Beauty Kitchen Love Me Caring & Anti-Ageing Body Wash





This was part of a three part set of lovely natural products made by Beauty Kitchen that was bought for me by my lovely son for my birthday present last year.

I have already reviewed the body scrub I had so I thought I should share my experiences of this lovely body wash.


                                                  A BIT ABOUT BEAUTY KITCHEN
Beauty Kitchen say; “At Beauty Kitchen we believe in 100% natural, 100% effective and 100% affordable products.

We believe you should not have to compromise on your beauty products to be good environment.”
The company started in the USA but are now also in the UK. They began to make natural toiletries because they found that many so called natural products were far from being 100% natural so they made their own.
“When we talked to our friends & family we found that they all wanted their products to work, smell great, look great and be good value. Very few would sacrifice any of these for the environment, so we set out to find some products for us all to use.”


                                                                       BEAUTY KITCHEN SCENTS
The Beauty kitchen make six different scents and within those different scents they make a variety of up to fifteen different products from soap through to scrubs, body lotions and lip balms. You choose a scent group then a product and it is made freshly for you.

                                             THE LOVE ME RANGE
This scent group is my chosen one and it is beautiful and was a really lovely gift from my son a great choice I think. It is an uplifting blend of cinnamon leaf, orange, pine needle and frankincense.

The actual ingredients are: Orange sweet, cedarwood, cinnamon leaf, mandarin red, patchouli, clove bud, frankincense, ginger, coriander, benzion resinoid, pine needle, chamomile, peru balsam.


This came in a 100% recyclable plastic bottle that is clear with a bright red label on the front and a flip top lid that you lift to reveal a hole through which the product can be squeezed out.

The bottle holds 300ml and cost £7.99 and postage is paid on top of that. I think that is a fair price for a lovely 100% natural product and certainly on a par with other products like Lush which are not quite so natural.

The product itself is quite a thick and it is a cloudy, honey coloured liquid. It lathers up ina lovely thick creamy, lather and smells divine. I have used it is the shower as a shower gel and also in the bath as a body wash as well as sometimes as a bubble bath.

The scent carries beautifully in all cases and the scent lasts on my skin after I have dried myself too. I do sometimes use this as a hand wash as I love to smell my hands for some time after washing. I do this when I feel like a bit of a pamper on my hands and also use the body lotion as a hand lotion and that way I can enjoy the lovely orange cinnamon aroma for ages.


It feels lovely and creamy when I use this and my skin feels nice and soft as well as clean and smelling lovely. It feels as though there is a good amount of oil in the liquid as it has an emulsion sort of feel.
I love this body wash and it always makes me feel like I have been pampered when I use this and the matching body lotion and scrub.


Yes indeed. I would buy this again in an instant and would happily choose to give this to someone as a gifts as it came beautifully wrapped in eco friendly recycled packaging.

It smells great is 100% natural and made by a company with good ethics and environmentally conscious.


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