GLÜKi Organics Hand & Body Moisturising Lotion


glukiI always look for natural products that have different beneficial ingredients and those that have not been tested on animals.

This is not only all natural but is 100% organic so the highest quality ingredients. It contains organic Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, Rooibos Leaf Extract and Orange Peel Oil.

I love rooibos tea and when in South Africa I bought a number of products made using rooibos and loved them. I have not see any since in this country so I was very pleased to see rooibos in this.It has benefits such as helping with itchy skin and skin issues and it helps to calm problems like eczema so is great for soothing and calming skin.img_6236

This also has Kalahari Melon Seed Oil which I have not come across before but I know the Kalahari bushmen manage to survive their harsh climate by using natural resources in the desert and this is one that they depend on for water when crossing the desert. It must therefore be full of hydrating qualities.

This hand and body cream comes in a plastic tube that you squeeze. I had to remove the inner seal on the top before replacing the lid and dispenser.img_6238

The cream is a pretty subtle peachy colour and smells lovely, sort of sweet and fruity with a shot of citrus freshness and is gorgeous.

On my skin it feels lovely and rich. It soaks in quickly leaving my skin feeling well fed and smooth but not greasy at all. It lasts a good long time on my skin and when applied in the morning I find my skin still feels lovely and well moisturised in the evening when I have my bath.

This is 99% natural and 99% vegetable in its ingredients so I think it is a high quality product and good value for money.img_6239

I was luck enough to get mine at a discount price and I will certainly buy this again at full price as it is both natural and unusual and does a great moisturising job on my skin.

This costs £11.99 from amazon and you get 100 ml in the tube


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