Weleda Wheat Shampoo



Anyone who follows my beauty blog will realise that I am a big fan o f the company Weleda. they were originally a Swiss company founded by Rudolph Steiner. Weleda  make natural health and beauty products that are 100% natural.

Recently they created a new shampoo range . There are three new shampoos, a millet one, an oat one and a wheat one.

I have already posted reviews on the oat and millet shampoos so now this is the third.

My favourite of them is the millet which smells great.The oat one smells okay but a bit blander with an oaty sort of note.

This wheat one is designed to help those who have scalps that need help balancing their oil secretions. This has been created to help with dandruff, dry or itchy scalp or very oily scalp.

This wheat balancing shampoo has wheat germ oil, extracts of butcher’s broom, pansy and organic sage to reduce flaking.

The shampoo is a sort of slightly honey coloured gel like consistency and it smells the least strong of the three shampoos in this range in my humble opinion.

I found it lathered up well without being overly frothy. It rinsed out easily leaving my hair feeling clean but not stripped . 

It leaves my hair feeling nice and clean and indeed my scalp didn’t itch like it does sometimes.I suffer with eczema at the base of my hair line and this certainly didn’t aggravate that.

This is suitable for vegans.

This shampoo comes in a plastic recyclable bottle holding 190 ml cost £8.95 which is pretty good for a natural shampoo that has no nasty ingredients.




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