Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream


BB nude cream

This was the second free sample I ordered using my £4 voucher for Ginvera. The other was the Green Tea Marvel gel which I already reviewed on here.

In my previous review I explained that this was a company formed in Singapore that promise that they do not test on animals. I was pleased with that as a lot of Asian companies sell to China and all beauty products sold in China must be tested quite horribly on animals.

I have had a few BB creams over the years from Max factor to L’Oreal and others, all samples and trials. I don’t think I have ever bought one yet. The BB stands for Blemish Balm and it is basically a light foundation with a moisturiser combined. It generally goes on very easily because of the moisturiser but doesn’t tend to give as good a coverage as a foundation does I found.

My sample pack

BB creams seem to have become very popular only recently yet the idea was developed by a German dermatologist in the 1950s. It was created to protect the skin after surgery and laser procedures whilst helping to cover scars and discolouration.

The first place to adapt it for make up generally was South Korea where it became known as ‘the secret of Korean actresses’ who apparently have flawless complexions. It seems that all actresses have flawless complexions while on camera yet in reality they tend to suffer as much as the rest of us mere mortals when off camera.

The idea being that it combines skin care and make up in one product so saving time and money and for those of us who travel it does mean in theory you only need to take one tube not two to do the job.

This is meant to be an improvement on other BB creams in that unlike the others it has green tea extracts in it and that is full of ant oxidants which fight the free radicals around us that damage skin.

The cream claims to diminish fine lines and conceal existing lines. It does have an SPF cover of factor 30 which is good for a face product I have found. According to Ginvera this product will give great coverage and not only hide and reduce lines but will “provide you with bright, flawless-looking skin.”

The Green tea range

As I have said i have tried a few of these |BB creams from different companies over the years and all have been slightly lacking in cover and easy to apply but rather too greasy for a lasting finish. They feel good when applied but creep into my lines and pores by the end of the day and in hot weather they are not great. I prefer to wear no foundation when it is hot for that very reason. So instead of doing two jobs they do neither really well.

I think maybe if you have younger skin with fewer large pores and ‘fine’ lines it may work better but I don’t think they are great for those with greasy skin as they do tend to rush to fill spaces made by pores and lines.

This BB cream is meant to be so much better with its green tea fighting the free radicals. It is meant to cover fine lines and give you a flawless complexion. It may be good for Asian complexions as they tend to be smooth and flawless anyway but my ancient sun damaged enlarged pores and fine lines I think were just too much for this cream.


I found this much less creamy than other BB creams so it was a matt er feel once applied but it was rather too dry and I found I needed a primer or base before using it. According to the blurb this cream can be used as a primer, before applying make-up, a light foundation on its own or you can use it as a concealer.

Personally I think I found I got the best results from this using combined with another BB cream so a kind of primer. I also found it really good when my eye make up ran to apply a bit to cover that area as it didn’t look as though I have added it afterwards and it blended in well.

I use it in a similar way to Benefit’s Porefessional which I use as both a primer and sometimes alone depending on the cover I want at the time.


I think the thing I am most impressed with is that it claims to be a Nude Cover and will go with all skin tones. I  found it blended with mine does need a bit of extra colour so I mix a darker foundation with it. I also like the fact that it does give 30 SPF protection and that has to be a good thing as sun damage is the thing that makes people look old very quickly and does damage the skin. This has a real skin tone colour neither too pink nor too pasty which suits me.

Ginvera state :”Its fine consistency blends and sinks into skin nicely, leaving a lovely dewy finish. “
Sadly my skin has long lost it ‘dewey finish’ and a bucketful of this wouldn’t do anything to restore it. However it does give a better coverage than other BB creams as it lasts longer without being too greasy. My fine lines are not invisible not are the bigger ones covered but realistically I wasn’t expecting them to be. I think only air brushing after a photo gives that look. I am 60 and do have lines and facial expressions that have stayed leaving their marks behind and I fully realise that no cream with wipe them away.

I think the soya bean extract and green tea do help to absorb the greasiness around my nose area hence this lasting better than other BB creams as it leaves a matt finish and doesn’t make my T zone greasier than it already is. With this I can apply moisturiser to my dry areas and use this neat on my greasy areas.

It isn’t quite as wonderful as they claim but I have managed to adapt my use to suit me. It does have SPF 30 in it, the green tea helps prevent further sun damage as it is an anti oxidant and it works to absorb greasiness yet gives a pretty good coverage to my face . The colour blends well with my colour and I don’t need to mix another darker foundation in to make it look natural.

I know you can buy this from Ginvera on line but Amazon and also Superdrug now stock Ginvera products so you can try them in Superdrug and if like me, you have lots of Amazon vouchers then it is something to try when you have some spare.

It costs £14.50 for a tube with 25 ml inside. My sample had 8 ml so I got a bargain there for free!

Ginseng root

Yes it is a good BB cream and the SPF 30 is a bonus. If you are not a fan of BB creams then you may not like it but it is less greasy and gives a better though not flawless coverage.

Would I buy it again? Well yes I would buy this over other BB creams but I am not sure that I don’t prefer to use a moisturiser and a foundation with a good primer personally. I will use my sample up and I have found a way that suits me as I described so it does what I want. I am just not sure BB creams are the answer to my face when it comes to make up and coverage.


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