Pure Body Naturals Coffee Scrub


DSCF2311Pure Body Naturals Coffee Scrub 8.8 Fl. Oz. With Organic Coffee, Coconut And Shea Butter – Best Acne, Anti Cellulite And Stretch Mark Treatment, Spider Vein Therapy For Varicose Veins & Eczema.


This is a really lovely coffee scrub. I do make my own using ground coffee but it can get very messy whereas this has fewer coffee bits and the scrubby bits are not only coffee grounds but also Dead Sea salt which has wonderful healing properties as everyone knows. The coffee or caffeine element comes from Organic Kona Coffee and Coffee Arabica Seed Oil and this is what stimulates the blood and helps with cellulite stretch marks, varicose veins, and age spots. They says it also helps with psoriasis and eczema but as I don’t suffer from those I can’t say if it helps.


My skin feels smooth and looks healthy and fresh when i use this. the oils and shea butter moisturise so that my skin really feels soft as well.

It comes in a plastic screw top jar which is better than some others which come in a glass jar as I am not keen on glass in the bathroom. It was sealed in plastic outside then a silver seal under the lid as well so no one had tampered with this I know!


I always wash and re use my pots for my own natural beauty products so i recycle that way but this can be recycled through your usual plastic recycling.

This is a lovely natural scrub that has no preservatives, additives or other nasties so that is a major plus for me. I would also assume it is cruelty free if all the ingredients are natural and organic.

I bought mine from amazon and the cost is £14.95 for the tub.



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