Brut Sport Deodorant




I was very lucky and was chosen by Trnd for this trial as well as the Vidal Sassoon one. For this one I got sent a 200 ml container  with a spray dispenser. This is a man’s deodorant from Brut but it smells fresher and less sweet than thee original Brut aftershave famous in the 70’s .

If you don’t mind using products that are not natural then this does the job. It smells fresh and clean and not too overpowering but does help to stop sweating or at least bad smells and it also does not leave white stains on my husband’s shirts which is a bonus.



Strongest points
Smells good , fresh and not too strong. Recyclable container
Weakest points
Not the most natural choice – has lots of chemical ingredients
A fresh smelling man’s deodorant that smells nice and keeps my man dry under arms



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