Body Shop DeoDry Chilled and Breezy – Roll on



I most people have heard of Anita Ruddick’s Body Shop. Sadly she sold her business and has since died. To an extent her original dream of the Body Shop selling products that are cruelty free and supporting of Fair Trade and Community projects still lives on.

I was very attracted to some of the products in the shop that were buy one get one free and this deodorant was one of these.

I always buy deodorants that are aluminium free as there is some fear that this may be linked to breast cancer and I feel if I can avoid tempting fate then I will. I have been using a varied selection over the years from Pitrock (the deodorant rock) through to Lush block deodorants and also Schmidt’s cream deodorants that I have bought from the USA. I thought at this price I would try Body Shop’s ones.

These usually sell for £2.50. There are three different scents to chose from; ‘Cool and Zesty’ which comes with a lime green lid, ‘Chilled and Breezy’ with a blue lid and finally, ‘Fresh and Floral’ with a pink one. Each of the scent options comes either in a roll on or a stick option and my choice was the roll on. The roll ons also have the option to buy refills which are 50p cheaper than the full roll on kit .


This ‘ Chilled and Breezy’ The smell of this deodorant is quite pleasant, kind of sea breeze, cotton fresh or clean linen kind of scent. I found it pleasant enough but not wonderful. The ingredients state that this has volcanic minerals and essential oils. I think this has a hint of rosemary but nothing much else really stands out. The scent is subtler that the ‘Cool and Zesty’ one and I also found this less effective as a deodorant as well.

It smells quite pleasant but I find that as a deodorant it is less effective that the other one I tried. It would certainly require a re application during the day to keep my arm pits smelling fresh. I was rather disappointed with this one and would not buy it again.

On the plus side there were no stains or marks on my clothes under my armpits . Also a positive is the fact that I was able to use this deodorant straight after shaving my armpits and it didn’t sting at all . Another positive is that I had no reaction or allergy from using it either.

This is a deodorant not an antiperspirant but I did expect it to keep me from having smelly armpits.

The difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant is that a deodorant will help mask or kill odours caused by perspiration whereas, antiperspirants control or stop perspiration by using ingredients such as aluminium salts.
This product is a deodorant but not the best I have used as I found it was not that effective and I have found other better products that I will buy in future.


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