximise the highlighting effect – leave it on for 10 minutes then brush away excess powder. You can also puff the powder all over the face to give an overall highlighted look.

It doesn’t appear to have any banana in it so probably gets its name from the colour. The ingredients are :TALC, ZINC STEARATE, ORYZA(RICE) STARCH, ZEA MAY(CORN) STARCH,METHYLPARABEN, PROPYLPARABEN, BUTYLPARABEN



I was lucky enough to get to buy this product at a discount in return for my views. I can honestly say I will be telling all my friends about this as it is so much better than my usual loose powder.

This costs £14.99 from amazon.



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