Bomb Cosmetics Chilla Vanilla Shower Wash



Chilla Vanilla


This one of my empties that I have finally finished and I can’t say I am sorry.

This is a kind of moisturising soap that is vanilla scented. It is kind of similar in texture to some of Lush’s soft soap butter body washes like Lemslip which are very soft soaps or more solid shower washes.

Bomb Cosmetics, the company that makes it is a fabulously ethical company. I love the fact that they  add no parabens and use natural ingredients in any of their products at all.

They create the most beautiful bath products that are so pretty and look good enough to eat

Sadly although this appealed to me because of its name and the fact that it looked like an ice cream this is not a good one.

I am not keen on their bath bombs as despite being really pretty they lack scent when in the bath.

This product, Chilla vanilla  sadly smells vile to me  . The vanilla is sickly and smells like rancid butter and certainly not something I would want to smell of.

I did use it up as I hate waste but I really had to make myself use it. It didn’t work as a bubble bath as there were too many moisturising ingredients.

This comes in a pot a bit like a Hargen Das ice cream tub but there the similarities end.

They made a raspberry version too but after this fail I think i won’t bother trying that scent.

The products of their’s that I like most are their bath melts and creamers. They are so pretty, smell good and make a love;y moisturising bath.

Thanks Bomb Cosmetics I will not be buying this again.


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