My most recent Empties


My empties

I have far more creams and potions that I need but still I get tempted by more. In the last couple of weeks I have used up these items.

Jergens Skin firming lotion


Jergens skin firming body lotion. I can’t say I noticed much firmer skin so I won’t bother with that one again.


Dirty Works – Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward Foot butter from Dirty Works which I feel is a bit of a copy cat brand looking like Soap & Glory I think. The Foot butter was quite good and kept me feet soft but I wasn’t minty which I like in a foot butter so not sure I will buy it again.

Ancienne Ambience Bath Crystals

A sample of Ancienne Ambiennce bath crystals which didn’t smell of much and as they are very expensive i will not be buying them in the future. I know they are all natural and all that but I like my bath stuff to smell quite strongly and these didn’t.


Birch anti cellulite oil

Weleda Birch oil. I have had several samples which I have now finished and I did buy a bottle when I had my day at Weleda. I wrote a post about this lovely anti cellulite oil on here before.


Burt’s Bees Eye cream

Burt’s bees eye cream was nice enough and did a good job of keeping the area around my eyes moisturised without making them weep as some products do/ I would buy this again but I have several eye creams in my stash so won’t be for a while.


Olay anti aging moisturiser

The sample of Olay Total effects wake up wonder for tired skin. This was a pleasant enough moisturiser and effective but personally I prefer more natural moisturisers. I am happy to get samples but probably wouldn’t spend more on a moisturiser with petroleum based oils in it.


So there you are another five products tried and finished. Some good and some not so great.


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