Weleda Millet Nourishing Natural Shampoo




Weleda millet nourishing shampoo

Weleda is a company I have come to hold in high regard in the last couple of years. They make products absolutely guaranteed to be 100% natural with no preservatives like parabens or artificial colours and scents.

They are fully committed to balancing their impact on the earth and use fair trade, organic and carefully cultivated plant products in all their products. They only animal products are from bees and that is honey. They do not harm any animals in any of their manufacturing. They also have great staff who are loyal to the company so they must treat them well too.


Weleda Garden at Ilkeston

I was fortunate and was invited to one of their well being days. We were taken around the gardens in Ilkeston in Derbyshire. We we got to try our hand and making the base for calendula products by mashing the calendula and adding plant alcohol which they then let steep to absorb all the benefits before straining and using it in the calendula products.

In the afternoon we got to try out so many lovely products before we were given a goodie bag to take home,

One of my favourite products from Weleda are their shampoos. I have now tried them all in the new range and like them all. They have a wheat one, an oat one and this millet one and they are all 100% natural and lovely fresh natural scent which is quite subtle but very pleasant.


This is suitable for anyone to use as it is very gentle on your hair and is vegan friendly too. This Millet shampoo is their Nourishing Shampoo. The Oat one is the Replenishing one while the Wheat is the Balancing one. I like them all but I think the Millet one is the best for my quite dry hair.

This lovely nourishing shampoo has organic macadamia nut oil and extracts of organic millet husks and sage included in the ingredients and these all provide gentle cleansing whilst also nourishing the hair so that it keeps its natural suppleness.


I find this shampoo doesn’t instantly lather like some but it lathers enough to wash my hair and I don’t use any more than with any other shampoo. My hair feels clean and it does not feel heavy or weighed down. I use the Weleda conditioner after and my hair really does feel softer and lighter than with many other more popular brands of shampoo.

I love the way it feels light and soft and yet also has a nice shine as well. If I wash my hair with this I don’t need to wash it again for a couple of days as it doesn’t feel heavy and greasy and keeps quite nice and soft. Because my hair is thick and quite course I wash my hair when I feel it needs it. I don’t like it feeling heavy, it never looks greasy but is just stiffer and heavier. This shampoo allows me an extra day of no heavy feeling.

It is not the kind of scent that people will be bowled over with once you have dried your hair but if you smell some one’s head when they have used this you can detect the scent just.


You can buy this from Weleda on line of Naturisimo and sometimes the latter is cheaper. I have also found some on Ebay for less too. The recommended retail price is £8.95 and for that you get a recycleable squeezy bottle of 190 ml of product. I am not sure why it is 190 ml and not 200 ml as that is an odd amount I think.

I find that my bottle using it daily will last me about a month but my daughter who has longer thicker hair might only get a couple of weeks of washes from this. I find it hard to judge as I use different shampoos and don’t always use the same one for a set time period.


Yes I would always choose this over most branded shampoos as it is fully 100% natural with no animal ingredients , not tested on animals and not harmful to the environment. It is also a darned good shampoo which leaves my hair feeling clean and light and fresh for longer.


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