Vidal Sassoon Salonist




VSI was lucky enough to be chosen by Trnd for a trail of this product. I got one kit for myself and three to pass on to friends and family which were different colours to mine.

I chose this colour as I wanted to go a little lighter for summer and my hair is a darkish blonde usually. I dye my hair to cover grey coming through as lighter shades at the front of my hair so dyeing balances it all to look the same colour all over.


I followed the instructions to the letter from the pre allergy test through to the mixing , the dividing my hair and applying to the roots then the next stage where the serum was added to the dye and applied the the rest of my hair.

The entire process took just a bit longer than 30 minutes as I had to wash it off as instructed and so on.


I found the result to be good and the colour true and natural looking. It was a bit more fiddly that other dyes I have used but the end result was good.

I would be happy to use this again but I also like other brands and I am not sure this is that much better than other brands which take less time to use.


Strongest points

Good colour, looks natural and covers grey, lasts a good few weeks
Weakest points
Takes a bit longer than other dyes I have used
A hair dye that gives professional results and good lasting colour

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