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pure cleanser Origins

I have also taken advantage of the great Origins offer of free facials to anyone if you book and this way you get to be pampered, try their products and come away with a few samples. They obviously want you to buy some but I usually either buy one item or make an excuse to buy it at a later date and I always manage to come away with a few samples and have a really nice facial, even if it is in the shop.


Origins mission is” to create high performance natural skincare that is powered by nature and proven by science. (They) use potent plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils.” They also avoid the use of parabens, dyes and mineral oils in their products. On their website there is a lot of information about how they discover, and source their plant based ingredients and also about their ‘long-standing commitment to protect the planet, its resources and all those who populate it’. They are suitable for vegans and none of their products contain any animal ingredients nor are they tested on animals.



This is a cleanser. It is a cream tissue or rinse of cleanser. It is soap-free and made using Coconut Oil and Glycerin so it a lovely creamy gentle cleanser which manages to remove my make up and leaves my skin feeling clean but moisturised as well. I would personally say this is a great cleanser but still not quite as good as Lush’s ‘Ultra bland’ which to me is the best make up remover that money can buy for anyone’s skin.


This product comes in a plastic upside down tube so that it stands on its lid and the product is down where the opening is. The plastic tube is recyclable and it also means that it is easy to get all the product out so there is no waste. It comes in the white and green original colour scheme of Origins which I find a nicer colour than the plantscription dull green.

The idea is that you squeeze a little of the very white coloured creamy stuff out and gently massage this onto your face either wet or dry in circular motions and then you can either rinse it off with warm water or wipe it off with a tissue.

Once you have wiped or washed this off then then pat your face dry, tone and moisturise as normal. They suggest using this night and morning.

This has quite a pleasant fresh aroma almost lemony but also it feels soft and creamy on my skin. It does seem to get make up off but I have not used it on my eyes as I am not sure of how it would be so on my eyes I still use my Lush one. I prefer to wipe it off with a tissue then use warm water to wash my face after cleansing with this but that is how I have felt cleans my skin best.

I have been very pleased with how my skin feels after using this; it feels clean, soft and not in desperate need of instant moisturising. This might well be an Origins product that I will be buying on my next visit.

“This soap-free cleanser with Coconut Oil and Glycerin gently creams away makeup, dirt and moisture-stealing debris without parching skin. “


I have been using my small tube sample of this for about two weeks now and do quite like the aroma but love the feel on my skin. I like the way it is gentle but cleans all grime from my skin leaving it clean and yet not dry and tight. Because of the natural oils in this cream cleanser my skin doesn’t feel as though I have stripped it of its natural oils.

You can buy this from origins counters in a number of shops or on line or from Amazon but beware as Amazon can sometimes cost more and Origins offer extra bonuses when buying from them. This is not a cheap option as 150 ml costs about £17 but I found that a little goes a long way


Yes I would. I find this does a good job of cleaning my skin and I might well save up for this one as it is light but creamy. However it is expensive and I am not sure it does any better job than Lush’s Ultra Bland which is cheaper and also cleans all of my face including my eyes without drying my skin either. Lush cleansers are a lot cheaper and I have been happy with them so I will see when it come to replacing that and if any extra product samples are offered if I bought this. So yes, a really nice cleanser but it comes with a high price tag so I am glad I got to try it but it is probably not one I will be buying regularly.


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