Thumbs Up Nail Wraps


DSCF2322I have recently bought two sets of these nail wraps. One was called “Mars Galaxy” and the other “Aloha”. So far I have just used the Mars galaxy ones and I am hoping they will last a week or so at least.


You get two sheets of ten nail warps so in theory if your nails are the right shape you get two manicures. Sadly mine are not the shape of the wraps so I had to use one from the second sheet for my thumb so will be one short next time.


The colours are bright and varied so every nail looks a little different which is nice.

I tidied my nails and pushed back the cuticles carefully. I then gave my nails a base coat of gel and cured that.


Then I got to work on the wraps. I would advise doing the hand you are most comfortable using first. I am right handed so did my right hand first as then I would not get a more tricky job second.



I think the trick to making these wraps stay put longer is to heat them so the glue is soft before applying them to the nail. I used my hair dryer .

I did find it hard to trim off the excess on that hand as the scissors are right handed ones so I found if I turned them upside down they worked better. I also found it easier to cut off the excess wrap if I stuck some paper on the sticky side that was exposed and then the wrap cut more easily and din’t stick to the scissors.


This does give a novel look. I won’t say it is any better than my gel manicures or just polish but they don’t need to be left to dry like polish and if you want something fancy then they are a bit different. Personally I would probably not opt to do every nail in future and would just choose a couple to decorate with wraps and gel the rest.


They don’t damage you nail as much as other manicures and are easy to get off, just soak in nail varnish remover which softens the glue then peel off gently or push off with a cuticle pusher.


I am happy with these as they work out cheaper than paying a professional but look good and last quite well too. I bought mine from Amazon and each set costs £6.99 plus amazon postage.


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