My latest manicures


I have been a bit behind recently with my posts so I will combine a couple of manicures in an attempt to catch up.

Every time I re do my nails I always give my fingers and nails a bit of a pamper. After I have removed any previous polish I start with soaking my hands in something nice then push back my cuticles, file my nails and trim any hard hang nails.

My decoration stamper kit

I then apply a good base coat and ridge filler. I then apply the first coat of whatever varnish I fancy. After a second coat I then either apply stickers bought from Poundland or similar or use my rather more expensive  nail stamper kit which I bought in a market in London.

My favourite pearly nude varnsih







This next photo shows the nails with the varnish and the over print from the nail stamper kit which I did using a black  varnish.

print over the pearly varnish

Print over thumb and ring finger










My toes I used a red varnish  and just a small floral print on my big toes.

Floral print on red varnish

My toes









Another manicure I did  this time using a light green Opi varnish and Poundland stickers.




The next was a variation of my pearly nude varnish with a burgundy stamp using the Soigne polish from my Birch box in April I think.  I used the pale blue from this month’s Birch box on my ring finger. I found it a bit matt looking so gave a coat of pearly nude over the blue which looked good.


My tools and varnish

The soigne varnish and the print for the stamper








The stencil used with the stamper. I used the one top left


My thumb with print and the stencil









The red colour was harder to do that the black as the stamper is also red which made the varnish on it hard to see. i won’t try red again!


My ring finger – blue with pearl over then the stamp


All my bits for my manicure










I finish off after I have completed all the varnish with a quick brush of cuticle oil. My beautician told me it helped the varnish dry as well as keeping the cuticles supple and in good condition.


So there you have a couple of my latest manicure efforts. I am not professional as you can probably tell but I enjoy playing with my varnish and stamping gear.


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