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ORIGINS – No Puffery Eye mask

In my effort to find products that are more natural and free of parabens I have been trying a few different companies. Burt’s Bees is one such company and while I like some of their products I have found others to be very expensive and not that great either. Another company I found that creates products using more natural ingredients is Origins. I had heard about them before but it is only in the last two years that they have had a counter in our Boots in Derby so I was able to try their stuff.

No Puffery


I have also discovered that you can book free facials with them and they use their products on you and then obviously hope you will buy them but they do also give you samples too. I bought this and got several small samples as well.

Origins is another US company but is now a world wide concern. They proudly claim that their products are ;

“ Formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil,  PABA, petroleum, paraffin, DEA, synthetic fragrance, animal ingredients.”

Origins also state that they test their products on volunteer panels, presumably human as I can’t see other animals volunteering!


Basically this is a cooling eyes mask for tired and puffy eyes. My  eyes are not puffy but they do get sore and very tired so I thought this might help. I apply thus when I am giving the rest o my face a face mask so look a true sight for sore eyes lying in the bath. Sometimes I even have a hair mask on too. I tend to do this on the days my husband plays golf as he leaves early in the morning and I won’t be disturbed.


The way this works is that the plant based ingredients in the reasonably thick gel looking stuff help to calm the skin around your eyes and reduce the redness that you get from overtired eyes.

I keep mine in the bathroom and it is nice and cool when I apply it but in the summer I am going to experiment with keeping it in the fridge for the extra coolness on initial application.

The product has been Dermatologist and Ophthalmologically tested and so far after a month os using this I have had no irritation issues.


It has recently won the ‘In Style’ “best Beauty Buys’ award for 2013 so has obviously been tried by a few experts as well .



It costs £21.00 for the 1.0 fl. oz. /30 ml   from origins and about that from  Boots too but if you buy it using your hard earned Amazon vouchers you will pay more at £28.00


You really only need a very small amount and I put it on my eye lids and swipe a little just under my bottom eye lid too. Once in the bath I then lay two wet cotton pads over my eyes or you could use a wet flannel or something posh like an eye mask too. I use the cotton pads as I usually also have on a face mask.


After lying back and chilling for about 5 or 10 minutes I then rinse the whole lot off in my bath water as I find that easiest and it gets it all off without have to rub at all or pull my skin.


After rinsing it all off eye ‘No puffery’  and face mask  I make sure I tone my skin, then apply Origins Ginzing to my eyes and moisturizer to my face then I am set for the day.

The area around my eyes looks firmer and feels tighter generally. I also find that if I put a little of this under my moisturizer and make up and find that it also works in this way too. It continues to give the tightening action and doesn’t peel off or clump at all which some eye products do.

It does say you can use it both ways on the website and the instructions are fairly limited:

“As needed, apply generously to under eye area. Chill out for 5-10 minutes. Tissue off. Or for an all-day treatment, apply sparingly and leave on. Follow with your favorite Origins eye cream.”

Not my eye sadly



Yes I would say it has helped tighten up my under eye area and even on top where my lids are a bit saggy they seem to be a bit less droopy which be a good thing in my view.

It isn’t cheap initially but it lasts ages as you need the tiniest bit. It is a sort of runny gel and spreads a long way so I can’t see me needing to buy it again for at least a year!


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