InstaNatural Natural Deodorant


img_6296I always use natural deodorants and so when I saw this on the site available to review I grabbed the chance.

There is a difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant which many do not realise. This is a deodorant which means that it stops you smelling bad but does NOT stop you sweating which is a natural body function.

Many antiperspirants and un nnatural deodorants have aluminium in them and other ingredients which are not good for our bodies.


Containing natural extracts like Lavender Extract, Sage Oil, Lime Extract, Orange Oil and Lemon Extract, this formula will nourish without any harmful chemicals that may cause irritation or itching like some antiperspirant products.


I am lucky in that I don’t sweat too much but I also don’t want to smell bad either .

This deodorant is a stick one with a nice soft solid part. It smells lovely and of lemon so nice and fresh.

It has kept me smelling fresh and has not caused me any rash or any adverse reaction which I did get from one of the natural deodorants I tried .

I was lucky and got this at a discount price in return for my views and am happy to say that I would buy this again at full price as it is a lovely natural deodorant.



The price on Amazon is £10.97 plus postage if not a Prime member.


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