Wrapping My Nails in Jamberry



Jamberry have over 300 nail wraps in a huge variety of designs. You can wear different ones on each finger or just have one design nail and the rest fairly plain it is your choice. Because the designs are on the wraps already you don’t have to have any special talent at all to have fancy nails.


Well, they are thin plastic nail shaped sticky backed items than you apply over your nails. They look a little like false nails only MUCH thinner and they bend over your own nails.
They are made long and various widths to cope with different nail shapes. You choose the shape that best fits your nail and then cut it to fit once it is on your nail.

jamberry 2


As I mentioned I only had a sample selection of these but have used other nail wraps so have had some experience in applying nail wraps before I got these. These are a lot more expensive than other brands but they are slightly better quality and do seem to last a bit longer on my nails.

Through trial and error I have found there are some things that make the wraps last better on my nails.

jamberry nail wraps (2)

Obviously it is a good idea to give yourself a bit of a file and push back your cuticles so I soak my hands first then push back or trim my cuticles and file my nails to a nice shape.

Firstly I use the rougher buffer that I have for gelishing my nails then I wipe my nails with nail varnish remover or gel prep stuff to try and remove any grease and oils from my nails as I have found that if my nails are not prepped in this way the wraps peel off more quickly.

You can apply varnish first if you choose which also makes the nails less greasy but you then have to wait for that to fully dry before applying the wraps. You can varnish all nails and just apply a wrap to one finger on each hand if you choose.

Choose the wrap that best fits the finger or toe nail you are wanting to apply it to.

jamberry nail wraps (3)

Cut the nail wrap in half so you use the other half on the matching finger on the other hand.
You then need to peel the warp off its backing and holding it with tweezers you then need to warm the wrap with the adhesive using their Mini Heater or like I did with my hair dryer for 3-5 seconds or until soft and flexible.

When the wrap is nice and pliable then carefully, using the tweezers, apply it to your nail making sure you fit it right up to our cuticle then press the wrap onto the nail. You need to apply firm pressure around edges to make sure the wrap sticks well to the nail. I then use a wooden or rubber r cuticle pusher to seal the wrap around the base of the cuticle of my nail.

You then need to trim the wrap to the length of your nail which is fine on your left hand but when I have to do my right hand I struggle holding the scissors so this is where I need some help from a willing helper. After trimming then gentle file the wrap to the shape of your nail using a down ward motion from the wrap to your nail not sideways across the nail.

Finish off by applying the hair drier onto your nails and press firmly all around the edges especially.

jamberry nail wraps (4)

They say you should not just peel the wraps off although mine usually end up peeling themselves off after a while. If you are being sensible then they say you need to lift the edge of the wrap then apply varnish remover and allow that to soak for a while. That will soften the glue and then they come off easily. Wipe your nails with nail varnish remover to clean off any glue left.

These are not cheap and on each regular sheet you get just 18 Jamberry nail wraps. One sheet of Jamberry Juniors wraps include 42 nail wraps. Remember that some will not be the right size for your nails so you really get two or possibly three uses per sheet if you are very clever with your wraps. With the Jamberry juniors sheets you can get up to six applications they say but I have not seen those sheets personally.

They say these wraps if applied correctly can last up to two weeks on fingers and four weeks on toes but I have not used them on my toes as I find varnish lasts pretty well on my toes and my nails are not really nail wrap shaped on my toes!

jamberry nail wraps (1)

Another thing I have found help to make wraps last longer is to use a ridge filler coat on my nails before applying the wraps as my nails are quite ridged and uneven.

Jamberry suggest that if you are going to be using your hands a lot then a thin coat of nail glue around the edges of the wrap will make it last better. I have not tried that so cannot say if it works or not.
These wraps are an easy way to have really jazzy nails but I do find I need help when applying them to my right hand as I am right handed and find it impossible to use scissors in the wrong hand – they just won’t cut for me!

jamberry nail wraps jewel box design


Yes they are fun and a bit different and allow clever designs for someone who cannot do nail art. They look neat and if correctly applied they last a good while. They also hold a split nail together for a bit longer too I find.

Whether or not these are worth the extra money I am not sure. There are a number of other brands that are a lot cheaper that I have used in the same way with good results


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