Weleda Insight Day





Last Saturday I spent a lovely day at Weleda in Ilkeston enjoying the hospitality of the staff and learning about growing the ingredients in the biodynamic garden and then celebrating Skin Food’s 90th Birthday. It was interesting meeting other bloggers and Weleda advisers as well as the staff members and all in all it was an enjoyable and educational day .


IMG_2601      IMG_2596

Saturday was very mixed weather wise and I was glad I had taken my rain proof coat but did also borrow one of the brightly coloured Weleda umbrellas as well. I had taken trainers but quickly abandoned them in favour of the Weleda Skin Food celebratory Wellies which were so pretty.


IMG_2593    IMG_2594

We were taken to the Weleda garden in a mini bus in two loads. The garden is a natural garden that uses only natural compost and no chemicals at all. If a plant self seeds they leave it as that is where it wants to grow.



We were guided around the garden by the retire head gardener who is extremely knowledgeable about the Weleda philosophy and how plants help us medically by working together with the body’s forces. He gave us such a lot of information and I wish I had had a tape recorder as he was such a fascinating man to listen to.

IMG_2606          IMG_2609

He did say that if you imagined a plant was a person upside down then often the roots of the plant had elements that helped the head and brain while the flowers and leaves as well as stems helped the body trunk or extremities etc.


IMG_2603      IMG_2627

We also had a short talk from Mike the Bee and met his bees or rather saw the different hives. His bees live and work in the Weleda garden and Mike teaches local school children about bees and harvests his honey which he sells. I bought two small jars of this lovely organic honey and was also given a bar of lovely beeswax which smells so gorgeous.

IMG_2624     IMG_2623


Before returning to the main Weleda centre for our lunch Claire, the head gardener explained about Steiner’s theory of biodynamics and also told us the shocking news she read in farmer’s weekly that we have just 100 harvest left in our British soils as we have not been looking after it and been using too many chemical which have exhausted the soil. That is pretty scary in my view.



She then explained about the power of horn manure and we were shown a ball of this magic stuff which is made from manure. The manure is put into a cow’s horn and buried in the soil over winter. It is then removed and this tennis ball amount is put into a barrel of water and stirred for three hours before this liquid is sprayed over the gardens. This barrel full will be enough for the 13 acres in the Weleda garden so you don’t need much.

I have very much paraphrased this but I did find it interesting and will certainly look into getting a cow’s horn myself as I I can get plenty of manure!




This was meant to be a picnic in the gardens but rain stopped that game and we ate our lovely picnic box lunch in the Weleda building.

The lunch box was a variety of salads with a very tasty quiche in neat box and two huge slices of cake in another box. We had the choice of teas of various kinds, coffee, water or Weleda’s Blackthorn elixir which is what I enjoyed. We were also given a water bottle which is refillable and I have used that every day since then as it is a great way to have water to sip all day long.



In the afternoon we had a very informative talk which celebrated the wonders of Skin food which is celebrating its 90th birthday this year. It is one of Weleda’s original products and is still going strong and one of their best sellers.

Skin Food is a true all rounder wonder product which has many uses as it is a deeply hydrating 100% natural tube of creamy goodness.

IMG_2597       IMG_2600

A tube of Skin Food is sold every 30 seconds and I has won over 23 awards in the last ten years. Skin Food is sold in over 4000 outlets in the UK alone.

Skin Food is useful for dry skin on your knees, hands, elbows and heels. It is a great lip balm, good for dry cuticles, serves as a nourishing make up primer, revitalises tired skin, highlights cheek bones and will even help with split ends.

We finished off the day given each other hand massages a method taught by a Weleda adviser. This was really relaxing and great way to learn that Weleda deodorants can also be used as sanitisers and we also got to use Skin Food as the massage lubricant. It smells great as well as being beautifully nourishing for the skin.



Finally as we said goodbye to everyone we were given a Weleda gift bag full of so many lovely Weleda products. I will be blogging about some of those in the next few weeks.

So far I have enjoyed the Wheat shampoo and love the calendula toothpaste. The birch oil sample has been well used to massage my thighs as it helps get rid of cellulite.


The other gifts will all get used in time and the bamboo toothbrush is going to come on holiday with me in August as my electric brush does not travel!

Once again thank you so much Weleda for the lovely day, the great food and the generous gifts.


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