Laila London Natural Organic Deodorant Creme





Laila deodorant (4)This comes in a glass jar with screw top lid. I use a small spatula I got with a previous natural deodorant.

I have been using natural deodorants for years as I am concerned about the chemicals and carcinogenic ingredients in other deodorants. The one I have been using is made in the USA and I have to send there for it so when I saw this on offer in amazon I grabbed the chance to try it.

This is all natural and has a creme charcoal & clay base so it is a dark colour. I was concerned at first that my armpits would look grey but they don’t the colour fades instantly on the skin.

Laila deodorant (1)

This is a lovely creamy consistency and just a small pea sized amount rubbed under the arms does the job of stopping nasty aromas. It doesn’t stop you sweating as this is not an antiperspirant but the clay does help to keep you dry.

This does smell quite strongly of neem so if you don’t like that earthy smell then avoid this. The scent does fade after a while but it is quite strong initially.

This cream deodorant has no Baking Soda or Aluminium so is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Laila deodorant (5)

This not only keeps me smelling fresh but also keeps my underarms moisturised as there are lots of great moisturising ingredients such as shea butters, coconut oil and sunflower oil so all good in my view.

Laila deodorant (2)

I bought mine from and the price there is £8.95 and postage as of amazon so if you are a Prime member it is free.



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