SKin Naturals Collagen Face Mask




This is a face mask I got from Amazon through a reviewing site I am a member of.

It is a Collagen Face Mask which they say is 100% natural Anti Ageing Skin Care Treatment for Dry or Ageing Skin. A Clay Facial Mask that reduces fine lines and wrinkles and is suitable for all Skin Types.



This products comes in a sturdy cardboard box and inside the tin containing the face mask is carefully positioned in a hole in the middle of the box. It is well packaged and looks a good quality product before you even open the actual tin up.



Under the lid of the screw top tin the product is sealed and the seal has to be lifted off before you can get into the product.

The mask is a grey green colour and a smooth paste like consistency.

I applied mine to my clean face and left it on for about ten minutes before rinsing it off. You don’t need a thick layer as a thin one does the job. I found it felt lovely and smooth on my face and I could really feel it working on my skin to tighten my pores.



I found it best to use a face cloth and warm water to rinse the mask off using an upward motion. I then did apply serum and moisturiser but my face felt lovely and smooth and probably didn’t need moisturising but I feel every little helps.

I loved the texture and feel of this mask and especially like that this is an all natural product with no parabens, pthlates, petrochemicals and is not tested on animals so all good as far as I am concerned.


I liked the fact that I didn’t have to stop doing things around the house while wearing this. I managed to do the washing and then some cooking while wearing this so easy to use, easy to rinse off and leaves my skin feeling good too.

I got this product at a discount in return for my feedback. This has not affected my views and I always make sure I give any products a good testing before reviewing.




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