S&G Glow lotion (2)

Soap and Glory is a brand that has a great sense of humour and they package their products in retro 1950s style packaging with witty saying and comments as well as 1950s style pictures on the boxes. They are a British company which I am happy about as I do prefer to buy British when I can to support what industries we have managed to maintain here. They don’t test on animals but they are not all natural products and do use parabens etc which I am less thrilled about.

~~~~~~ ALL WRAPPED UP ~~~~~~
This comes in the usual S&G packaging in a subtle dull pink with the photos and play on words labels. On the back the instructions are labelled “ Glow maintenance” and here you also have the list of ingredients.

Inside the product comes in a clear plastic bottle with a push pump dispenser which worked efficiently the whole time I used this to the end of the contents and of course being clear I could see how much I had left all the time too.

~~~~~~ WHAT IS GLOW LOTION? ~~~~~~

This is a very light moisturising body lotion that has a hint of colour and a sheen so that it gives you a nice hint warm colour as well as a bit of sheen so that you have that healthy glow that you get after a day in the sun , without the burning of course.

S&G Glow lotion (3)


I did like the look this gave my arms and legs as it lifted them to a healthy glow rather than giving a false tan look. If I wanted a bit more colour I added some of Lush’s “Charlotte’s Island” to it and applied it as a mixture and that gave a bit more colour while also giving the nice sheen that this product gives.

The other nice thing about this lotion is the very pleasant S&G scent. It isn’t so strong as to mean you cannot wear a perfume you choose but it makes your skin smell really nice, sort of sweet and fresh. It is a scent that S&G use in a lot of their products so if you wanted you could layer this by using the Glow Lotion and then using their body mist as well.

I do like using this but wish it didn’t have the multiple parabens in it that they do clearly list on the back of the box. In fact the entire list seems to be very chemically sounding stuff.

Despite the less than natural ingredients I have never suffered an adverse effects from using this and I do have sensitive skin that does react into a nasty rash if some ingredients are in a product.

I used to buy a few products from S&G but buy far fewer now as I am trying to avoid products with parabens etc in them as they are not good for you or the environment and they really can be avoided but I think it costs more to avoid them in products which is why they are in so many brands

Having said that this is a great product for giving you a bit of moisturising, it doesn’t give a lot so if you have very dry skin I would use something more moisturising. This really is a light moisturiser that is more for giving that nice glow and hint of colour.

You get 150 ml of this lotion and it cost £11 now so maybe I won’t be buying it again. I tend to only buy S&G products when they are on 3 for 2 offers or in the big boxes at Christmas time when they sell a huge number of their products in a box for around £25. I certainly wouldn’t pay £11 for this I am afraid.

S&G Glow lotion (4)

~~~~~~~ RECOMMENDED ? ~~~~~~

I do quite like this product despite my feeling about the lack of natural ingredients but I really don’t think it is worth £11, personally I feel around £6/7 is a fair price as it is not very moisturising and I think I can get the same result from a bit of oil and false tan!

So I would not recommend this at the full price but if you see one reduced then it is worth buying as it does give that nice healthy glow to our skin.

Thanks for reading.


30th May 2016


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