A few more empties – good or bad?



As you can see I have finished quite a few products recently and want to share which I liked and which I was happy to finish.


Firstly I was very sad to have finished two of my Lush spray perfumes. One was Imogen rose and the other was Smell of freedom. These were two of my favourites which is possibly why they got finished first of those I have. the other little pot is a sample of Lush Enchanted Eye cream which is a lovely gentle eye cream that feels cool and nice on the skin around my eyes.




Next comes a few of my lovely Weleda samples . These include two Birch celleulite massage oils and a wheat shampoo. The massage oil I have already purchased in the full sized version and the shampoo I would happily buy again once I have used all my stash up as it leaves my hair feeling lovely and clean and smells great.


Weleda samples


Next we have some Body Shop empties. First the White Musk Body lotion which I have been buying for about twenty years as I still like the smell. The Vitamin E serum I liked a lot and did actually go and buy some when Body Shop had a sale. The BB cream I also liked as it colour matched my skin and felt nice and light when applied but I have too many BB and CC creams and foundations just at present that I need to use up first.


Body Shop empties


The Nip and Fab mango body butter was a bargain that I paid £1.50 for that retails at around £10. At £1.50 i have bought three pots and some of the pistachio and the cocoa butter one too but at £10 I would not buy them. they are nice quality Body Butters similar to body Shop but not worth £10. I will stock up in my bargain shop at this price though.


The Body lotion was Mineral Spa one from a hotel and it was okay but not one I would look to buy anywhere.



Nip & Fab mango body butter


The Provoke Touch of Silver shampoo and the Charles Worthington volume shampoo. the Touch of Silver one was a purple shampoo that they suggest using to keep that gold hint from blonde hair. it was okay but I prefer Lush’s  Daddy Oh and will buy that in future as it smells divine.

The Charles Worthington shampoo smelled lovely and washed my hair nicely but as my hair is already really thick I passed the rest on to my step daughter who has thinning hair because of a thyroid problem.



Next we come to bath products. The palmolive ayurituel shower gel smelled gorgeous and I would be happy to buy that again.

The Himalayan bath salts came in a beauty box and I was very underwhelmed . They smelled lovely in the pack but once in the bath there was no scent at all.

Bath products

I managed to finish a lot this last week or so . many of the products I have had for some time so I guess it was their time to end. Some i will buy again and some I won’t be.



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