Baylis & Harding Skin Spa – Rose Ylang ylang &patchouli body smoothing polish


I finished this a while back and because I liked it so much I kept the last dregs and the container to write a review. I am not sure where I got this or if it was a gift but I really loved the smell and would buy it again for the smell alone.


This is another family based British company which was started by a Birmingham couple who wanted to created affordable yet high quality products in bath and beauty. They named the company after their grandmothers as a tribute to their family values and hard work.

I am not sure about their naturalness of the ingredients or their eco friendly values but as their products are manufactured in the UK they cannot be tested on animals. They are on the cruelty free website but are not vegan or vegetarian.

Their products are sold in a wide range of high street and on line stores but you may have to hunt for specific products.


This comes in a recyclable upside down plastic tube so that the product is down at the end you squeeze it out of so easy to get it all out with no waste.

The tube is basically white with the traditional black imagery and design that is often found on Baylis & Harding products. I do think it is quite a classy minimalist look and it attracted me anyway.

The actual contents are a creamy white with mini gritty bits that exfoliate gently as you rub this over your body before rinsing it off under the shower.

The product smells absolutely lovely of a combination of rose mix with exotic patchouli which is lifted by the ylang ylang. I love rose when it has a north African, Middle Eastern touch which you get here from the patchouli. It is far from being old lady rose scented as the patchouli gives the real exotic .earthy hippy part of this product’s aroma. I am a sucker for anything with this rose /patchouli combination and so I was pretty much going to fall for this .

It gave a good exfoliate but didn’t give me a nasty red looking skin after I used it. The bits that scrubbed were quite fine yet also obvious, they were gritty like ground rice rather than sandy.

I wish that the ingredients were more obvious but looking at them I do suspect that they are not that natural as we have things like methylsothiazolinone – and similar and I have no idea what that is or does.

Rose or patchouli or ylang ylang are not mentioned in the ingredients unless they have another name I don’t recognise. It does have parfam so I suspect the scent is a synthetic one which is disappointing. I guess if it was all natural it would be less affordable.



Well it depends on how strongly you feel about eco friendly and natural products. It is affordable and certainly more so that Lush and Bodhi and other companies that do promise ethical and natural ingredients. These don’t make that promise. They say they make quality and affordable products for the average person.

If you want a reasonably priced exfoliating shower product that smells lovely then this is worth a try bit if ethical and natural stuff is vital then I would try another brand.


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