Weleda Iris Day Cream



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Weleda Iris Day Cream

I am a huge fan of Weleda products and have tried a good few over the years. This day cream I got a small sample tube of in a small set of samples I was lucky enough to get when attending a pamper evening some time ago at Weleda. In between moving house and various holidays I have only just got around to using this when I took it to Japan with me. I find these mini sample tubes perfect for when we travel as I can use them then throw away the empties.
~~~~~~ WELEDA AND IRIS ~~~~~~

Iris as a plant carefully maintains its own water balance as it can generate, collect, and store moisture, with a special water-retaining mucilage and sugar and starch in the rhizome.

How is this useful for skin products? Well it helps the skin to retain and balance moisture and Weleda suggest that their Iris products are best for younger skins between 20 and 30 years old.
In Weleda’s Iris products the iris root combined with other natural ingredients such as jojoba oil and soothing witch hazel make a product that helps to regulate the skin so moisture is balanced and the skin can maintain its natural fresh youthful look.


~~~~~~ ALL WRAPPED UP ~~~~~~

iris day
Weleda do not package their products in posh looking packaging as they feel the contents are more important. The tubes are made of recyclable plastic and any cardboard is also recyclable. They always use sustainable packaging.

This comes in a mauve upside down plastic tube fading from dark at the bottom to almost white at the top. Not sure if it comes in an outer cardboard tube as I only had the mini tube.
This costs £14.95 for a 30 ml tube.

~~~~~~ WHAT WELEDA SAY ~~~~~~
“Balanced skin moisture for women in their 20s – for dry to very dry skin
Get ready for a long day’s work, rest or play with the regulating effect of natural Iris Hydrating Day Cream.”


iris 1
As you may have gathered I am not exactly the age range this is aimed at as my skin is well beyond that youthful fresh look and more the old tired look but I like to try a variety of products so I chose this set from the options we could choose from at the event.

The actual cream is white, soft and quite light. As it is so light I used this only in the morning as it is a bit light for me. I always cleanse and tone my face before moisturising and because this was so light I used a good quality natural serum before applying this.
It felt nice and fresh and cool and soaked into my skin quickly leaving it feeling well balanced and well moisturised and not in the least greasy. I actually found it to be quite moisturising but would buy the other Weleda products that are more aimed at older skins as I feel that I need the collagen renewal element and help to eliminate or reduce lines and wrinkles which is not in this one.

It has a pleasant aroma, not strong but slightly unusual sort of herby floral. It is hard to describe but very pleasant to me.
The day cream is a bit more moisturising than the lotion which is recommended for those with not such dry skin, needless to say I find this one more suited to the needs of my face.

This is a 100% natural product and is suitable for vegetarians. It has also been skin compatibility dermatologically tested on volunteer humans.
The iris root in the Weleda products comes from small scale farms in Morocco in a sustainable partnership with Weleda .

~~~~~~ WHAT WELEDA CLAIM ~~~~~~
When Weleda ran tests on volunteers they found that:
“85% Skin felt smooth (self-assessment after 28 days)
33% Increased skin moisture (tested after 28 days)”

This face cream is a day cream and is full of the “natural balancing benefits of organically-grown iris root, combined with velvet-soft jojoba oil, soothing witch hazel and a fresh, energising fragrance from natural essential oils. “

~~~~~~RECOMMENDED? ~~~~~~

Yes; if you are in the 20 to 30 age range this is a great natural, gentle, cruelty free face cream. If you find this a bit too moisturising then try the iris lotion which is less rich and then move to the face cream as you get older or if your skin becomes drier say in the winter months.
This does not have any SPF in it so you may need to use something if you have skin sensitive to sun damage or if you are going out in the sun all day long.

If you have not tried any Weleda products and have been put of by the rather functional packaging I can honestly say their products are first class quality. They work with small , often organic suppliers paying sustainable prices hence their products are not the cheapest but they are 100% natural and eco friendly.


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