Gerlinde Naturals Organic Floral Water Toner



Gerlinde Naturals is a brand I discovered a year or so ago and have come to really like her products. I first came across her products through a beauty site I write reviews for which offered trials of products and hers was one that I trialed.

“Gerlinde Naturals is an Award Winning Artisan Skin Care Boutique based in the South of England, creating nourishing Botanical Vegan Skin Care which brings back that healthy glow to Sensitive, Dehydrated and Mature Skin.”
The company was started by Gerlinde who gained her love of all things natural from her parents. She began experimenting with natural balms and when her first became popular with family and friends she decided to widen her talents.

Her website now has a wide range of beautiful and professionally packaged natural products to choose from and I think they are pretty decent prices for the quality of the products. Some of her products have been awarded with recognition in a number of natural beauty awards.



The site is simple to use and order from and postage is charged at £3.95 per order unless you spend over £50 in which case it is free postage. She will post overseas and the rates are shown at checkout. You can pay buy credit card or paypal.
The special things about getting a delivery from this site is that when the parcel arrives the product is packed up like a gift. It comes in a white or brown recycled cardboard box with a lovely little silver charm attached to it. Inside the product is nestled in either green shredded tissue or purple folded crumpled tissue. It really is beautifully presented.

If you buy regularly then you can earn loyalty points on the site too.



This came in a beautifully packed box with another item I ordered so mine is a small mini bottle. The bottle is a clear plastic bottle with a screw top lid. The full sized one has a spray dispenser but the same kind of clear bottle. I have to say I prefer spray toners as it keeps the contents clean with mine I have to use cotton pads to apply.
This costs £10 for 100 ml so it is not the cheapest toner you can buy but it is in fact more than a toner and an all natural product.


As with all Gerlinde’s products this is 100% natural and has no preservatives, parabens, or alcohol. According to Gerlinde you should keep them in the fridge to benefit from the cooling effect and to prolong their shelf life.

This floral water is a bit different from the usual toner in that it is a hydrosol. In order to explain what a hydrosol is I have borrowed Gerlinde’s explanation:
“Hydrosols are created by using the condensate water that remains after the extraction of an essential oil of a flower or herb by water or steam distillation. The resulting fragrant water contains therapeutic properties and the very essence of everything that was contained within the plant when it was still alive and growing. Hyrosols … are 100% distilled non-alcoholic distillates. They can not be manufactured synthetically in the laboratory.”
This floral water is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.



This organic rose floral water is a hydrosol and can be used as a toner and also an air freshener and can also be added to your bath water.

I use this beautiful scented floral water helps to condition, tighten and refine pores on my face. It can also rehydrate the skin so makes a perfect item to take when on a flight as my skin gets very dehydrated when flying. The rose water is great as it really soothes my skin when it is irritated and it also balances the oil in my skin so the oily T zone is less greasy. Rose also helps to reduce skin redness.
You can also use this to cool you down when somewhere hot or if you are suffering from a hot flush.

You can use it as a hair tonic though I have not personally used my mini bottle for that as I have saved it for my face and it certainly never went into my bath water as I have many products for that and this was too precious to use in a bath!

damasc 1
There are not many ingredients in this floral water just Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Sodium benzoate & Potassium sorbate & Citric acid so as you can see all natural ingredients. This means that the product has a limited shelf life and should be used within 12 months of it arriving. Gerlinde makes the products fresh for you after your order them.

I found this worked best when my face was cleansed first and then I used a cotton pad with this to gently wipe my ace in an upwards motion. Keep this away from your eyes so if you have the spray bottle then close your eyes before spraying.
I really like this floral water as it is gentle yet effective and smells of rose, fresh and real rose not the manufactured rose smell in some perfumes stuff. It doesn’t sting but does leave my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It is especially nice when used on hot or tired and dehydrated skin. I found it great to use when flying in the plane recently as it woke me up at the end of the flight and kept me refreshed in between times.

My little bottle lasted me or our trip so sadly there was none left for the return flight and I had to make do with wet towelette which didn’t do the same job at all.
Needless to say nothing in this has been tested on animals so cruelty free.


~~~~~~RECOMMENDED ~~~~~~~
Yes indeed this is a high quality, all natural floral water which is a great toner and can be used for other things such as a room mister or hair tonic. Personally I think I would use it just as a lovely gentle yet effective toner that smells gorgeous.


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