Recent Empties – which are worth buying again?



This lot of empties have some products I have had for some time.



I’ll start with the tub of Nip & Fab Pistachio Sundae. This smelled like a pistachio ice cream and was a lovely body butter. I got it for £1.50 so splashed it on quite generously. I should cost nearly £10 and there is no way I would pay that as it is not that special. I would buy it again at £1.50 .

Nip & Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter

Next is the lovely Dune Body Lotion that was a gift from my sister. It was really lovely and smelled divine but it is expensive so I would not buy it myself but would be thrilled to get it as a gift again. Mine was in a smaller tube but same stuff and gorgeous.


Dune Body Lotion

Body Shop Chocomania shower gel. This again, i got on sale and it was okay. It did smell a little of chocolate but it is not one I would buy again as I prefer other scents and the Original Source choc shower gel is nicer and cheaper than this.

Chocomania Shower gel

The Cocoa Butter natural Bronze Body lotion is very good value and a gradual tan lotion.I like gradual tan lotions as any errors are not as obvious and I like to look tanned but don’rt want to damage my skin by lying in the sun.

Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze


The Avon Planet Spa shower scrub smells lovely sort of Asian chocolate hard to explain but I have had this before and it is one of my favourites from Avon. A gentle lovely smelling shower gel with scrubby bits in it.


Avon Planet Spa

The sample of Body Shop seaweed serum was quite good but I bought the Vitamin E one I tried at the same time instead.


Seaweed Night Treatment

The Mason and Miller shower gel came from a hotel and I can’t say it was that exciting.


Mason & Miller Shower gel

The Lush Big conditioner is a solid conditioner sold by weight and it smells lovely, sort of vanilla and is very handy to take traveling because it is solid and does a good conditioning job.

BIG Conditioner from Lush

The Lush African Paradise is a wash in Body conditioner a bit like their Ro’s Argan. I tend not to wash mine off as I love the smell sort of mango but not too fruity and quite yummy. It isn’t cheap bt it is very luxurious.

So there you have a few more things I have just finished . Some a bit more exciting than others. Some I would buy again and others I won’t bother with.




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