Gerlinde Naturals -Avocado and Jasmine hand therapy cream


Gerlinde Naturals is another great British company which makes 100% natural skin and beauty products. They are free of skin irritants, vegan friendly and gentle to all skin types.

When you buy their products they come beautifully packaged in a small brown cardboard box with and little gift tag on it. The gift tag has a cut out decal which gives a kind of 3D effect and there is also a small silver charm heart attached with the words ‘Made with love’ engraved on the heart.

Inside the product is safely packed in paper straw and all that is of course recyclable.

My hand cream came in a small plastic screw top pot with the name of the product on the lid. There are no ingredients listed on my pot as it is the small trial size 10 ml pot which costs £2.50 but it does have the web address so you can look it up and find the full list of natural ingredients that are in this hand cream.

The cream is quite a thick white cream that smells truly lovely. You can smell jasmine as soon as you unscrew the lid and then when you apply it to your hands it is quite strong and lasts for some time.

The cream is quickly absorbed but leaves a nice well nourished effect, not at all greasy and you get no slippery feeling. My skin instantly looks better. It looks less dry and more alive.

It is great to apply after a time in the garden or after coking and washing things up as it feeds back in all the moisture your skin lost in the washing and cleaning up process.

It also smells lovely, obvious but not too’ in your face strong’ so that you are overwhelmed.

The full sized product comes in a recyclable glass screw top pot holding 50 ml for £7.90 so a very good price for a product that is 100% natural with no nasty parabens and synthetic scents or mineral oils.

I have been very happy to be able to try this which I won in a facebook competition.


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